A Hearty Transplant

Dear Readers,

I’m back from vacation! Sorry this place has been so quiet. It is definitely not like me. ;)

Sadly, although I’m back, this will be my last post for AHeartyLife.com. Today is also my last day at b5media where I served as writer and editor of the Science and Health Channel. Kendra James, RN will be assuming responsibility over A Hearty Life and the Science and Health Channel. She’s a cardiac nurse with a passion for communication. I can’t think of anyone better to take my place.

Thank you very much for visiting A Hearty Life over the past year. Please come visit me at my new blog, Eye on DNA, where I will be focusing solely on genetics, my lifelong passion. The genome revolution is upon us. How will it change your life?

Here’s wishing you a long and hearty life,

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