• Wed, Jun 6 2007

Photo: Diet Water

It’s kind-of a running joke among the non-flaming-yuppie-idiot set that Evian is simply “naive” spelled backwards. Norom etelpmoc a era ouy, just isn’t as catchy as Evian, so they labeled it Diet Water, instead. I kid you not.

via I-am-bored.com

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  • ACBR

    As one of my favorite comics, Lewis Black, once said, “This implies that there is water with fat in it, which I gotta find, because that is the tasty stuff!”

  • mindy white


  • F4T Boi

    Finally, the great taste of water with only half the calories!

    I’m going to throw out all my fattening Aquafina to get me some Diet Water!

  • http://www.dietwater.com dana

    i think its rreally great for you

  • http://www.dietwater.com dana

    its rox

  • http://www.dietwater.com z.k.n. b.

    its bad 4 u ya duh sikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee no jk its bad

  • T.P

    Why get something that’s the same as the regular stuff for much more money. water doesn’t even have calories so what’s the point besides ripping people off?