What’s it Feel Like to Get Shot With a Gun?

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We see violence in movies all the time. The kind where if the good guy gets shot, as long as it’s not in the heart, they can shrug it off. Well it just ain’t so, my friends. Getting shot in real life is something that, fortunately, most of us will never experience. Here’s an excellent first hand account from a gunshot survivor. Not for the faint of heart or weak of tummy, so put down that sammich and get to it:

My name is Jesse (online name Danny Bishop). I myself was shot–in the chest–on November 27th, 1994, at point-blank range with a .22″ magnum revolver single-action, convertable–to.22″ LR with alternate cylinder). The bullet was likely 40-grain; the type: .224 caliber high velocity (WMR–Winchester Magnum Rimfire, MAxiMag), with a nominal muzzle velocity of 1,550 fps, from a likely 6.5″ handgun barrel (applied pressure, point blank: 324 foot pounds per sq. inch). I can tell you–not from watching it happen–but from actually experiencing it, exactly what it was like. First of all, there was the most incredible, shocking impact you could ever imagine–equivalent with having an M-80 (quarter stick of dynmamite) go off in your shirt pocket–and I can tell you, I was sent reeling. It felt like I was thrown back good 2-to-5 feet or more, as my legs gave out on me. There was simultaneously, a feeling like a bomb went off INSIDE of my chest, and that of being jack-hammered through my chest wall–all of this, all at once. Then, everything semed to go into slow motion, as undoubtedly, a large amount of adrenaline was released from my adrenal medulla, causing my central nervous system synaopses to fire faster–like a high-speed camera, producing a slow motion effect. I was later told that the bullet (not surprisingly) ricocheted around in my chest like a pinball, first penetrating my entire chest mass, fracture and bounce off my left scapula, hurle back through my chest again, fracture a rib, and then bounce back through, trace a path around another rib (and puncture the pleural lining of my left lung), next flying straight into my spinal collumn, fracturing my T-9 and T-10 thoracic vertebrae, and transecting my spinal cord (I am now paraplegic). Feeling all of this, all at once, was equivalent roughly, I suppose, was like being shot three times or more, not to mention that waves of paresthesia (tingling) echoed and serged throughout my body. My feeling in my legs was gone, just like that, at the same time I was flying backward–into a chair and a desk. Oddly, at that moment, I was hell-bent on protecting my head. Finally, laying on the ground in that room, only a good 30 seconds or so post-impact, I felt my left lung begin to squeeze, and my breaths were agonizingly painful and teribly short. Every breath was a knife turning in my lung. Then, I began to loose my vision–like white-out erasing my visual field) as I began to go into hypo-volemic shock (low blood volume). I lost my ability to see temporarily, and could not tell what was going on around me. Then I passed out for what was probably thirty minutes. It was a darn miracle that I did not die, as a doctor later told me, the bullet almost ‘curved’ around my heart, within a centimeter or two of hitting it or a major blooc vessel (it could have easily hit me right in the inferior, or even the superior, veina cava, near the heart muscle, in which case death would have followed in 1-2 minutes or even fewer, and unconsciousness in thirty seconds or less. As to the question: ‘Does a person writhe in agony?’–No, I personally did not WRITHE in agony, like I had been lit on fire, but I was instantly thrown into the most excruciating, truly agonizing experience of pain I have ever known–and I have had chronic spinal pain ever since, being on prescriptions such as morphine sulfate, Dilaudid (hydromorphone HCl) and levorphanol tartrate. The reason I was not WRITHING in agony is I was knocked into a state of indescribable shock, and was incapable of much, if any movement. However, after waking up thirty minutes or so after passing out, I managed to sit up, despite my paralysis, and I still remember–even though my pain had deminished somewhat at that point, due… undoubtedly, to endorphin release–the feeling of warm blood pouring down my shirt, and adding tot he pool of blood underneath me, the veinous flow coming directly from the now hot, burning wound on, and in, my chest. I laid there for about four more hours before someone found me–I could barely whisper, much less yell, due to my 16% or so lung capacity, and as it turns out, nearly two liters… the amount of fluid in a large soda pop bottle, on my left lung… like a refridgerator crushing the left side of my chest–and by the time the paramedics got there, I was in utter shock. I was also beginning to hurt so badly again that no words can describe it. It was horrible. Hospitalization was no picnic either, let me tell you. Even after draining off the fluid once with a chest tube–a rubber catheter inserted through your ribs, into the pleural lining of your lung, they gave me what is known as positive-pressure respiratory treatment, and the inflation of my lung popped a blood vessel and caused additional pleurasy, and another ‘hemothorax’. Originally, I also had air trapped in my chest–a pneumothorax, which they had to releave with a cannula. That hurt too! After two additional chest tubes and having to bear down to force the reddish.-brown fluid out of my chest cavity and into a collector, I finally regained around 98% lung capacity, amazingly, and then–one month after arriving at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in the Bay Area, California, I began Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation. I had to learn to deal with having little control over my bowels, having to learn how to do a ‘bowel program’ with suppositories, and the fact that I had no feeling in my groin–meaning no future physical sexual feelings, and no ability to masturbate–and still having a huge sex drive… how do you like that?–I had almost no way to relieve tension, escept exciesize, for endorphin release, and taking my pain meds. What made it worse was, before I was shot, at age 16, I had never had sex, and never had a girlfriend, eventhough I can say honestly I am, and have long been, a very attractive man. And even though I have had half a dozen girlfriends now, ten years later, dating was no fun… having to explain my limitations. In October of 2003 however, I had one of the happiest days of my life, howver, when I married my wife, Jennifer. My dad was my best man. However, even being married, and having a willing sexual partner, I find myself doing almost all of the pleasing, and I suppose I will never know what it is like to be inside a woman–to actually FEEL it at all–or orgasm therein. Any of you out there who have had there experience, count yourselves as lucky. Unless there’s sex in there Hereafter–and I hope there is… with my wife, I’m talking, right now–I suppose I will never know what sex is like. You have no idea how angry that makes me, and how much pent up sexual frustratipn a guy has after a decade of no orgasmic release. Hey, that may sound shallow, but TRY IT SOME TIME. It’s funny, though. So many people, when finding out I was shot in the chest, ask the same question. “Did it… hurt?” Um, yeah, it was the most agonizing thing I ever experience, and could ever imagine experiencing, and so I can definately say, ‘It wasn’t like a massage.’ But hey, I understand what fascination people have with pain and extreme injury. After all, before I was shot, watching action movies, I wondered what it was like. Some people have imediate endorphine releases and never have such pain symptomatology. I remember lying in bed, in the hospital, with this bloddy patch over theupper, left quadrant of my chest, thinking, “Wow. Was I really shot? Am I really shot??” it’s hard to believe, when it happens to you. And assuming, if you will, that there’s an Afterlife, I bet people, being delivered the news that they are dead, think/say to themselves, “Wow. Am I really dead? Dead?” Anyway, I won’t bore you any further. I’ll just leave you with, “Being shot–does it… hurt?” Yes, sir-ee, my friend. It most certainly… does. So now you know, like I have… for ten years. : )

Peace, Jesse (‘Danny B.’)

Originally posted in Google Answers on 10 Mar 2005 02:36 PST

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    • Gerard Sorme

      I LOVE this blog, but I have to be honest……this post is in very poor taste a day after the worst mass shooting in American history.


    • dogmatixx

      I’m not sure I agree about it being poor taste. First of all, the world doesn’t need to be put on hold while everyone goes into an orgy of panic/morbid curiosity whenever there’s a large scale tragedy. Secondly, I think it can only help to understand what it truly means to experience violence. Much of the media we watch really glosses over the gory details of being on the receiving end of gun violence. A good slap in the face is probably good for us.

      My heart goes out for this guy, who has experienced so much pain at such a young age.

    • sherwin

      This is incredibly classless. You just come off as a jackass.

      PS – your blog is slow, and the registration process for comments is cumbersome. It took me about 30 mins.

    • ACBR

      I don’t see how this is classless. Just because a tragedy occurred, we all have to walk on eggshells and not talk about the effects guns have? In fact, this article is relative because you now have some idea of what the victims of that massacre went through.

    • Gerard Sorme

      Out of the respect of the families of 32 dead people killed in a mass shooting (at a university!), I think Healthbolt could wait more than 24-hours to post “What’s it Feel Like to Get Shot With a Gun?” It’s just unseemly. Another time, fine, but a day after this tragedy? And yes, dogmatixx, there’s nothing wrong with putting “things on hold” of this nature. You sound you have a lack of respect for the dead and their families and see the event only in the abstract. REAL people were shot and died. REAL people can wait 24-hours before discussing the gory details of ” What’s it Feel Like to Get Shot With a Gun.” Nobody on November 23, 1963 (a day after we lost JFK) was writing about “What’s It Feel Like To Have Your Head Blown Off?” Truly, this entire thing is disgusting and has turned me off to Healthbolt.

    • jojo99

      I disagree. I found the article enlightening and consider it VERY apropos re: what happened in Virginia. Maybe people will begin to understand what getting shot is truly like. The stories I have seen from Virginia have mentioned hearing a large number of “pop, pop” sounds, which unfortunately seems to reduce getting hit by a bullet to something our of a video game.

      But this doesn’t apply just to the latest carnage event. Remember, soldiers and civilians are getting killed every day in Iraq, Darfur, Ethiopia and many other places in the world. Plus of course, all the people who get shot in the USA yearly. Hundreds of thousands of people are shot yearly throughout the world, not just the 32 odd people in Virginia. Why doesn’t that bother you Gerard or Sherwin? Why don’t we have a moment of respect every single damm day for all the rest of the victims in the world? Maybe because we only react to the latest media event of the day? Maybe because the media glosses over the blood, guts and pain that are the result of gun violence? Sheese.

      We need stories like this. We need to see, feel and understand the pain and the blood that guns and other weapons inflict on people in full living color on the evening news. Maybe then we will realize that like oil & water, people and guns just don’t mix very well.

    • http://healthbolt.net Wade Meredith

      I seem to have struck a nerve here. Let me clarify something:

      I did not accidentally post this the day after the VT shooting. I posted it in response to the media coverage of the event. I think it’s timely and topical. This site is about health. My curiosity about gunshot wounds was piqued by the media feeding frenzy, so I went looking, found this and posted it.

      As far as being a classless, tasteless, jackass goes, I’ll say this: my heart goes out the the VT victims and their families, but it hasn’t knocked my perspective out of whack. 129 Iraqi civilians were killed on Monday, 35 were killed yesterday. More will be killed today (UPDATE: 150+ as of 9:51pm, GMT). (MANY more, if I start throwing in other regions. Iraq just happens to be a powerful example.)

      So I ask you this: When exactly is the “proper” time to learn more about the world we live in? The answer, to me, seems like it will always be, “Right now.”

      On a side note:
      Sherwin, we’re aware of the technical problems and are in the process of fixing them.

    • Sara

      Rock on, Wade. I think your point about the Iraqi deaths is compelling. We’ll keep making the same tragic mistakes unless we can explore why these events occur and learn from them. I am sorry for the loss to the families, truly, but we’re not doing anyone any favors by walking on eggshells for some events but glibly ignoring other equally terrible events. The best thing we can do is learn from all of them, not just the convenient ones.

    • sherwin

      It’s the way you presented it…. as if it’s entertainment.

      “We see violence in movies all the time. The kind where if the good guy gets shot, as long as it’s not in the heart, they can shrug it off. Well it just ain’t so, my friends. Getting shot in real life is something that, fortunately, most of us will never experience. Here’s an excellent first hand account from a gunshot survivor. Not for the faint of heart or weak of tummy, so put down that sammich and get to it:”

    • jojo99

      Sherwin – you’re full of crap. Get a life.

    • shakes

      I hear your pain… I was recently shot from about 15 yards out while camping… no fun. http://www.denveraccess.com/articles/may/whats-it-like-to-get-shot.0507.php

    • mike3

      ” And yes, dogmatixx, there’s nothing wrong with putting “things on hold” of this nature. ”

      And there’s nothing wrong with NOT doing it either. If nobody ever knows just how bad violence really is, people will not be sensitive to it.

    • http://Whatgoesinthisfield chaser48

      Dear Readers in Japan;
      Hello I am an American and unfortunately for many in the world, our entertainment industry seems to enjoy placing at least five gun-fights into each movie that they produce. First, I know that firearms are illegal in Japan. In America, one can own – possess – a firearm only after your background has been carefully checked. After a wait of about 2 weeks, you can come and pick up the gun. Second, in every film that you see, the bad guys have their weapons on their person. In USA, unless you possess RIGHT TO CARRY permit you CANNOT bear the firearm in public. Even if you own the gun legally, you cannot just carry the weapon around with you. This confuses many persons about my country. There are more shoot-outs in Cowboy BeBop anime than there are in USA in a month.
      Third – Yes, we do have crimes associated with guns. I personally stopped a burglar from entering my home in 2000 with the use of my legally purchased firearm. But in court, I was not charged with any offense and the police were very supportive of me and I went home more educated and respectful of the responsibility that owning a firearm places upon ones shoulders. Just out of interest sake, a bullet travels at about 3000 feet per second! If there were shoot outs like we see portrayed in the movies, persons two miles away from the scene quite possibly could be shot. Hollywood is full of crap!! Do not believe the nonsense you see in our movies or TV shows. I am also a soldier and Iraqis are crazy! The deaths are upon them. Ask your Japanese soldiers when they return from duty in Iraq about just who is the enemy over there. USA as we always do are doing the region a favor by putting those terrorists out of business. And concerning VT – Just think how many lives would be saved if persons who are trained with firearms were also students and when this Korean began shooting, pulled out their pistols and shot the guy in the shoulders, his hips or even his groin — he would have stopped shooting immediately!! Please do not accept nor believe that guns are the issue or problem. It was the shooters mind ( which we can do nothing about) AND it is the fault of cowardly American politicians who seem to think that armed citizens can not be of assistance in putting a stop to crime. With 15 or 20 guns aimed at him do you think he would have continued to shoot?
      We are all being lied to and I do not accept those lies. Why should you?

      • BZ

        I was shot when I was 16 target shooting one afternoon. Someone took a shot at what the police say was about a 3/4 of a mile away with a 22 Long r.. I was shot in the wrist. after hearing many rounds hit the dirt around me. I must say it felt like I was hit with a rock in the arm. It did not hurt right way..The shots kept coming, so I went into combat mode at that point and took cover behind a car..Unloding my 22 Ruger simi autos full clip into the direction of fire.Everyone says you never hear the one that hits you… this was the case here..everything went into slow motion.. in about a min the wound began to burn like someone had a lighter on my wound on and off all the way to the ER I went into shock as the ride was 40 min… I went through PTS for about 4 months and was ok after that… I was a lucky boy.. The fact I cheated death as many rounds landed all by me and over my head.. I stll shoot & have a new respect for firearms..


    • I got shot 6 times now wat

      Well all u ppl dat say dat was tasteless n all dat how uptight n how far up do u have ure underwear pick it out .but I got shot 6 times now I walk around wit a bulletproof vest n my mercedes is buletproof all ova it felt soo damm bad n no I ddnt fly back I was shot by n ak 47 wit anti.armor bullets or so called green tips in d streets I ddnt fly back n I ddnt feel all 6 bullets hit me I felt 3 n 4rm deir on I ddnt feel nomore I feel 2 d ground n I saw d car just pass me but my vision did go blurry n came back n left 4 awhile . 1 went thru my right lung n every says oh 50 cent got shot in d mouth well I was shot in 1999 I was 16 so I was d 1st 1 lol but yea I got shot in m cheek n it went all d way thru d other 1 …well yea its painfull n 4 jesse I feel u man n have respect 4 wat u went thru

    • Girabbit


      So it’s just the minds of people that kill people? And USA would be safer if more people had guns? Please. That’s like saying the world would be safer if every country had nuclear weapons.

      England had 14 deaths from handguns, USA had 23000 deaths from handguns.

      USA had 14.24 gun deaths per 100 000
      Japan had .05 per 100 000

      And just think – Handguns are banned in England, and firearms are banned in Japan.

      Guns don’t kill people, People with access to guns kill people.


      I too was a gunshot victim in 1986. I took a .357 hollow point thru my left elbow from 100 feet away. The sensations were exactly as Healthbolt described. It felt like a baseball bat hit my elbow. The impact force spun me around where I stood before I fell. There was a tingling sensation before I passed out. They were going to amputate – my orthopedic surgeon said it was the worst gunshot wound he’d ever seen – but my team of doctors performed a miracle. Good thing, as I am a professional musician.

    • Joey

      i just wanna say that i was shot at point-blank range by a .40 cal automatic pistol on 3-8-08 in the upper thigh it completely shattered my femur bone and i now have a 13in titanium rod in its place with 2 screws. i felt bsolutely no pain at all i just felt my leg swell aginsed my pants. i ended up driving myself to the hospital and until they gace me the first shot no pain

    • http://www.hoo.com Ibod Catooga

      I like to poop my pants. HOOOOOOOOOOO!

    • Bender

      everyone who thinks this is a bad blog should be shot themselves…then maybe they’ll understand what a miracle is and how luck a human being could actually be…but also amaze at the fact that a human being was shot…and could live to tell about the experience.
      so people who think this was heartless can go fuck themselves and take a nice warm lead ball into their own chest
      d bags

    • x Traiined EyeZ

      i have not been shot YET but i have had my pinky cut off

    • http://healthbolt.com oscar

      ive been shot to with a 9mm twice.. i was walkin it was a drive-by.. da first bullet hit my pelvis (hip) and shatterd it.. da other bullet hit my lower bak.. i fell to the floor immeditly.. i dint really fill n e thing i just knew i was shot i felt my blood running down my leg it was warm.. i started callin my family members.. while my kuzin called da cops.. i was at da hospital in shock.. i couldnt belive what had just happend.. the doctors were only able to take out one bullet.. so as i write dis ii still have a 9mm in my groin.. wit a metal rod in my leg.. till dis day i still cant belive it.. dis happend 6-25-08 at 11:15pm..

    • Brad

      And then you get the minorities who glamorize this shit. God this country is going to hell. Everyone’s either a god damn pussy like sherwin or a no good thug like …well whoever uses the words “da,” “kuzin,” “dis,” etc. etc.

    • Jason Pynchon

      Wow! I’ve learned more about the readers of this blog than anything with this post. Is the average age 15?

      Oh, bringing up Iraq in response to the VT shootings was ridiculous. You can do that with anything. Iraq? What about the MILLIONS who died in WWII? Iraq is just a skirmish! (I don’t believe that, I’m just pointing out that the logic used is the same.) Shifting focus might have been a clever “out” but it minimized the VT shootings whether you intended it to or not. The right thing – the MATURE thing to have done – would have been to acknowledge the differing viewpoints and admit that the post could have been a bit graphic and extreme a day after a mass shooting at a college campus. There’s always something worse we could point to – but that wasn’t the point.

    • corey

      I was actually shot 4 times on 2 separate occasions but none were life threatening. The second time i was shot almost missed an artery by centimeters though.

    • JIm Newport

      I got shot through the lungs with almost the exact same weapon back in 1967 when I was eleven years old. The discription is right, it feels like a cherry bomb going off in your chest and there is an electric shock of that parathesia like being grounded and grabbing the spark plug wires on a running motor.

    • JIm Newport

      About being spun around or physically moved by gunshot impacts. Generally, most of the body movement from a bullet impact is the involuntary muscle spasms of the major muscle groups when the nerves are hit by the shock wave of the bullet. The author of the article was struck in the spine among other parts of the nervous system. That he would have involuntary contractions and spasms with the loss of voluntary muscular control is to be expected jerking him around with his own muscles. The range of hand gun energy in ft. pounds from about 150ft lbs to 800 ft lb of energy. See http://www.dem.ri.gov/topics/erp/nahems_euthanasia.pdf
      800ft lbs is the energy required to move 800lbs one foot against gravity. Automobiles have real knockdown power, in the range of 100′s of thousands of ft lbs of energy. Big caliber rifles can generate thousands of ft lbs of energy. The .50 caliber sniper rifle rounds near 12,000 ft lbs of energy. See http://www.thomas.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c110:S.1331.IS: All this power is being applied in microseconds against the victims tissues and causes explosive destruction, bullet performance and design like hollow points can insure that all the energy is actually transferred into the victim too. A bullet that pass through a person didn’t deliver all of its energy into the target.

    • Dummy

      i once shot myself through the hand with a daisey pump pellet gun (was a 1200 FPS pellet rifle not some weak ass one)…. on purpose… to see how it felt… i know, you ask what the hell, why would anyone do that, and then post about it? LOL hell if I know… I guess I wanted to test my limitations on pain… i was 16 at the time… needless to say, it was far beyond the limit of pain i could take then. went right through my hand, severed a tendon and blew out a large circle of flesh in the back of my hand… was a wadcutter pellet.. HAHA at least i can laugh it off right?

    • Pellinore

      ..endorfins make serious wound feel like nothing.. you won’t feel much of a gunshot ^^ ..same goes with a knife stab..and these endorfins that make you ignore the pain help you survive in a life or death situation..i actually enjoy these endorfins..ever been in a serious fight? then you should know how pleasurable it is to be covered in blood and pumped with adrenalin and endorfins….but then again…i’m a real masochist ^^.

    • Michael Morgan

      I was shot twice at a military firing range in boot camp by a M16 machine gun that fell out of the hands of a new recruit upon firing. Both bullets hit almost me almost simultaniously but i didn’t feel a lot of pain. I hit the ground immediately and actually had to look to see if i had even been shot. After I saw the wounds i felt a unbelievable amount of pain until i eventually went into shock. The pain is like a feeling of being burned inside and almost like been electricuted. Also i remember breathing very heavily almost as if i had just ran a marathon. I got really lucky considering it missed all vital organs but it really is something i wouldn’t ever want to experience again. The only thing that it did was tear up some of my muscle tissue and clip my lower rib cage. The rounds being used were not lethal if they had been I probably would be commenting on this right now. For those who are technical the round was a hollow point 5.56/.223 round at lower velocity probably somewheres around 1200fps but its rated at 2800fps. Again it sounds strange but the weapons used for training are not as lethal as those in the real areas of fighting.

      • Army_MP

        I know this is a very old post but I just had to say it. I spent eight years in the army, and you are an idiot. Non-lethal rounds for an M16. Nope, sorry. Hollow points for an M16 nope. Story doesn’t make any sense at all. If you were indeed shot or ever in the Army than maybe you were are just confused. Only non-lethal rounds in the army are rubber bullets or bean bag rounds. Both for shotguns. All weapons used during training are REAL. All ammunition is REAL. All rounds fired at a “firing range” are full metal jackets. 5.56 is the ammo for an M16 and there are no lower velocity variations in the military. It is all the same. P.S. muzzle velocity is not “rated.”

    • Dan

      Who shot you and why?

    • Sarah

      My name is Sarah. About a year ago I was shot in the abdomen with a 357 magnum revolver. I did not know anything about guns, and to this day I still don’t. The bullet exploded inside me and exited out of my back. I can relate to the pain you were in, it was more of a pressure pain rather than a sharp pain, as most would assume.

    • Sarah

      -Also I was maybe 3 feet if that away from the shooter. Keep in mind, I am about 100 lbs, 5’2. I’m not very big.

    • ……………..

      :( y were you shot though?

    • biggy

      My g/f was once shot in the twat it was after we broke up.

    • biggy

      been shot witha 12 guage pump SG, 9mm, 40 calibler assult rifle..and a 22 still walking and talking. have bad days every now and then but other wise ok

    • Gord

      I have lived in pain for 4o years,I WAS shot in the face by a 22 rifle the bullet went right threw my jaw,their is lots of days i do not want to live,and i do not no how my wife of 43 year puts up with me,she deserves better,If someone could tell me of a pain killer that would work,just so i could be a little happier, I would really thank you,PS I have had a lower jaw replacement.

    • Martin

      Brad! Your a fuckin racist idiot!

    • Efrain Vasquez

      To all who read that, it is true – getting shot really does hurt. I got 2 bullets in me once after a shootout. I spend 3 years working for an agency that worked with these kind of threats and while chasing a suspect, he pulled a gun quicker than I could pull mine and bang. It hurts like hell really. I hope none of you people get that experience. I was shot with a Desert Eagle .50 Cal from probably about 2 meters away.
      If you see someone with a gun, my advise to you is get to a covered area where you can hide until it’s over. You’ll be doing yourself the best favor of your life.

      • Ahmed

        Oh my God
        a .50 cal?
        thats bullet is massive
        i hope you are okay now

      • A_Police_Officer

        Sorry, bud, but I’m calling BS on this one. Shot from 6 feet with a .50 caliber handgun? In my experience, you wouldn’t be here today to write that comment. Having witnessed too many shootings in my lifetime, I just can’t see how you’d have survived. Sorry. :-\

      • NoChip4Me

        With God all things are possible. I would tend to agree with you because I’ve had people brought in shot with a .50 caliber at a longer distance and we couldn’t save them.

        However, a friend who also worked ER said she has seen people that they thought were going to die that lived.

        God is in charge……………..He determines when your time is up. She has never seen anyone shot with a 45 in the torso or head/neck area survive.

        A foot, a leg, the arms or hands (if a main artery isn’t hit) survival is possible. But we’ve seen people who we didn’t think would ever make it out of OR and by God’s mercy, they lived. A real roll of the dice. When it’s your time, it’s God’s call.

        If Efrain is telling the truth, maybe he/she should be asking God, why am I still here, what is my purpose?

    • Audrey

      Wow that was a truly amazing story

    • bob

      note to self. only do the shooting and not the taking.

    • quincy

      I was also shot into my vagina. The guy that shot me placed sperm of his on the bullet to get me pregnant bunt unfortunately he destroyed my womb.

      Crazy but true

      • Wesley

        Please don’t be so disrespectful. Being shot by a gun is no joke.

      • Idrinkmywife’scum


    • The Wass

      I was shot walking down the street in Brooklyn, hit by a stray, from about 50 feet away. These two were fighting over a woman and one pulled out a gun shot the other then the one who got shot went to shoot back, missed and hit me in the back. I got hit in the left scapula, then the bullet ricochet off the shoulder blade going down through my left lung and landed in my lower left back (Still have the bullet in me). The gun was a FULLY AUTO Tec-9 and just so happened it jammed after the first bullet went off (Which is the one that hit me) since it was across the street from a police precinct, i kid you not you can see the building, they were there immediately and arrested the shooter who hit me (Who later gave up the name of the person who shot him whom he was originally intending to hit). IT WAS NOT FUN. It felt like getting hit with a huge force (Although i somehow knew immediately i got shot although i didn’t have much experience with guns up until that point (I now carry all the time) that knocked me up, stumbled then fell to floor about 4 feet from whee i got hit. I was awake the whole time, collapsed lung and all Which was the most pain I have ever experienced and I’m a hemophiliac so I’ve had PAIN before. Only those who have been shot can truly understand not only the physical but also the mental pain/anguish of getting shot. Oh the plus side, women love the scar/story and want to take car of you , just rub the shoulder, make a face or sigh of pain/discomfort, and they ask whats wrong. Just tell your story, give or take a few details and your in…Trust me it works!

    • Trent

      I got shot once. Went right through my shoulder just above my clavicle. Luckily missed bone and major arteries and passed through the other side. Ten years later… HERPES! Did it hurt? Not much.

    • jim bob

      i got shot in the arm by a mg42 in world war 2 8 times

    • Yuko

      My friends Dad got shot, he put the laptop infront of him but it went through and hit his uhh… groin area, he has 1 testical. I guess that doesnt count like it does being shot in the chest area. Still, ouch.. I just tell him he only got shot there because the guy was jealous he had 3

    • BD

      I got shot in the calf with a 44 magnum. One missed and one hit. At first it didnt hurt ” for about the first hour” I almost kicked my self in the face from the impact. It wasnt a bad bleeder and only nicked the bone. For about a month i could not stand to have the wound lower that my heart..very painfull. The exit wound was big enough to pass a shot glass in it. The entry hole wasnt much smaller. 7 inches of skin dissapered on both sides. 10 days in the hospital to fight infection and to learn how to take care of it. Take gause and wet it in saline solution stuff into both sides as much gause as you can…usually 1 roll each side. then wrap entire wound in dry gause. do this 4 times a day for the next 2 years. When i went back to work 2.5 years later the wound much smaller but still open. Im not even gonna get into how much cleaning a gun shot woung hurts……did i mention i tasted gun powder for 2 days. I still cannot run . But can walk ok and do some bike riding.
      If you have anyone around you..or even close to you that handles firearms that has a drug and alchohal problem beware. This injury ruined my life in more ways than i can discribe in this brief comment..take care

      • NoChip4Me

        Very good response as stated previously all gun shot victims will be in my prayers tonight. Interesting and very valid point that might be quite helpful if people listen to your wise post, alcohol and drugs, driving and handling any firearms is a dangerous mix. Very wise to point that out.

    • Navaneet Jeevan

      That was a nice & enlightening read.

    • Nick

      I have to admit, I was truly captivated by this man’s story. It really goes to show that you shouldn’t take your body for granted. The shooter needs to be taught a good lesson. Jesse if your reading this I truly hope that everything goes well for you, science-although slow in its progress- works miracles, and I hope that one of its miracles can be bestowed on you and that you will regain feelings in your legs and can experience many pleasures such as sex and other great things life has to offer. Be a dreamer.


      • NoChip4Me

        Good reply, science is on the verge of new breakthroughs and giving someone hope is medicine in and of itself.

    • Court

      I saw a woman get shot on Flashpoint (Flashpoint is a show about the SRU and it’s not real, but it’s realistic) And she got shot through her body armour by a sniper with very powerful bullets. It looked like she got hit under the shoulder blade. She fell back and the shock made her arms fly up like she got hit by a bus then she fell down and made these wierd noises so I guess she was trying to breathe? within two or three weeks she was back on the job.
      Was that realistic of the show? Should she have had a different impact?

      she was shot on her left side.

    • f98wsd

      take pleasure in fact tat it ends. also day to day pain (cronic stuff) is worse imo as it isnt paid in all at once instead over your life. sucks to be paralyzed but I would kill trade all pleasure for numbness in my life. w/o losin mobility.

      you lost a lot. but also found some mercy in it if you consider constant pain from sickness.

      no one can really understand anyone else. best of luck.

    • Gord

      Ill comment-like you when i was 17 i was shot in the face or jaw,I can re-live every thing that went down that night,We were going to a party when my best friend came out of the bedroom with his new sawed os 22 ,he called my name and i thought we were ready to go,but as i got up he shot me ,It made me fall down i felt stupid that a air gun made me fall to the ground I did not feel nothing in the way o f pain,But let me tell you 40+ years i suffer every day of my life ,not funny one bit the dr said it was 1 in a million shots i lived.Their is a lot more but I hope that helps. Gord

      • NoChip4Me

        In my prayers tonight, but Gord, you seriously need to consider getting a new group of friends. Your best friend did not sound like a good friend. Was there alcohol at the party? BD’s response was right on target. Best of luck.

    • Apache-Olmec

      I don’t see how he thought that would get you pregnant, wouldn’t all that heat from the bullet destroy the sperms?

    • tupac

      i was shot 5 times i took it and smiled .

      • Alex

        I freaking love you, whoever you are. Seeing this comment made my day.

      • http://www.facebook.com/yousifmq Yousif Mohammed


    • Terrance addison

      The heat from the bullet is supposed to burn you internal organs right?
      And the lead contains toxic that will poison your blood stream right?

    • todd o

      2 years ago i was accidentally shot with a 12 guage shotgun in the lower leg.a friend umped out of his truck and aimed at some ducks in the field…he pulled the trigger but nothing happened…when he came back to our truck he was a little choked so he threw the gun into the truck…when it hit the centre console it went off…shooting me ust below the knee..i looked at my friend and said..u ust fuckin shot me…then i felt the pain and screamed..u ust fuckin shot me…then i realized that my leg ust painted the passengers door and dash of the truck…when i was in the hospital the dr. told me that they might have to amputate below the knee…well they used metel bars and pins and saved my leg..what there wwas to save…i can walk now with a limp..but have pain everyday..cold weather really hurts my leg..and i will never forget the…flash…bang…and sight of my leg spraying the inside of the truck…the dr.told me if i lost one more pint of blood i would not b here….i wish it upon noone

      • NoChip4Me

        You’ll be in my prayers as well tonight, all of you will. Thank God you lived Todd.

      • Chris

        You mean thank the doctor and the guys who took him to the hospital? I’m sick of people thanking God. Why does nobody say “Thank people”

      • Troy Smith

        thank god and the people

      • God is alive believe

        Thank God

      • Michael

        God is the guys who took him and the doctor.

    • Jazmine

      Ive witnessed someone getting shot for my first time
      It was in my back yard and the guy was laying there with a bullet in his head
      I didn’t know what to do
      I just heard Ben stay with me open your eyes Ben
      And seen a tall man take off his shirt and place it on his head
      Then they picked him up and drug him off the the truck
      The blood was there for 2 days
      I couldn’t stop starring at it and recaping everything that happened
      I cry till this day

      • NoChip4Me

        You’ll be in my prayers tonight Jazmine.

    • Monica Statler

      My little brothers 8 and 11 and myself got shot last year, well it didn’t hurt when we actually got shot because we didn’t noticed it, well my little brothers say that it hurted like hell and well to me i didn’t even noticed, it started to hurt right after I saw all the blood and I was on my way to the Hospital. I got shot in my back, bullet still there and still hurts a lot. but well it is a crazy story I have to tell my kids when I’m old :)

    • Monica Statler

      to A_Police_Officer.. I do believe him beacuse my little brother who is 8 years old got shot in the back and the bullet when throught his lung and came out of his chest and he almost died but he is still alive, so it is possible to make it.

    • north vegas boy

      i was shot back in 94 in the shin with a mac11 9mm at point blank range.It shattered my lower leg to peices and the bullet is still lodged behind my bone.it didnt hurt at first but it was instant numb.Then it started to hurt like SOB after grabbing my foot and spinning it back in place,it was pointing the oppisite way from the impact.I still have pain and knee problems 18 years later and probly just get worse with age.I also witnessed 2 freinds getting shot on different occaisons and i beleive the shock almost initially keeps you from hurting but give it about 1min and then reality sets in and the pain does too.

    • http://www.facebook.com/yousifmq Yousif Mohammed

      I know that slow motion feeling, i hv never been shot but i had a car accedent :)

      • NoChip4Me

        Your right, it’s like everything is in slow motion. I even saw the windshield crackle / splinter like puzzle pieces and come inwards all like in slow motion as well as the car spinning around and around again in slow motion.
        Many people dying that I have been with in ER said that time ceases to exist in a state of shock.

      • bobsmith

        during the slomo you experienced, you jumped ahead in time from other people that didnt experience it at the same time you did. yet, everyone is at work at the same time the next day. in the car, your brain actually slowed time itself down in your mind to allow you to react in ways that could possibly mean your survival. ive been in 7 car crashes, same damn thing every time. it’s strange to think of, cause you are seeing the car move slowly around you, it is moving slowly to you, but not to anyone else outside the vehicle. it’s like we all live in a computer simulation and we are gods of our own realities, if only we all had the power to control “it”, whatever it is, we could levitate cars and houses and throw them lol. probably why aliens turned that part off when they created humans. our souls are “limited” inside these bodies, equivalent of a “restrictor plate” in a racecar. gonna be epic the day we go. sweet freedom sigh.

      • bobsmith

        imagine dudes in bloody combat with axes shields and swords. reaction time, if they had the right mindset could mean one man hacking down legions of men. after the first several, the rest lose the confidence as you approach them fully adrenalined and sharp, you viewing it all in slomo. the rest become pigs for the slaughter. weak minds fail in life, strong sharp, controlled minds prevail. can never let negatives get to you, and thats hardest thing in life to do.

    • Jonny

      I was shot just over my left knee about 2.5 weeks ago. I was walking down the street in the Bronx and two guys were fighting, one pulled a gun and fired. The first shot struck me.. I wasn’t sure if I had gotten hit, it happened so fast and felt like a nasty sting. It didn’t hurt that much.. I dove behind a car afterwards, as they continued firing. The bullet missed my knee cap by about an inch and would be classified as a flesh wound. I retained a lot of movement afterwards. When they cleaned the wound out in the hospital it was a lot more painful as they injected a lot of fluid into my knee.

      I am extremely lucky as the injury was not that painful and it was truly a million dollar wound in the sense of it not affecting my life that much..

    • @Nc_Lo

      I was shot in the heart (Aorta) The bullet also hit many other important veins etc. though the most significant was the NICKLE sized hole in my aorta I was shot with a .22 cal. older revolver! – I have pictures for proof!

    • doesnt matter

      Gut shot with a shotgun 10ft away felt like getting kicked by a bull and then my guts getting wringed out like a mop for about an hour til I could get to the hospital

    • Baktiar

      I am Malala and i we ben Shut in the head from Taliban and it’s greit :)i love to be shut in the head !

    • NoChip4Me

      Dear Jesse (Danny B), You’re a very good writer, maybe you can go into that line of work? I don’t know what to say to ease your pain or frustrations except I will pray for you. Just buried a 36 year old son (enlarged heart/heart attack/not obese).

      Ignore the rude comments, most of these people not caring about you and how this incident has left you both physically and emotionally are callous.

      I wish there was a way I could turn back the clock for you and that what you had to go through never would have happened.

      Now, why did I type in “Does getting shot hurt?” I was in nursing and saw first hand, often it is quite painful.

      I suspect that in the not to distant future, some of us will have to bare witness to Christ or either get shot in the head or beheaded.

      The day of Tribulation is soon fast approaching (I suspect, nobody really knows for sure).

      I hope if my day comes I have just half the bravery you have shown in your response.

      Numbers 6:24-26 (KJV)

      24 The Lord bless thee, and keep thee:

      25 The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:

      26 The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

    • johnny walker

      Read, “The power of the subconscious mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy Ph.D.D.D it will change your life. Love ya’ll

    • bobsmith

      Hey Jesse it’s huge that you shared this. Thanks. My friends and I make violent movies that involve dudes getting shot and our next production we are working on is going to be the bloodiest of them all. im talkin’ arms legs heads comin off. when I read this i feel compassion for victims of gunviolence, a little guilt comes in, but then it goes away. cause i always make sure our movies arent “pointless” that they have a message about a collapsing society in general, where guns arent the problem. people are the problem. and government created those problems from the get go and government is totally out of control. The sex thing, it’s torturous, i am sure, but dude, i havent been laid in almost a year and porn is like a quick fix. its the equivalent of needing a cigarette and fighting the craving. the key is you get to make her feel good, in the end, imo, that’s all that matters. youre probably damn good at it and she fn loves it lol. you got a girl that loves you, i got an ex wife that lets me see my kid for 6 fn hours a week. some guys get their kids taken from them forever, that is serious pain too. always think about and pray for those worse off than you. you’ve heard all this before, stay strong and thank you again, glad you survived. peace bro,

    • Sergio

      To be honest I’ve never heard a impacting story like yours I read everything . Life is life you never know what’s going to happen .All that’s left for us to keep on going >>>>RESPECT<<<<<

    • God is alive believe

      Chris I will be praying for you and always thank god first as he is our,true Father In heaven

    • Gene Smolko

      For all you went through, you seem to have a great attitude. And no, you are not being shallow.

    • Larry

      You make it sound as though an inanimate object just happened to point itself at someone and then pulled its own trigger all by itself. A gun is just a tool. It is the user of that tool that decides to do good or evil with it. Let’s put the blame where it belongs and that is on the user and not the gun. Just my 2 cents. And I have been a violent crime victim. In 1987 I was shot four times by a guy using a .44 Magnum.

    • DJ

      In physics, the unit ft x lbs is for measuring torque, while energy is measured in units called joules.