Organize Your Life/Carnival Edition #7

Welcome to the April 24, 2007 edition of organize your life. There are only a handful this week, but they are some of the best ones yet! I enjoyed reading all of them and received some very useful information. So, here it is…

SpiKe presents Spring Clean Your Life posted at Organize IT. This post is not just about the regular spring cleaning our home that we always think about. There is some information on spring cleaning all areas of your life, like: your personal life, your career, your social life, your health and a couple of other ones. Thanks SpiKe!

Conan Stevens presents Getting Started – Get On Track Today posted at Tall Muscle Actor Blog. He says, “Being a short term contractor I have to be continually on the ball and getting new jobs, this is one way I keep on top of it.” I have one thing to say about this article…WOW! Not only did it have some great information, but boy did it inspire me to hit the gym! That is something I have really been trying to make part of my schedule. I must treat it like it is as important as brushing my teeth and taking a shower. Thanks Conan!

Leo presents 6 Simple Steps to Make Mail & Paperwork Painless posted at zen habits. This blog just puts your mind at ease. It’s a nice clean design that goes perfect with the title. Also, I noticed that every Thursday is Simplifying Thursday. This is a very well put together article that I know you will be glad you took the time to read. I know I am! Side note: you  MUST go read his about page. He says he has no formal qualifications, but by seeing who he is surrounded by, I say “Who need ‘em!”

Michelle presents Keeping Kids Busy on Roadtrips posted at scribbit. She says, “Here’s an idea for keeping the car and home more organized.” Okay, Michelle is just one of my all-time favorite bloggers. I like her for a number of reasons: she lives in Alaska (so did I) and her name is Michelle, which was my best friend’s name in Alaska. :) But I also just love her writing. I sometimes feel like it’s just me and her over a cup of coffee. She also has some brilliant and useful ideas. Keep those articles a comin’ Michelle!!

Briana presents How to Manage Your Wardrobe posted at College Fashion .Net. She says, “It’s the eternal problem of a closet full of gorgeous clothes: making sure that you actually WEAR them. ‘Wardrobe management’, or knowing exactly what you have and how to work it, is an invaluable skill to learn.”  Super, super article! Even though I’m not in college (sigh), there were some very useful tips here for all of us, young and old (sigh again). :)

Thank you SO much to all of you for sharing your expertise on organizing your life! The next blog carnival will be in 2 weeks, so please feel free to submit another post. Also, past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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