• Fri, Jun 15 2007

Prince Charles: The Green Prince

He is known as The Green Prince. Well, not because Prince Charles looks green (like Kermit the Frog maybe) but because he is one of those people who do try out and use alternative energy vehicles.

A couple of days back, the Prince was seen riding in a couple of the newest eco-friendly vehicles there are in the market right now. Reports also did say that he took a drive (and a ride) in four vehicles – a BMW Hydrogen 7 Series, a Ford Focus Cell, a Saab Bio-Power 9-3 convertible, and a Honda Civic Hybrid.

He also did have a Jaguar (painted navy blue) upgraded just last March. Now, the vehicle runs on biofuel. He also has in his garage other eco-friendly vehicles – two Jaguars and one Audi.

Well, that may be good news especially for people who are calling out to public people like the Prince to show to ordinary folks just how important it is that we do our share in keeping our environment (and air) clean.

[Via Ecorazzi]

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