A Prickless Device That Measures Blood Sugar

prick-finger.jpgA team of Hong Kong scientists have come up with a nifty little device. A machine that can test your blood sugar without actually pricking your finger. Yee ha! A painless sugar check.

This beautiful little device is about the size of a cell phone and uses infrared beams to penetrate the skin and read the blood sugar.

Out of the many components in the blood, the beam is able to identify bits of glucose through the frequency, or wavelengths, they transmit and the amount of blood sugar present would be displayed on the instrument in 10 seconds.

It blows my mind. Now I will agree, 85% is not dead on, but I think they are headed in the right direction. How long do you think it will be before we have access to a gizmo like this?

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    • Mohan Kuppuswamy

      Is the device already in the market?
      Or does one has to wait and how long?
      Ifavailable in the market please give contact details.

    • http://www.diabetesnotes.com Kendra James, RN

      @Mohan: No it is not available yet. I will keep you posted if any new news is released about the product.

    • Sandra Huter

      Please notify me of any updates on the prickless device.

    • Simi Sam

      Please let me know when this is available.. I would like to know..

    • Irma Cantu

      Let me know when it becomes available.

    • Janakiram

      Please let me know when this device becomes commercially available, preferably in USA.

    • Olaf De Koning

      What I hate most about managing diabetes is not the once or twice daily insulin injections, but the pricks to test the blood twice a day. My wife thinks I should try to test even more frequently! I told her, “You prick your fingers all the time and see how you like it.! My oldest son recently saw an infomercial on TV concerning prickless glucose testing but neglected to write down the 411 for it. Lets get some painless testing available in our high tech society!!

    • charlene

      I have scleroderma and recently hypoglycemia. I heard there was one available without finger pricks and it talks to you when telling you the results. Any info on availability would be appreciated as the scarring from scleroderma is causing problems with the prick skin type. thank you

    • charlene

      see above

    • Javaid Latif

      I have seen add on CNN about prick less meter. Any comments on it

    • Dave MataLopez

      plz let me know if prick less meter is available for purchase, thx

    • kathy

      please let me know when this device becomes availble. thx

    • Hattie Guillory

      How can I get one of these machines? Is this the only glucose monitor like this? My husband said he saw an ad on this but didn’t get the website. I have been a Juvenile Diabetic since 1973.

    • Yvonne Josephs

      Please notify me when these new gagets are available. I would really appreciate

    • http://msn Eileen Samuel

      please notify me when product is available for purchase

    • edward

      its been 3.5 years…how you doin? has there been any progress? or did this just fizzle away? is it available outside USA?

    • Jody

      My 8 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on Dec 7 and she doesn’t mind the insulin injections , but hates the many finger pokes. Please let me know when this can be purchased in US or Canada. I am very interested!

    • Louise Bagilio

      Don’t be Fooled! Most Likely ALL Other Manufacturers are Being the ‘Real PRIKS’ by Crying to the FDA ‘to NOT Approve it’ or they will ‘Cut-Off KiCK-BACK$’ to the FDA. So Let’s Look for it in OTHER Nation’s Web-Sites & SHARE Info Here when Found. It’s all Politics – even if Unit is made to be 99% FoolProof, U.S. w’d be the Last Nation to Get it unless Device is ‘Sold-on’ to an ‘FDA-Friendly’ (Lap-Dog) Company!!_ the TRUTH must be Acknowledged

    • San

      is the pricless meter available in US ?