Four Great Water Games Kids of All Ages Will Love

bucketAt the 5th grade picnic yesterday I witnessed 65 kids ages 10-12 working as a team, laughing, and getting totally soaked with water in the process. They had four game stations set up and they were too much fun for me not to share!

Pass the Sponge

Fill up one large bucket with water and place an empty container at the other end. Have the kids line up single file between the containers. Use a large sponge – like you would use on your car. The first person in line dunks the sponge in the water then passes it over their head to the next person. The kids continue to pass the sponge overhead from person to person until it gets to the end of the line. The person at the end of the line squeezes all the remaining water out of the sponge into the bucket then takes the sponge back to the front of the line and everyone slides back one. The goal is to collect the most water possible in the bucket. It is so hard for the kids to resist squeezing the sponges as they pass them back.

Sponge Bum

The objective of this game is similar – get as much water from one bucket to the other as possible. With this game you start with two sponges and feed a belt through them. The kids will strap the sponge belt around their hips with the sponges under their bum. Next the “dipper” sits in the water bucket to soak the sponges and runs to the other bucket. At the other bucket they squeeze out the water and then return the belt to the next team member. The fullest end bucket wins.

The Hole-y Cup Relay

Still trying to move water from one place to the other! Get a few large plastic cups from the Dollar Store or your kitchen cabinet and have 5-10 pencil sized holes put in them. The kids will fill their “hole-y” cups with water from one bucket and then they will run to the other bucket to empty whatever water is left. The fullest bucket wins.

Water Balloon Toss with a Twist

180180_little_ones_3.jpgFill up a bucket full of water balloons. Instead of catching the water balloons with their hands, one child will toss the balloon and the other will catch the balloon with a plastic pasta strainer (Dollar Store again). This definitely added an element of the unknown to the game. If you could catch the balloons just right they wouldn’t break.

I am sure there are many more variations of the fun! A dollar store or even Target/Walmart are great places to pick up fun summer water activities.

With a few summer birthdays and a Fourth of July party to look forward to, I would love any additions to this list! Got any more ideas?

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