Free Jeans!

Simply Thrifty is pleased to present another free after rebate find. Free Spirit Jeans is offering free jeans and t-shirts with a mail in rebate! All you have to do is browse and purchase specially marked items from the Free Spirit Jeans website, fill out this form, and mail it in along with the original receipt. But hurry, you only have until the end of June.

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    • Julie

      Oh boy, oh boy! I am all over that! Thanks Deborah!

    • Deborah Ng

      You and me both, Julie. Free Jeans? I’m so there.

      You’re very welcome.

    • wonda

      thanks Deborah Ng you know you can get more free jeans over at they give test em jeans every spring time. You wear there jeans and must give feedback. you can do it every year. I do ! LOL

    • Jennie

      If they do it again someone e-mail me!

    • Mansoor Hassan Khan

      This webiste is indeedly helpful for a youngers boy coz they are more affiliate with fashion awesome for me too!!!