In the Path of Hummingbirds

My Uncle Bryan sent me these amazing pictures in an email. This lady lives in a Hummingbird migration zone. When they flew through, she decided to try holding some sugar water in her hand and see what happened. I’ve never seen Hummingbirds get this close to people!



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    • Stuart

      Same, Rebbeca. In fact, I thought they were completely adverse to people. These are amazing photos and I’m surprised more people haven’t told you so yet.

      Cheers for sharing them.

    • gw

      Hummingbirds acclimate to people pretty quickly. My grandpa once had one come up to his ice cream cone when he was eating it on his back porch. It hovered and looked him right in the face, inches away. The more they’re around people, the more comfortable they become with them. I’ve had them come near when I’ve been putting the feeder back up.

      Still, these pictures are exceptional. What a thrill that would be!

    • gw

      Hey, Becca – I found out more about those photos. There’s a write-up at

      The woman’s site shows these pictures, plus others. She tells how she gained the birds’ trust, too. It doesn’t seem too hard. Wouldn’t that be fun to do this summer?

    • Rebecca

      Very very cool! I’m not sure I’d have the patience to do this! By the second morning I’d start saying “Come on already! Land on my hand!” I can’t imagine what tiny little fluttering humming birds would feel like on your hands! Thanks for sharing the link Kimberly!

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    • Patty

      This photo is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I love hummingbirds. I seen one once in my life and that was from a distance.
      I had no Idea they would actually get that close to you.
      Thank you so much for sharing this photo. It’s beautiful.

    • http://none dave diBona

      this is such a wonderful display of how
      if we are kind and treat all living things
      with respect and care they will talk to
      us and even listen. you must have felt
      some communacation with them. we do
      not need words to convey our ideas nor
      do they just feel your thoughts and they
      will undestand the feeling not the words
      but the feelings around them . take care


    • lily

      how did you get them to drink from your hand?

    • http://www.Clay/ Danielle Leigh Padgett

      Hey how in the world do you do that that is AWSOME!! We don’t have alot of Humming birds around here will other birds? If so, tell me!!! What kind of food do you need? What store is it located at? What kind of bird do you like the best out of all of them? Mine is a Humming bird, Red bird, and a Blue Jay!!!!!!!

    • Rae Nell

      My Grannie used to have a couple that would come and have “coffee” with her in the morning in her garden. That was in South Texas. I used to think that woman was a Saint because those little hummingbirds would fly near here like that. Needless to say the other coffee cup had colored sugar water in it. But those little birds would look forward to their morning “coffee” with my Grandmother.

    • teth reed

      i love hummingbird i saved one hummer life at my job he ran into the glass i made some cane water in a feeding bottle and he drink some and flew away but i don’t have a picture sorry.

    • Shell

      Hummingbirds remember you if you treat them well.

      I had one follow me around for a year!

      about 13 years ago, my grandpa used to set out these huge plastic hummingbird feeders in the shape of strawberries.

      Every spring, if the feeders weren’t up, they would hover by the back kitchen window.

      One year, I was looking out that same window when one hovered real close, looking at me.
      I immediately turned and told my grandpa who had walked into the kitchen that the hummingbirds were hungry and were looking for the feeder. He obliged them of course. it was so cool to watch them dance around my grandpa as he put it up for them.

      For a year afterwards (till I had to move away), that same hummingbird would often follow me around when I went to school or into town. It was nice to have the company.

    • linda

      Where are they? They were around during the rainy, wet and cold winter. Now that it’s sunny and springy…they’re not here!

    • Mary

      I hope I am lucky enough to get close to my hummingbirds this summer! I can’t wait until they arrive.


      Hi, my name is tandra i was writing because every day that i stand outside of my front door this humming bird flys right up to me. Now this has been going on for about a year, the same bird every day. I am starting to think its watching ovre me or somthing. I just wanted to get a little more info from someone that knows about this wonderfull bird.

    • saroj

      Oh God! that is so beautiful. I am so happy to see that. I am just speechless. Just so enrapturing.

    • Kim

      I’ve had them flying around me when I am putting up the feeder. However, having thm feed out of my hand would be fantastic!!

    • Strumming-bird

      This is photoshopped. Hummingbirds are extinct.

    • Eric

      Awesome pictures! I’ve always love hummingbirds, and always had feeders. When I was a younger, I would put my finger on the perch of the feeders so they would land on it while they fed. Granted, they were used to humans because the feeder was on the back porch, and where my family spent alot of time.

      My closest hummingbird moment came when we had our garage door open one day, and a hummingbird was trapped inside between the blinds and a window inside our garage. It grew very tired in the summer heat, I was able to cup it in my hands. I then opened my hands up outside the garage, but it was too tired to fly. So, while it was resting in my hand, I walked it to our hummingbird feeder, where it hopped off my hand, perched on the feeder, rested a couple of minutes while drinking, and then flew away. Such wonderful creatures! i love them.

    • Elizabeth Abbott

      This is a very special gift that you have. So locely and sweet. I like it. Liz

    • Dana

      I’ve had them come right up to me just for wearing brightly colored clothing when they are migrating through. They’re pretty hungry, I guess!

    • Elaine

      Great photos and story. The owner of a wild bird feed store once said about hummingbirds “If you could fly at 60 MPH backwards, you wouldn’t be afraid of much either!”

    • Pieter

      As nice as this seems, it is not good for the birds to become in any way reliant on supplementary food from humans. If the supply is suddenly withheld for any reason it can be disastrous for the birds. Creatures living in the natural world are invariably better off without human contact. We have done so much harm so let us not make it worse by means of misplaced kindness, especially for such an egotistical act of wanting to be close to them. Please leave them in peace.

    • Rachel

      Hummingbirds are awesome! At my grandparents house they have feeders with sugar water in them and if you sit there with your finger on the perches and hold really still, they get used to you and will sit on your finger while they eat. It is one of my most favorite memories!

      • By Saige

        Hummingbirds are awesome! At my grandparents house they have feeders with sugar water in them and if you sit there with your finger on the perches and hold really still, they get used to you and will sit on you finger while they eat. It is one of my most favortie memories!

      • By Saige

        Hummingbirds are awesome my grandpa has feeders for the hummingbirds

    • Dale B

      Wow, that’s amazing. How often can anyone get to experience the hummingbirds on their hands?

    • adam

      my my greatgranmas house there are thousands and it take about 5 min for at least 2 to land on you i had fallen a sleep on her back porch and had 3 on my face lol but good pics

    • cj


    • realmom

      hey! strumming-bird…do-do birds are extinct…not hummingbirds…I have seen hummingbirds in every state I have lived in…right now in Florida

    • jim

      that’s awesome! but yup i think i’d get tired of trying after a few minutes, not the most patient of people. luckily, she did it for me!

      And CJ is a tool.

    • alyson

      I was sitting in my garage and heard a buzzing noise thinking it was a bee. I looked at the window to discover a hummingbird had come into the garage and was flying in front of the window trying to get out. I eventually caught him, and held him for a few moments, long enough to take a picture and let him go.

    • Patty

      I can’t begin to gell you how thrilled I was to discover these pictures of the hummingbirds feeding out of hand. Wow!! And the reason I say that is because I’ve been having the best time with my three little hummingbirds here in Kansas!! And one of them imparticular are soo curious about me. A couple of days ago and it zipped past me, it came back and looked at me straight on and moved in a little closer to me, and again, closer. It was about a foot away and then it left. This today…again it stopped to look at me and came closer, and closer, until it was about eight inches from my face. Absolutely amazing…I actually shed tears of joy for this amazing creature. So I thought I would see what I could find about feeding them from your hand. I thought I had glimpsed over an article about that very thing and so my first search today brought me to these amazing pictures. I’m going to try it. My mom told me stories of their hummingbirds on the farm…when my dad would sit on the front porch reading his paper, one little bird would hover back and forth over the top of his paper to see what he was doing.

      P.S. hummingbirds are not extinct!!!


    • KAREN AKA hummingbird

      I love these pictures and adore hummingbirds for a very special reason.
      would like to invite anyone who would care to read my true hummingbird story and why I now believe that the heart does go on
      please feel free to read my blog

      just because you can’t see something does that mean it isn’t there?
      R.I.P Danny

    • Jessica

      I looove hummingbirds, have always thought they were extraordinary birds. For the past week, I noticed a hummingbird in my backyard, flying around my tree. Today I went outside to water my tree and noticed a small nest! I looked inside and saw two tiny eggs the size of jellybeans, or even smaller. So I decided not to disturb this precious hummingbird and the nest, I’ve been taking pics from my kitchen window! :o)

      • Angela

        I would love for you to share your photos of the hummingbird nest. Sounds precious.

    • bluefly43

      We have humming birds nesting in trees on each side of our backyard, we have to put out two feeders to keep them from fighting over one feeder. Often, when my brother-in-law comes by to help me with some project in the backyard, these birds take turns “checking him out” by taking turns to literally get “nose-to-nose” with him. This has been going on for about four years now and he is the only person that they do this with. They have also gotten quite tame by coming onto our covered veranda with us and tending flowers right next to us and using the feeders hanging immediately behind peoples heads.
      Also, we have a pair of Bluejays that we feed by hand witha a “critter” mix. They unabashedly come up on the steps and let us know when they are hungry. Strangely, I have never had any problems with them bothering the regular feeders. We have bird houses under the eaves all around the veranda. There is a pair of Red breasted Nuthatches that are on thier fifth year with us, coming around to the backside of thier house to check us out throughout the day, even sitting still while we talk to them and walk right up to them.

    • Vicki

      These photos are awesome. I’m always on the lookout for hummningbirds. I have six year old twin daughter who are vibrant, full of energy and breathtakingly beautiful. I have wanted, for several years to have a tatto put on myself that would express my love and appreciation for them. (for 20 years I was told I couldn’t have children). Just last week I had twin hummingbirds hovering over two flowers put on my lower back. (More tatto work to come.) To me it represents many things, but the hummingbirds are the perfect representation of vibrant beautiful energy. Just like my girls.

    • EllenJ

      We have hummingbirds come every spring to fall here in Colorado. In August, the orange Rufus hummingbird always shows up and he does not allow the others to drink. He sits on a tree in front of our house and polices the other hummers and attacks if they get near the feeders. He is kind of a short, fat orange hummingbird. We call him “The Great Orange Greenie”, as we call the birds “greenies”.

    • Erin

      To the person who said not to feed or interfere with them…I understand the sentiment, but we are damaging all animals habitats so thoroughly, messing with their food supplies and ecosystems…I think to NOT help them in addition to all the damage, would be irresponsible. But, I’m willing to be wrong…

    • Garry O’Leary

      Wow these are Fabulous photos. I have some beabalm in my garden, and the hummingbirds seem to enjoy the red blooms. I have never seen so many together at on time like in the photographs, they are truely fantastic.

    • pat collins

      i live in south georgia when do you take the feeders down?

    • Nellie May Winds

      It’s pure heaven, to be in the company of hummingbirds. The picture is soooo utterly peaceful.

    • Christine

      though this is beautiful. I really hope that the water was sterilized properly. They recently found out that people who are putting hummingbird feeders up don’t know how to take care of the water properly and it actually is killing off the hummingbirds.

    • cadence

      i wish i was her how did she no how to do that

    • Mary

      Nectar recipe , just a simple solution of plain clean water with sugar….1 part sugar to 4 parts water. NO ADDITIVES of any kind.

      Nectar MUST be changed twice a week in cooler seasons, and 4 times per week during the hot summer season. Feeders MUST be washed in hot soapy water, rinsed properly, and then sterilized, and then rinsed completely again. Make only enough at a time to be about 2 inches full on the feeder.

      In order to protect the Humming Birds , feeders must be hung from Feeder Ant-moats, which prevent ants from entering the feeder and drowning inside the feeder, which would contaminate the Nectar and likely kill the Humming Birds.

      In order to protect the birds ( & the humans), contact between humans and Humming Birds must be limited to simply watching from a distance.

      Good luck with your precious visitors….the very precious Humming Birds.

      Enjoy them….from a distance.