• Mon, May 14 2007

Live Longer and Be Sexier with Carrots

organic carrotsDo you believe that health and the potential for a long life makes you more attractive? Then eat more carrots. A study conducted on fish indicates that males eating more carotenoids were better able to protect their cells from damage and thus lived longer – and (more importantly) that females found these long-lived males particularly attractive.

‘It seems that females can tell if males haven’t eaten many carotenoids, even if they do look quite red, and probably found these males less attractive because they were more likely to die before they had finished looking after the young,’ said Dr Pike. ‘The positive effects of a carotenoid-rich diet are likely to apply to many other animal species as well – but whether eating carrots makes humans longer-lived and more handsome remains to be seen!’

Personally, I’m not sure orange cheeks are particularly attractive in men.

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  • http://www.eyeondna.com Hsien Lei

    Waaah! Great title and the post is full of innuendos. lol

  • http://www.eatingfabulous.com ruth

    I’m innocent! ;)