• Wed, May 23 2007

Pur Flavor Options – flavor your water at the tap

Pur Flavor Options – a new way to add flavor to your water. We all know the Pur water filter systems – both the tap system and the jug system. This just adds on a little flavor packet to flavor while you pour – with either system. Each cartridge has up to 75 servings of flavor – no sugar, no calories, no dyes.

Faucet Mount:

  1. Attach faucet mount
  2. Unscrew cap and insert filter
  3. Use the switch to toggle between unfiltered and filtered water
  4. Insert flavor cartridge
  5. Push button to add flavor as you pour – the more you push, the more flavor will be added

Pitcher Option:

  1. Insert filter
  2. Fill pitcher
  3. Set filter life indicator
  4. Insert flavor cartridge
  5. Push button on lid to add flavor as it is poured

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  • http://www.steamykitchen.com Steamy Kitchen

    that just sounds so gross….chemical flavored water!

  • James Anderson

    It is not filtered flavored water, the flavor is added in after the water has been filtered and then dispensed out the same spout. It is a play on words.
    A kitchen faucet is not designed for the type of pressure this system will put on the faucet.

    Changing that flavor cartridge to suit everyones taste and that pushing on the faucet…..
    Oh boy I can see a major recall or class action suit once everyones faucet starts to leak and or pull out.

    Go into your Kitchen and press lightly on your kitchen faucet and think to yourself how long will your kitchen faucet tolerate that kind of abuse.

    Buy one if you want, but I shame proctor and gamble for a very bad design and I wonder how much testing they actually did, if any.

  • Dave Palmer

    I think this is a great product I intend to go out and buy the pitcher as soon as I can. Everything I have read on the product is great and much better for you than many of the water flavorings out there with some fake sweeteners and other unknown “chemicals” out there.

  • http://www.steamykitchen.com Steamy Kitchen

    OH but if they had Margherita flavored cartridge I’d be all over that!