• Mon, May 28 2007

I Heart Sourdough English Muffins


I fed my starter a bit too much, and had to do something with the overflow, so it went into feeding this delightful treat — so delightful, in fact, that my 5-yo had the brilliant idea of shaping them into hearts! My original plan was the traditional shape, and I was just getting ready to open a couple of tins of tuna which is how I made it years and years ago… not English Muffins with Tuna, silly, I used the tins to shape the muffins! But I had to admit using a heart shaped cutter would be so much easier, and would please my little princess. And so I acquiesced.

The recipe comes from baking queen Nic over at Baking Bites, who in turn got it from this little book here:

I just got it from the library and will be trying other things, as these turned out perfectly. But first, the RCS (Requisite Crumb Shot):


Many Christmases ago when I was just beginning to discover the world of good food, I was looking for something to serve on New Year’s Day to visiting guests, and I stumbled upon these lovely English muffins from Wolferman’s. I placed an order for one of their sampler cases, and employed a pack into service as the base for awesome Eggs Benedict. I think the practice should be resurrected come January, as we have now found a homemade version that satisfies and satisfies well.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why these are called English muffins and why they’re so different from regular muffins, visit The Food History site. A different story is recounted at Food Reference.com. Whichever one is the true history, one thing remains: the only way to split an English muffin properly is with the use of a fork. (Or, okay, an English muffin splitter, but I got me one of those gimmicks, and believe you me, they’re not worth it.)

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