Frugal Friday #2: The Dishwasher

dishwashing detergentUntil recently, I have always had a problem with my dishwasher.  I’ve never been able to just scrape my dishes and put them in the dishwasher.  The dishes just don’t come clean.  I moved to a house with a new dishwasher and still had problems.  I even bought the expensive products.

According to Consumer Reports, prerinsing your dishes can waste 20 gallons of heated water a day.  They suggest switching to an enzyme-based detergent so that you can simply scrape off the big chunks and throw the dishes in the machine.  The enzymes get off the stuck on food, so that you don’t have to scrub your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

You know what product Consumer Reports recommends? They recommend the Great Value Wal-Mart brand or Kirkland Signature from Costco!!!!  Can you believe it?  The generic, store brands are the ones they recommend?!?!

So, I decided to put it to the test.  Last month I bought the Great Value Wal-Mart brand dishwashing detergent.  I quit prerinsing and prewashing my dishes and it the product has worked!  I’m so excited.

This tip has saved me time, money on detergent, and money on energy and water.  It has also kept my eczema from flaring up.  What a thrifty tip!

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    • tanyetta

      stopping by to say hello!!!

    • Karen

      Hi Tanyetta. Thanks for stopping by! :)

    • Meghan

      I’m not a mommy, just a young girl that enjoys thrifty tips! I was excited when I saw this particular tip because this is what I use. One week I was running low on money and had to get generic, but I found out it works great! There is never stuck on food and I just take off the big chunks before throwing the dishes in the washer.

    • allena

      LOL that’s hilarous, i always used it b/c i’m cheap and it’s cheap!

    • Karen

      Meghan: I was thrifty before I had kids too. I was raised that way.

      Allena: Sometimes the cheap brands are the way to go. I’m glad we have Consumer Reports to figure all this stuff out for us.

    • Bethany

      Do they say in Consumer reports if the GV brand can clog your dishwaher? I have had to switch from Palmolive to Cascade recently because the Palmolive was clogging my drain. (Got it unclogged with Pine Sol BTW then ran several loads with no dishes) Just wondering because I was very frustrated to have to buy Cascade . I havn’t used the GV brand simply because I had old dishwashers that got nothing clean so I blindly thought the more expensive ones would work better. I will have to try the GV brand though and just see. Did it say if it has to be the powder or does the liquid work just as well?

    • Karen

      I haven’t heard anything about it clogging drains. Consumer Reports showed a picture of someone using the liquid, so I guess it would be just as good, since it has the enzymes. I bought the powder though.

    • kellys

      So glad you are having better luck with the new detergent. I will be doing the same thing next time I need dishwashing detergent. I am so guilty of running up the street to get the Food Lion stuff. I will try the GV next and let you know how it does.

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    • Karen

      I bought the Sam’s brand and am trying it out for the first time tonight. It also says that it has enzymes. I got 2 big boxes of it for about $5.00. It’s probably the same stuff that Wal-Mart sells.

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