Homemaking Posts from the ProBlogger Top 5 Writing Project


Near the beginning of this month, Darren Rowse at Problogger had a group writing project about Top 5′s. My own submission was about the top 5 time-savers in my kitchen. The project was hugely successful, with hundreds of posts submitted by bloggers on different topics.

It took me this long to wade my way halfway through the list. Here are the posts I found which may be useful for homemakers.

Frugal Living

Top 5 Ways To Save Money Without Noticing by jim
Top 5 ways to improve your gas mileage Today by Mike
Top 5 Affordable Hobbies: Big fun on a little budget by Paulm51
5 ways to reduce your car’s fuel consumption (and save you money) by Scott Bird
Top 5 Ways to Save Money While in School by Brett McKay


Top 5 Gardening Tips by Kenny Point
Don’t Grow These 5 Plants by Doug Green

General Homemaking

Top Five ways to spot a bad Contractor by Paul Thurst
Father’s Day 2007 – Five Unique Gift Ideas by Justin
Five Super-Duper Easy Ways to “Green” Your Life by lornadoone
Top 5 Productivity Tips Most People Know But Do Not Do by Donald Latumahina
The 5 Smart Things To Do When You Purchase An Item With A Warranty by Dana
Top 5 Eco-Friendly Flooring Options by Cameron

For Parents

Top 5 Things Moms Should Keep in the Family Minivan by Neena
Toddler holding on tight? 5 tips for working at home. by Theda K.
The 5 things you need to survive a toddler by Mama Duck

There are lots more where these came from. I’ll post the rest of my finds at a later date. Meanwhile, enjoy reading these great posts!

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