• Mon, May 21 2007

Monday Modular: Modular 3


[pict via Studio 804]

I’ve always found the best looking modular homes to be those that were the simplest. The Modular 3, designed and developed by Studio 804. Studio 804 is a design/build program at the University of Kansas led by Dan Rockhill. I was made aware of this project, and it receiving the “Judges’ Award” from the 2007 Residential Architect Design Awards.

The exterior shell is wrapped in Douglas Fir siding and feature IKEA cabinets. Dan also tout’s an energy-efficient insulation system utilizing recycled cellulose. I point I never thought of:

“We wrapped the building like a big burrito”


[pict via Inhabitat]

Not profound, but Dan points out a performance flaw in conventional construction…The foundation. A home sitting on a foundation, has thermally wrapped walls and ceilings. Leaving the constantly cooler basement to be insulated only by the earth. Which is a constant 54 degrees six feet and below.

[more about Modular 3 via Inhabitat]

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  • Becky

    That is by far the coolest idea for a mobile home.

  • http://www.buildyourhomeyourself.com Barry

    Very very nice!