• Tue, Jun 19 2007

Unusual Wedding Cake Topper


Want to leave your guests something to remember your wedding by? Why not this cake topper!

You can buy it for $300 HERE.

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  • http://ouroneheart. t.smith

    Not funny!

  • BobbiJo

    This is one sexy topper I love it. Beautiful and sexy that is what it should be called

  • r. secrest

    i like this one and had to laugh when i saw it, but i dont know if many of my wedding guests would feel the same way, especially since the reception is at the church fellowship hall.

  • JS

    $300 is a rediculous price, this same topper is all over for under $50.00

  • http://www.cakemiss.gobot.com Vivian

    I agree with JS I am a wedding cake designer and the price on this is outlandish. I can get 6 cake toppers for that price-crazy!

  • http://www.ouroneheart.com jk

    this is really out rageous i cannot believe this! i am a starter for cake designing and wanting to find a perftect cake topper but i dont think 300 dollars fit in my budget?

  • L

    Are you serious??? $300???? Is it made out of gold or hand sculpted from marble or precious stones???

    You can get the same one for $35 on the ‘net!! Who in their right mind would pay that money for a cake topper? I’d like to be the baker making the cake – can you imagine what the actual CAKE would cost if the topper is that much???

  • http://www.modernweddingadvice.com Minnie

    That would certainly stand out in everyone’s memories!

  • Shelley

    First off…I suppose for a select few this topper is funny. Though I think most would find it the epitome of tacky!

    Second, I have decorated wedding cakes professionally for 20 years, and I know $300 for this cake topper is robbery! That thing wholesales for about $15. and should retail between $25. & $30.

  • heather

    It’s now $350.00 crazy expensive…