Everything You Wanted to Know about Breastfeeding, Sex and Breast Milk Fetishes but Were Afraid to Ask

science-and-health-theme-day.jpgJune 11th to the 17th is National Men’s Health Week, so men take center stage at this month’s b5media Science and Health Theme Day hosted by Gloria at Cancer Commentary. It’s a bit hard for a breastfeeding blog to participate in a theme day about Men’s Health (unless men want to hear about all the benefits they received as a breastfed baby) so I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about men’s sexual health and answer some burning questions men may have about breastfeeding, sex and breast milk fetishes.

How does breastfeeding affect my wife’s sex drive?

Any new mother whether breastfeeding or not needs time to heal from giving birth. Even after a woman gets cleared by her doctor to resume sexual relations, she may not be ready to do so. Having a new baby is a huge adjustment, both on a mother and on a marriage.

As to whether the breastfeeding mother has more or less sex drive than the bottle-feeding mother, the jury is out. The Breastfeeding Answer Book reports:

Masters and Johnson (1966) say that breastfeeding mothers are more comfortable with their own sexuality and therefore are more anxious to resume sexual relations with their husbands than are their formula-feeding counterparts.

Recent research is mixed. Some studies indicate that breastfeeding mothers are less interested in sex after childbirth (Byrd 1988; Glazener 1997; Visness and Kennedy 1997) while other studies conclude that breastfeeding mothers are more sexually active than their formula-feeding counterparts (Al Bustan 1995).

At any rate, breastfeeding mothers may need a little more foreplay and assistance. When estrogen levels are low, some women may experience vaginal dryness. That’s when extra loving attention and a water-based lubricant such as K-Y Jelly can help.

Those early months can leave any mother feeling tired, emotionally drained and “all touched out.” A husband can help his wife get in the mood by speaking her “love language.” In his book The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate, Dr. Gary Chapman identified five love languages: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch. The idea is that to create a happy marriage, spouses need to show each other their love by speaking their partner’s language.

For example, a husband who performs Acts of Service for his wife such as making dinner one night, taking the baby in the morning so his wife can sleep in, or tidying the house is more likely to have a loving wife who speaks his love language of Physical Touch. Get the idea?

My wife’s breasts squirt milk during sex. Is this common?

For some women, the hormones released during sexual intercourse trigger let-down of the milk. This certainly is not the case for all women. I’ve never had it happen but I have friends who experienced it. Luckily their husbands did not mind and just laughed it off!

To diminish the possibility, a mother can breastfeed the baby or express some milk beforehand. If she does leak anyway, she can keep a towel at the ready and apply pressure to the nipples to stop the milk flow.

Is breastfeeding a sexual act?

No, breastfeeding is not sexual. It could be described as sensory, but not sexual.

But I’ve heard some women have an orgasm while breastfeeding. Is that true?

I like what One Hot Mama has to say on this subject:

As for the physical, just like in sex, some people feel every feeling quite intensely, others hardly at all. The erogenous zones are, like our faces and personalities, unique. So some women do feel stimulated, while I, for example, feel, well, nothing. (Perhaps I should speak to my doctor). Here’s what my favourite breastfeeding expert, author Janet Tamaro [her book is So That's What They're For!] has to say about having, say, an orgasm while nursing: “Don’t panic … Your brain has just secreted a hormone that is telling your body to feel good. This does not make you a child molester, and it doesn’t make breastfeeding immoral. … It’s not that likely, so try not to worry about it or let it stand in the way of a comfortable breastfeeding relationship with your baby.” In other words, take that good feeling, and use it on your partner.

I’m curious what breast milk tastes like. Can I try some?

If your wife is willing, sure! You can taste it straight from the source (as Chandler said, the packaging certainly appeals to adults!) or from a cup. It tastes sweet and a whole heck of a lot better than artificial milk. Don’t take my word for it though–read what this Penn State professor had to say!

Keep in mind that there’s a difference between a healthy curiosity about breast milk and an obsession with it. Since starting Breastfeeding 1-2-3 last year, I’ve come to learn that there are men out there with breast milk fetishes. If you don’t have a partner willing to share some breast milk, you’re sorry out of luck. Don’t try harassing a breastfeeding counselor or a milk bank for some (seriously, you will have the police show up on your doorstep). There are ways to buy milk on-line, but beware that buying milk on-line comes with inherent risks for your health. Unpasteurized breast milk can transmit HIV, syphilis and hepatitis A and B among other things.

There are legitimate reasons for adults to consume breast milk. Some cancer patients drink breast milk to boost their immune systems and reduce the effects of chemotherapy. That’s not just some wacky, far-out idea either. Scientific evidence supports the promising anti-cancer powers of breast milk.

Feel free to share your (G-rated) experience in the comments. Moms, has breastfeeding affected your sex drive? Dads, has breastfeeding (and any attendant increase in bust size) changed how you feel about your wife? Also, please take a moment to vote in the poll in the side bar.

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    • http://breastfeedingmums.typepad.com Sinead@BreastFeedingMums

      Wow, fascinating stuff, Angela! And extremely well researched :) Thanks for putting this all together…

    • http://www.livelywomen.com Kristen King

      Angela, this is an awesome article. I have to admit, I’ve wondered about some of this stuff. We don’t have kids yet, but we’re already totally committed to breastfeeding. I’m going to forward this to my very pro-breastfeeding husband. :]


    • http://www.breastfeeding123.com Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Thanks Sinead and Kristen! Naturally I was a little nervous about writing on this subject so I appreciate the positive feedback!

    • http://thelactivist.blogspot.com TheLactivist

      Well done Angela! Lots of good info in there, lots of things people aren’t willing to ask or talk about. I’ll be linking over from The Lactivist.

    • http://www.breastfeeding123.com Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Thanks Jennifer! It is a bit of a taboo subject but I think it’s helpful to put that information out there.

    • Jesse King

      … I’m going to forward this to my very pro-breastfeeding husband. :]

      Great article!

      From the still very pro-breastfeeding husband!

    • http://www.breastfeeding123.com Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Yay, a male perspective! Thanks Jesse!

    • http://breastfeeding123 Jennifer

      This is a topic often ignored but also often wondered about. Openly sharing such information from competent professional resources helps to de-mystify such taboos. Good work, Angela!

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    • Jason

      My wife just had our third child and is still in the engorgement stage, nursing and pumping the excess (a lot of it). Although she is normally well endowed and I enjoy her breasts all the time, all I have to say is “WOW!” She is normally a D cup, but has experienced (with each child) the normal 2 cup or so increase in size. This period of one of the most difficult in a marriage sexually due to the requirement to abstain from intercourse and the added visual stimulation to the husband, especially if he is particularly attuned to the wonders of the breasts. But I thank God that my wife is understanding and a good sport about the greater-than-normal abundance of my wide-eyed looks in her direction. I’m looking forward to the resumption of active sexual relations with my wife with the added interest of lactating breasts – not a fetish thing, but one of the many beautiful shades of color that God created in the union of a man and wife that ebbs and flows over time.

    • Ralphie D

      Not until we had our 5th child(!) did this happen. I was really missing out on something extraordinary. One night my wife was painfully engorged on one side because she hadn’t nursed the baby on both sides before putting him to bed. We were on the brink of an intimate interlude and she planned to get him up afterwards to nurse him. In the meantime she asked me to be careful not to touch that one because it hurt.

      At a high level of passionate involvement, I asked if she wanted me to help relieve the pressure for her. She said sure, and I did. I can hardly describe the sum of these delights. It was not the last time I enjoyed this under similar circumstances. To be honest, I always now secretly hope it gets worked in when we make love. I be very sad when it’s over and she’s done nursing, as those breasts will not be quite the same.

      By the way, I asked her if it “kinked her out,” and she emphatically rejected that, so we are both getting more comfortable with it. I think a man can really enjoy his wife and her body in a number of different ways, and what that looks like in practice will change from time to time.

    • Jim

      I have to admit that I think it is delicious as well. And when it suddenly appeared during lovemaking with my wife, I found it to be very exciting. Yet I certainly don’t confuse this arousal factor with its intended purpose.

      Perhaps my wife thought I was a little weird for liking the breast milk thing introduced to our lovemaking, but she did seem to accommodate me fully.

    • http://ANRSpace.com Melody

      Adult Breastfeeding is more than a fetish, it can be a wonderful bonding element in an imtimate relationship. I enjoyed your article, but would like to see more done on women like me that re-lactate for the enjoyment of our partner and ourselves for ABF and ANR.

    • James

      I find lactation (during sex) to be very erotic and exciting. My wife seemed to feel ok about it at that time, but later rejected the idea. I almost begged her to keep it in the lovemaking, but she thought I was weird for it all.

      Oh well.

    • Diane

      I have three children and am expecting my fourth. I have breast fed them all and plan to do so with this one. As far as introducing the whole adult nursing thing into the love making……..I think it’s great! I have had many experiences with it in the past with my husband and actaully can’t wait to have those feelings again. Personallly, I think it brings a different level of closeness to the relationship. I’ve even considered pumping after the baby is done nursing to continue to be able to have that closeness from time to time. If that makes me wierd then so be it!!

    • CJ

      Great article, and I really enjoyed the thread of comments. I echo the comment that the loving intimacy and closeness a mother experiences in nursing a child can likewise be experienced with a spouse even if more sexual overtones are part of it. My husband and I are fortunate to enjoy that, and I don’t think it is as kinky as some may protest. As a mother of three preemies, I failed at long term successful nursing, but pumped breast milk for all three children because I absolutely believe in its health benefits. My husband nursing me fulfilled for me something I thought I had failed in. I love the man for many things, and this is one!

    • http://breastfeedingforhusbands Adam

      My wife and I stumbled upon this wonderful gift when she became overfull and baby was asleep for the night. Have enjoyed it immensely ever since. Think it’s better than the frustration caused by waiting for normal relations to resume.
      Might even save marriages!
      Good work Jesse!

    • Selena

      This is what i was lookin for. Im about 9 weeks pregnant. My husband is a truck driver and when i see him all we want to do is have sex and enjoy eachother untill he goes on the road again. With being a first time mother , i have so many questions about sex during pregnancy. About breasts and sex is one of them! Thankyou so much! Im glad to see were not “weird” in the act of sex and brests pleasure. Its always been , but with the lactation thing I dont feel so weird about that expercance with him.

    • http://yahoo uzra

      I have been nursing my children (now3) for well over last 5 years. Overall the experience has been quite rewarding, indeed, enjoyable, especially as both in my family and my DH’s extended nursing is quite common (average age of CLW being around 7 years). My husband, being quite conservative, has never tasted my milk though he does not mind my frequent letdown at his chest while we are making love.
      But of late another problem has been worrying me. In the past, several times I experienced ‘very pleasurable sensation’ while nursing babies, and even experienced orgasm a few times. It has been becoming more frequent now. I somehow feel guilty about it. When I mentioned this to my doctor, she laughed it out saying that it is not uncommon and that I am lucky to get orgasms that way also. She told me that so long as I don’t have any erotic feelings towards my babies, orgasms due to sheer physical stimulation should not mean anything to me. Very recently I came across an article at the following address that increased my woes on the situation. I would like others to also read and give their reaction:

      Thanks. One may also respond to me at my e-mail address here..

    • http://Breastfeedingforhusbandsandwives Adam

      Hi Uzra,
      Don’t worry, your breasts were designed to give you pleasure when you breastfeed. The same hormone is realeased when you feed as when you make love. It’s part of the plan to help you enjoy breastfeeding longer as it is best for your children and it’s also a great way to keep your husband happy when you are too tired to make love.
      Enjoy exspressing your love to all your family.

    • Angie

      Hi Angela,

      I heard so much about this situation and i am glad that i am not “weird” because well i am 24 weeks pregnant and my husband ask me a lot about if since i am gonna breastfeed my newborn that if maybe i can also breastfeed him as well. At first i kind of look at it as a joke and laugh about it and i think about it and ask him if he was sure of what he was saying and said yes! so i ask myself maybe right now i think is weird, but maybe once i have my newborn and breastfeed him, i might change my mind and just experience the feeling of it. I just hope this will help a lot in our sex life. Angela i love your article about this questions people have, but are afraid to ask. Like i said i was one of them, but now it just seems right to me. thanks for your advice and i hope to see more of this again.

    • http://none Hugo

      Well here is another male perspective… I am 26… have been in the fetish and bdsm world for as long as i can remember (started actively at the age of 16)… and well i do have the breast feeding fetish you talked above… Of course respect is most important in my life and everything I do… so i would never harass anyone!! I have a girlfriend… she is 40 and has a 10yr old child… and we’ve been together for more than a year now and my own fetish has become hers… she search everywhere to find a willing mother to share her breast with me… in a respectfull non sexual way… :)… still no luck.. but we never know! :)

      anyway i loved your article… many very interesting information!

      have a nice day!

    • RoseBlossom

      Hi, just wanted to make a comment on the many comments that I have read…I think that it is great that my husband and are not weird. I have 5 children. I have always wanted to nurse my children in fact my goal was to nurse them for at least 1 year but with my first 4 I was not successful in reaching that goal for one reason or another, but with my 5th child we are well on our way to success.
      I never considered adult nursing before but as my 5th is in state custody at this time and nipple stimulation is pretty important to keep the milk flowing for the baby my husband offered to help me out. At first I thought it was really weird but then i began to look forward to it, then we began to incorporate it into our intimacies as well. Well needless to say, when I thought my supply was decreasing because of the lack of baby stimulation my husband was able to get it back up for me by indulging in the pleasures himself.

      I think it is a great experience and have to agree with the many who have commented already that it may very well aid in saving marriages taht may be on the edge of disolvement due to lack of intimacy.

      I also think that Adult Nursing may also have some mental health benefits to the recipient. Is there any research out there that may be able to shed some light on that concept???

    • Anna

      I do not have any children yet but my boyfriend and I want to get married and do so soon. We have both agreed that I would breastfeed and he has spoke fantasies of suckling milk from me when I do. In all honesty, I can’t wait. I would love to feed and nourish him with my breasts – I don’t don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. It’s intimate and people today are a little too uptight. I’ve read recently that quite a few women never let themselves dry out so they can keep a ANR with their spouse…. I think it’s delightful. And, you’re buying local so it’s good for the environment. hardy har har ;)

    • John

      The writer has done an OK job, but possibly in her anxiety to free breastfeeding from sex, has made it seem as if men’s desire for breastmilk is perverted, by talking about ‘healthy curiosity’ and ‘obsession’ separately. It is apparently OK to be obsessed with vanilla sex with your wife, but I sense a judgemental tone when adult men badly want breastmilk. Same with her categorical statement that ‘breastfeeding is not sexual’, when clearly some women do find it so.

    • Frank

      Well, I ran into the the whole breast feeding thing about two nights ago. We were making love and i just happened. She let it continue on… now I’m constantly thinking about it. She thinks I’m a little weird but she is not apposing it. We’ll see.

    • http://www.hismilkmaid.com Merry Maiden

      It is not weird for men to like breasts! Functioning, warm, and sweet tasting ones are all the more feminine.

      I nursed all of my many children, and my husband gladly helped when I needed it. After a while he was OFTEN concerned; “Do you need my help?” It was also a normal part of our love making. Eventually, he would just snuggle in and finish off whatever the baby left before we fell asleep.

      The children are all grown now, and four months ago I started lactating again. It has made us even closer. It has also revived our sex life.

      He never acts like a baby, and I never act like his mother. My husband is a very masculine man who just knows how to appreciate all thing feminine and sweet about me. He loves lace, high heels, lipstick, soft curves, and a bosom that has milk.

    • http://none Tina

      I breast fed both my children, but the youngest is now 12. I have a new BF of a few months, and we are deeply in love, we just realized that I have began lacating, I guess from pretty regular stimulation. I was afraid it might weird him out, but it did not. I had to read up on it to make sure this was normal. I am looking forward to bonding with him and being able to breast feed him. It definately creates a very pleasurable sensation all over the body, and from what I have read, it creates a deep sense of bonding, which I think is the most important reason to do it. I don’t know if I will become completely engorged, but I am looking forward to trying to, and my BF says he’s happy to help. All though it is sexual, at the same time it is not, it is the most comforting calming effect on a woman.

    • CG

      Me and my wife just had our first baby by c section and because of medication we have been bottle feeding her with formula. a few nights after we got home her breast were sore and I guess engourged?. I decided to rub and massage them for her. After a few minutes she was becomiing aroused as was I… I mean she was really enjoying it…. Me too.. :) Well one thing leads to another and soon I was …breast feeding from her. I didn’t realize it at the time but afterwards she expressed how personal it was to her. I mean really personal. After she told me that I started to feel the same way, after all the next step in bonding with your baby after incubation and birth is breast feeding. After talking about it she started to feel like she had taken that bonding away from our baby, like she cheated it. As awkward as it feels afterwards the feeling of connection I felt with her was amazing. Her holding my head as I well… you know… it WAS a very deep feeling. The taste and texture of her milk reminds me of a watery warm international delights vinilla creamer not exactly sweet but rich. Kinda made me a little sick it was so rich… I wouldn’t call our experiance sexual it was more intimate, afterall, I was drinking life from her… IF you decide to try this remember that there are deaper emotions involved, don’t drink too much and talk about your feelings afterwards… BTW I’m 25 my wife is 20. not sure if that matters just thought I would add it.

    • Willie

      I have always been very physically attracted to my wife but when she began breastfeeding the attraction spiked. This was very unfortunate timing as her sexual desire naturally fell. It was particularly distasteful for her for me to suckle as she, in her words, “had a hard time shifting gears” between feeding our baby and engaging in sexuality. I respect my wife and always wish to avoid pursuing whatever made her uncomfortable. A few times she became engorged and asked me to relieve her which were highly erotic experience for me. She is currently expecting and I know this will be a difficult time. Lactation takes place for a relatively short time in a woman’s life and I know that it is unlikely we will have a fourth child. I asked for her blessing to continue after she weaned our child, which she was not interested in being a part of. I so long to suckle and nurse from her but also choose to honor and respect her boundaries. Silly as it sounds, this is one of my life’s greatest disappointments, there are no good answers.

    • Julia Nhlapo

      how will sex affect my baby – because i am breasfeeding is there anything is should be aware of or becareful of whilst i am breastfeeding – will the sperms harm my baby anyhow?

      Another question – what are the possibilities of me falling pregnant whilst i am breastfeeding, my son is 5 months old?

    • Joseph Murphy

      I’m a man my self 53 and married to a lady who is beyond lactation her self.
      What would it take for a man such as my self.
      To breastfeed with a adult partner.
      I’ve never drink a lady’s breast milk before.
      heard it is quite good.


    • naynay

      I’ve gotten pregnant twice while nursing so don’t think that will prevent it. The trick to ANR is when you have your baby to really keep nursing your him/her as long as possible. Three years is the longest I’ve gone. That way my husband didn’t have to come home from work to nurse me-but I was ready for him in the evening and always first thing in the morning (we do a long nurse first thing before the kids get up so I can start my day peacefully and many times with an orgasm). After two years or so I’ve gotten pregnant again and re-started the cycle. I’m now well into my third pregnancy and because I’ve been nursing consistently for 5 years my new milk has come in. It’s great to feel that rush again.

    • michael

      Wow its nice to find out that i am not the only one! My GF has been nursing me for about four years and I can totally relate with the people who mentiond thats its a really intense bonding experience. We dont have kids but about 4 weeks after we met she started lactating-we learned later no baby necessary just alot of continual stimulation-oops. Im guilty but I cant help it- she is the sexiest woman alive! Anyway from the first few drops I tasted I knew I liked that stuff- tastes like whipped cream on a vanilla sundae- and from seeing how aroused she got when nursing me it was just a win win and and we never stopped and dont plan too! We get in at least two and sometimes three sessions a day- a nice long slow one till they are both empty when we first wake up and always before we go to sleep. and anytime they get too full:) -anyway to any guy who wonders- if you have the chance to try it quit wondering!

    • http://- a muslim

      In our religion, if you drink any girl’s breast-milk, that girl becomes equal to your mother and then, u can not have sex with her. Breast-feeding is good only and only for children and not for the adults. Science will find this fact one day or the other. I bet!

    • Diveshchintoo

      Can a 24 yrs age of a boy suck breastmilk of 27 yrs old girl.

    • makate harrison makgopa

      we have a one month and three weeks child .we just want to know the risk of breast feeding after having sex.

    • paula

      My husband and I are into this beautiful bonding experience. I am 50 and am actually starting to relactate. Only a tiny bit of milk but its amazing when you think it has been 10 years since I last breastfed my child. It is the best gift ever for a woman to offer her special man her breast. In a loving committed relationship this is paradise.

      • Barb


        The same experience happened to me and now I am going for biopsy’s because it is not normal for a woman of our age to lactate. Please advise your physician.

    • roger

      my wife is agreed to breastfeed me after a few months of my child’s birth,i really love my wife more than anything,and i knew that she loves to breastfeed me because we are doing sometime as my wife is 8month pregnant,but however i always feel some strange that my wife may feel any uncomfortable or not,she don’t express anything to me as she just agree for all of wish and i couldn’t find her inner thought,any real women can post a comment about my doubt,who have gone across this experience in your past life,all i want to know about, do you really feel comfortable or not? if not,that is great? if yes what makes uncomfortable?
      This will really help me to make my wife comfortable without her request…

    • naynay

      I don’t know if it’s the extra hormones but I have orgasms from nursing my husband when I am newly pregnant.(especially if I am nursing a toddler at the same time) Usually in the beginning of my second trimester all he has to is touch my belly, latch on, and in under three minutes I am in heaven. A great release. And I have to say it makes me look forward to being pregnant

    • J.K

      I’m in a long term relationship with my boyfriend and he loves playing around with my breasts and has often hinted about breastfeeding off of me, however i’m in no position to get pregnant as i’m still at uni and was wondering if there is a way to start producing it without geting pregnant. Many Thanks.

    • M.Y

      hi and thanks for your help …will im gonna to started ,anyway…in many years …we had a nurse in our house and i was to young …so in night ..that nurse come to my bad and give me a breastfeed … one day my mother descovered that and she expelled her … now i miss that so much …. and i don’t feel better without having a breastfeeding … it that a mental illnes ? please i’m wiating for your answer

    • Ramesh Babu

      if i had sex with my wife who is a breast feeding mother will decreases the milk production for the baby

    • daz

      I started dry scukling and later aftr the birth of my baby, my partner breastfeed both of us. she is happy tto see the benefits of her milk for both of us. We are a happy family & she herself nurse me with her own wish. i only use her milk. and let me say…….it s good for health.as its natural & u know where it is coming from.

      Moreover it savesboth of us from acute diseases

    • BabyJhonny

      being an adult baby myself i have always wanted to brestfeed, but the closest i ever got was SMA GOLD First Infant Milk, im always drinking that, i must go through like a tin of it a week. My mum is 69 so i cant ask her, she is against the whole adult baby thing anyway, she dosent accept it, she just tolirates it. I wish i could find a mummy to look after me, but most seem to live in the USA, and im stuck in the UK in Dorset down in Bournemouth. Being epileptic i cant drive, being autistic no one listens to me and being depresive everyone thinks im crazy.

    • joe s from mississippi

      i feel and my wife feels the same way, that her breast feeding me has took our relationship to another level that not many get to. its like we are more in touch with each other then we have ever been. i wake up and go to sleep breast feeding off my wife beautiful F cup breast. i love my wife more then words could say. i dont know how i would be able to make it in life with out her beside me

    • Mansoor


      My wife is going to be starting chemotherapy, and breastfeeding is an essential part of our sex life. Does anyone know what chemo drugs are safe to take so I can still breastfeed off her? Thanks

    • Matsie

      How does the milk from a breast feeding mother affect the child after having unprotected sex?

    • Rita

      I’m a breastfeedin mother and i hav unprotected sex, will it harm my baby

      • arman ali rythme

        i know ur problem..
        Mam can i help u??
        Then contact:01722600843
        i am arman.

    • Matsie

      My wife is a breast feeding mother, and we have unprotected sex, how willthis harm our baby?

    • rajan

      i am 24 yrs and i never tested woman’s breast milk. But i am eager to suck dat. If any girl/woman is wish to do, pls cal me at 9456944415

    • biodun

      i’m a breastfeeding woman and having an unprotected sex. Any implication on the baby?

    • Eve

      Can u get pregnant 2 months after childbirth?

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    • http://www.breastfeeding123.com Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Hi CG – thanks for your comment. You mentioned that you have been bottle feeding with formula due to medication. I just want to make sure you’re aware of a wonderful free resource on the web that allows you to look up any medication to see if it’s okay to take while breastfeeding. Unfortunately many doctors and even pharmacists are not very knowledgeable about lactation and medications and tell women they must formula-feed when it’s really not necessary. Go to:


      and type in the brand name or generic name of the drug. If you need help with the information or with getting breastfeeding going, be sure to contact a local La Leche League leader for free breastfeeding support:


      Good luck!

    • http://www.breastfeeding123.com Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      There is no risk to breastfeeding the baby after you have sex.