Harry Potter Casting Call

Do you have a teen with stars in their eyes and Harry Potter in their heart? If the answer is yes, your teen is a British resident, and you can be in London on Sunday, July 1 or 8, the producers of the sixth Harry Potter film (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince)are holding two open casting calls. Auditions will be held at Earls Court Exhibition Center in London.

On July 1, producers will be holding auditions for the part of Lavender Brown – Ron Weasley’s first girlfriend. Drama Queen qualities might prove helpful!

On July 8, the search begins for a teenage boy to play Tom Riddle, who grows up to be the evil dark wizard Lord Voldemort.

All applicants must be between the ages of 15 and 18, and must have identification and proof of British residency.

Last year’s call for auditions attracted over 15,000 young ladies all trying for the roles of Luna Lovegrove and Cho Chang in this summer’s new movie Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Read more on the VH1 site. Oh, and if you happen to be lucky enough to participate in one of these auditions, let us know! We’d love the scoop.

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    • April

      I think that they should allow American girls to try for the role. Thereare probably thousands of girls dying to be in the movie. So i really think they should have open cating calls in the U.S

    • c

      i think it should extend to australia.
      I am saying this partley based on the fact that i have grown up with harry potter(started reading in grade 1) and have always loved to be in movies because i love acting.But i also know heaps of people that are really good at acting not only in my school but in other areas to!and i think ot would be a great oppertunity for many australians grils because we don’t have that oppertuntiy come by us ever because we don’t live in say Hollywood where there is a casting section in the newspaper! So if you could please consider sending the search to australia in every state’s major city because lots of people(myself included) would be really grateful. thankyou for listening.

    • Annabelle Groom

      I am absolutely distrought i missed the orditions and if there are any other casting i would be ever so greatful if you were to let me know thank you.

    • http://?? izzy

      uhh harry potter is awsome i have all the books nd im not a harry potter freak like most people i sound like!! im gorgieous nd glamorous im a prep!!

    • Kymberley

      Who would’nt want to play a role in Harry Potter?

      I’d love too! What an experience it would be! Unfortunatly, I am an Australian resident and are not able to, even though I have British citizenship. Plus Im now 20 and am feeling old.

      They should let Australians audition, considering Australians are suppose to be prisoners of her majesty! HAHA we should play the part of death eaters or something…

    • http://www.wearyparent.com/harry-potter-casting-call/I matthew De Filippis

      I beleive that everyone should et a chance to audition no matter where your from!

    • Lisa Conklin

      I say hold auditions for the last Harry Potter movie in America. Image the outcome -these films are my favorite. I’d be honored. And I act. I know my stuff. :)

    • Emily Ross

      I am with the outhers I think you should hold some ouditions for Lavender Brown in the U.S. I know I missed the auditions but if there is any more please notifiy me via e-mail!

    • Victoria Christensen

      I do agree that they should extend the auditions to different places , as long as they can pull of the accent properly and the look. But ofcorse still holding the auditions in London. Then Id give it go.

    • Allison

      There are some people in the US who can act, and can pull off anything you ask for. accents, looks, ect. The US has more to offer than you think we do. give us a chance. Doesn’t matter where, if it’s true in our hearts, we will fly anywhere in the US. I mean give the people who have to look up to their parents( 14 yrs. of age, ex.) a chance.

    • Chris

      I think they should shop around everywhere for the parts, I know I would love to be a part of the films. Some people can pull off the accent they want for the true UK feel. Also if you go there pre filming most people will be able to pick up the accent.

    • caity

      I say come to Australia. This sucks how we never get a chance to be in something real. That our only choices is low budgeted films with crappy acting . Haha. Give us a chance and i think we would do great. personally i have nooo experience or whatever but id at least like to be given the chance to audition for something fantastic.

    • evette

      i think they should let anyone auditions for the harry potter movie…i mean its one of the biggest movies ever…:):):)

    • Katie

      I think America has a lot of things and always feels it HAS to be in on everything… and I think its great that they’ve kept harry potter purely British, simply because it was written here and makes sense that the characters are British. But if they wrote an american character in or australian then it would make sense for people from there to audition.
      I’d love a part in it, but so many people would so unless you’re very fortunate and have the look they are searching for its tricky!

    • http://www.wearyparent.com char

      Thank you all for this great conversation. You all make great points and either way, I think the next movie will be another hit.

      So, who has seen Order of the Phoenix and what did you think?

    • Mariam

      Hey My name is mariam. I have read that you have opening carstings in london for the next Harry potter film. I know they are over now but I really wanth to know if there is going to be a new call for carsting for the last Harry Potter movie. ?

    • kara

      i agree with the others
      yall should let Americans be in the movie too
      i kno tht in the book everyone is from europe and have those accents but some of us can do it pretty good. so just give us a chance :)

    • http://comcast.net Katie B

      Why not hold auditions in the United States. A lot of americans can do the british accents extremely well and who knows they might find the perfect person to play the character they’re casting for. They’re making a big mistake.

    • mrs potter

      I know everyone keeps saying that they should let Americans be in the films but what about the Irish? I’m from Ireland and I really wanted to try for the part of Lavender Brown but because I’m not British I couldn’t! I think that it’s relly unfair especially as Ireland and Britain are so close and the people so alike. Just because a person isn’t from the right country it shouldn’t matter, we’re actors and if we can’t pull off an foreign accent then we shouldn’t be in the movie at all.

    • laura

      I also think americans should get to audition its kind of pregidous but oh well what are you gonna do? Sure i would love to be in the harry potter film/s but so do tons of others that have more experience than me some dreams aren’t worth trying just GIVE up and move on!!!

    • Zack

      I agree with the majority of the people they should allow americans to play parts i dont see why not? it just doesnt make sense to me.maybe its just me but i cant see the logic behind it.

    • ggdfgs

      america doesn’t have to be involved in everything give british people a chance. There are so many oppurtunnities in america because soo many films that are shown are produced in america….so give the british a chance. Its not fair.

    • nicollie :)

      I think that they should open the auditions for Americans!
      Its just not fair…
      just because we don’t have authentic English accents, doesn’t mean we can’t act, or don’t enjoy the story and plight of Harry Potter!
      This series has become a pop culture phenomena!
      Its only natural that people will want to be a part of that…They shouldn’t deny us that privelage based solely on our birth place or our residential location.

      And to “ggdfgs”:
      -I undertsand where you’re coming from, but when you have something of this magnetude, thats taking over the pop culture world…its just not fair to only the british a chance…and besides…how would you feel if Harry Potter was American and Hogwarts was buried in the catskills of New York?…wouldn’t you feel just the same as we do?

    • brandon

      I think that like the few other guys here, and all the girls on here, that everyone should be able to audition, I kinda think thats kinda like descrimination, you cant get a job as an actor because youre not from a certain place, every1 else follow? and as the last person wrote, if its true, and Americans dont let the British act, then that should be changed to, because how I look at it, its descrimination, and it shouldnt be like that.

    • brandon ragoodial

      I think its like descrimination, and like most of the people on this list, its not fair that only British can act in Harry Potter, and if what the person above me said is true, thn its not fair to the British most of the time, and it shouldnt be like that, and I want it to change, and I hope it changes.

    • maryan

      i think that what you r doing is unfare!,i am a mexican girl,and i will LOVE to be in that movie!,you must let all the boys and girls from all the world to partricipate in the casting!,and even little ones!,they could be new studants in howarts!,or whatever,but is a rubish what you are doing!,i mean cho,is from china no?,well,she looks like one!,and if she can,why not other girls!,please considare it !,2 many girls are in agree with me,i now it!

    • http://n/a Luella

      I say there should be u.s tryouts, or anywere in fact. Its not fare honestly, and there are tons of people around the world who would love to be on the harry potter movies, i mean, come on if there are good actresses then they should be able to pull of an english accent, i know i could at least. look at all the people in america that have to pull off an accent for a certain role in a movie if they can do it then why cant anyone around the world do it.

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    • Sydney

      I think american girls and boys should be able to audition whether their british or not. Especially if they can have a good british accent!!!!! Cause I’m a potter fanatic. And I dream of being the movies. But time is running out, only two more movies! :(
      The last Harry book was released today. But they’re probably all sold out!

    • Sydney

      plus british can act in american movies. They’re in there all the time. I have nothing against british people at all, I just think they should give us a chance, everyone a chance. Cho is a british girl but of chinese family.

    • maria

      i think they should let american girls and boys audition for Harry potter. its not fare that you have to be british to audition! theres a bunch of us here in the U.S. that dream of being in harry potter. I think you guys should open auditions in the US, too. I would love to be in hrry potter film. well i dont have the best british accent, but i think you should let american girls audition for the parts too.

    • http://www.myspace.com/n_i_c_k_e_l_o_d_e_o_n nicollie :)

      I’m so glad to see I’m not the only person who thinks the same way.

      I think we should take this outside of this forum. We should write letters to the company that produces the Harry Potter movie series (Warner Bros. I believe?).

      We have a right to be heard, and to express our minds.
      Harry Potter is as much of a cultural phenomena in America for me as it is for Maryan in Mexico, Jane in Austrailia, and Lilly from England.
      So why is Lilly the only one who has the chance to audition?

      You don’t necessarily have to write to Warner Bros.
      you can just sit here…in front of your computer…and daydream about what it’d be like to be in a Harry Potter movie…

      but thats not going to be me.
      I’m going to take a stand :)

      Its just not fair that Lilly gets to have all of the fun !

      p.s..lilly and jane are not real people :)

    • sabbel

      ich finde es doof, das ich nicht zum casting kommen darf,weil ich keine briten bin!!!
      es würden viele aus deutschland zum casting kommen!!!!

    • sabbel

      Ich finde es nicht so gut , das ich nicht zum casting kommen darf,weil ich keine briten bin!!!
      Es würden viele aus deutschland zum casting kommen!!!!

    • Sydney

      I’ve been trying to look for places to find ****
      harry potter casting places but everywhere **seems to take place weeks ago:( I will try *to send letters to Warner Bros. to tell them to please let americans try out. Oh and have ya’ll tried out mugglenet.com? It has lots of stuff about harry potter. It even has some of the casts adress’s. p.s order of the Pheonix was awesome!!***********************

    • Abz

      u americans are being pretty selfish! this is like the ONLY successful movie that has only british actors and americans are complaining! britains are just as good!

    • Sydney

      Pardon me, but us americans never said we were better. Why can’t we dream? That’s not illegal is it? We just want to be in Harry Potter that’s all. We let british into american movies. I’m glad we do because the accent makes it more dramatic (in a good way).Luna Lovegood in Order of the Pheonix didn’t sound british to me. Even if they don’t want Americans in the film atleast they’re good movies!!!!***************************

    • Melisa Cassagnes

      <p>I think that you must acept people from other countries because all the people loves Harry Potter`s movies and the books too. I have dreamed that i was in one movie… And i like to act,the books and the movies…Because i belive in magic and in that one day i will be in one of the movies..<br />
      J.K.Rowling i wish you the best…<br />
      Melisa ,Argentina</p>

    • Melisa Cassagnes

      <p>i really think they should have open cating calls in Argentina too. Please!!!! There are so many girls on All Argentina who want to be in Harry Potter`s Movies!!!!<br />

    • http://www.myspace.com/n_i_c_k_e_l_o_d_e_o_n nicollie :)

      We are NOT being selfish!

      We want the opprotunity to take part in something we love and enjoy. That is about as far from selfish as you can get.

      Despite what our history books teach us, I don’t believe Americans are better than the British. Nor do I believe the British are better than Americans.
      We are all equal.
      And therefore should all have equal chance and opprotunity.

      nicole : )

    • Sydney

      Has anyone seen http://www.mugglenet.com it is a site filled with Harry Potter stuff. There’s nothing bad on it. Just Harry Potter stuff. It has the most of the main character’s adress
      so you can send letter’s to them. It has a dictionary for creature’s and spells in Harry Potter. You get the point. If I get the chance to be in a Potter movie I will try out whether I’m british or not. (if i get the chance). And for the british people that wrote the comments above we are not selfish for wanting to be in the films. YOU are being selfish, how would you feel if we had a huge hit movie and we said american’s only! And I’m not saying that there’s not a movie out there that says usa people only. Ya’ll have amazing accent’s I go around my house talking in british all day!****************

    • http://www.myspace.com/n_i_c_k_e_l_o_d_e_o_n nicollie :)

      Oh yeah…just to add on…

      Star Wars..

      you know that big multi-million dollar movie chain…had international casting…so EVERYBODY could have a chance to take part in the fun.

      oh…mugglenet.com is cool (:

    • mrs rupert grint

      well i hear what everyone here is saying, but seriuosly i think that they should let irish people audition!! we are living right next door, and there are irish charcaters in harry potter so it would make sense if we could also audition!! plus they dont even tell much people about the castings!! why couldnt there be any castings that list the specific requirements as for lavender brown i was about to fly over to england when i heard the requirements!! its ridiculous they should hold the audtions in more places!! and countries, but i am not being prejudiced or anything but i dont think americans would suit the characters even if they think they can pull of passable accents! they are just different in all the way they act, so it wouldnt be beleivable!
      i will check out mugglenet thanks!!

    • mrs rupert grint

      i hear what you people are saying but what about irish people!! im from ireland and even though we live right next door we cant audition!!! its ridiculous and unfair i mean there are irish characters in harry potter so why do you have to be a british resident!!?
      but seriuosly americans in the movie? even if you can pull the accent off as even passable they are just different in the way that they act, they are all loud and dramamtci and you people all sound very sure of yourselves so why dont you get invovlved in american movies and give everyone else a chance!!!!!! like its a movie! other people want to get involved in it, but liek i said i do think they shoudl give everyone a chance, but especially britisha nd irish of every age group!!

      i will check out mugglenet thanks!!

    • Sydney

      I would bet that I could act as well as any british person that auditioned. Yes they have different characteristics than us but it called acting!!! I pretend I’m in the movie sometimes! I agree with you about there should be try outs for every age group, but we feel ALMOST the same way as you feel. Your irish and you feel left out and you think it’s unfair. Well americans feel left out and we feel it’s unfair.The one thing that’s different between us is, we feel like they should give everyone a chance. not just americans, everyone. Now I don’t know where this selfishness comes from. Sounds to me like you are prejecting your feelings out on other people. I think that deep down you feel selfish and you have to tell everyone else that they’re selfish. :)

    • http://www.wearyparent.com char

      I am really happy with the great conversation going on and it looks like there are some really passionate Harry Potter fans. Just reminding everyone to keep the comments constructive – I have the ability to edit and/or delete comments that are not appropriate (along with web site links) and I will edit if needed.

      Meanwhile, keep the discussion going and don’t forget to vote in my poll.

    • Brit the Brit

      It is my understanding that not all American-made movies hold casting overseas either, how is this any different? If casting was international, the producers would be dealing with large crowds of people. I realize that there may be people in other countries who can act just as well as, if not better than, a lot of the Brits who get these roles, but these are decisions made by the executives that everyone will just have to deal with! Everyone can forge a British accent, but only a small percentage sound authentic. You may think yours is, but you could never know until you hear a true Brit speak. Besides, these British-resident casting calls have produced amazing movies full of brilliant actors…why change a good thing? Oh, and expanding the casting overseas requires more money spent, and takes away from what could be used to make the film even better. So good luck to those of you trying to change Warner Bros. minds, and try to understand why it is the way it is.

    • Eloise Deleener

      I agree with WB that they only give auditions in London, but not with the fact that only britisch younsters can try to pass the audition. I live in Knokke at the Belgiancoast and I don’t have a Britisch nationality, but I’m willing to go to London for the auditions and if my parents agree, why can’t I join those auditions??? I think it’s a shame, because there are so many people out there who can’t go to these auditions (not only me and all you guys) and there actingtalent is spoiled!
      Maybe we can try to bring WB on a new idea and by the seventh movie they will let us join the auditions to!
      What about that?
      Have fun with the seventh book by the way!
      I’m still waiting for the duth translation!

    • Katelyn

      ya umm i think u shud bring the casting call to america and let younger girls try too cause like ill be older by the time u film and i like need to be in this movie, ya anyways aat least extend the deadlines

    • Briana

      i think they should let anyone audition…how are they going to get the best person for the part if they limit themselves to just british residents? i can do the accent really good …people tell me i sound almost just like Hermione granger!

    • Sydney

      Maybe if we send hundreds of letters to warner bros. inc. about the whole american,australian etc. auditioning for HP. Maybe they’ll consider it. I’ll go right now and try to send atleast 20 to them.*********** *************************************

    • Karen

      i totally agree with EVERYTHING that Nicollie is saying! We can have a say in who is in the harry potter movies…and we will!!! i live in the us and all my life I’ve wanted to be an actress and…i am completely obsessive over harry potter. i would give ANYTHING to be in one of the movies. I think they should hold the casting calls in england and anyone who really wants to be in the movies will get there. They should let everyone who is committed to HP try out!

    • Sydney

      Like I said before we should send letters warner bros. I didn’t last night for some reason but I’m going to right now. : )***** **********************************

    • Melisa Cassagnes


      Dear J.K.Rowling:
      I love all your books and Harry Potter`s movies … so i would like to tell you that my dream is to be in one of Harry Potter`s movies , because i think they are really really magical and I always belived in magic and I`m still beliving on it… The problem is that i live in Argentina … I would like to go to live there but i don`t have a lot of money, we are not poor people but it don`t enough to go to live there.
      I hope Harry`s adventures sotories never end…

      I wish you tbe best and I hope you can write more Adventures Stories like Harry`s …

      **comment has been edited – please do not include your last name and age**

    • Sydney

      I think that is great that you believe in magic. I believe in magic too. My friends don’t but I do. I sent like nine or ten letters to WB. (as numerous people)and will continue to everyday. And if more people do everyday then hundreds aday will be sent.*************************************

    • Aija

      i know that the audition is over, but you know i dont have to be always right to say something good and to wish for something but i do.. i mean i can always wish for something even there is people who dont allow that… i live in Latvia and i am learing here to become an actress and this summer i will take a role in a amateur movie but my dream is to get part in Harry potter!! I wont beg you to take me or let me participate in casting but it would be awesome if movie would have characters wich is different, like from other countrys with different culture.. :) as i said i wont beg you but you are really missing out really good and talented young actor from other countrys, its all in your hands so why dont you make the right choice?? :/ ohh well then wish you luck finding actor in UK if you dont whant to accept others!! ;)

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    • http://- Maddy :)

      i would absoulutley love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to try out for the Harry Potter film !! all those australians out there who want to try out leave a comment !! we should start a petition !! sure j.k rowling wants to keep all the characters british but it would be great to have an australian in there because you never know an aussie can be better then a british person!
      no offence!!
      AUSTRALIA :)

    • http://- Maddy :)

      i just read sydney’s comment’s
      i fully agree !!!!!!!!!
      lets do this for AUSTRALIA !!
      and anyone else who would like to !!
      id really like to see a whole load of different people from different cultures!!
      OH imagine if they added a new bit to the story where a school comes to stay at hogwarts and its like a cultured school with australians, americans, kiwi’s etc ! :O that would be heapsss koooool

    • Sydney

      That’d be great to start a petition. (For everybody) I was seriously thinking about that the other day. In Goblet OF Fire they did have schols from other countries to compete, but I do’t think that’s quite what you meant: )Although the we can’t try out this year for Harry Potter we have next year to try out. Plus we have one year to change the potter casting crew’s mind. And we’ll be one year older. ; )**************************

    • http://www.myspace.com/n_i_c_k_e_l_o_d_e_o_n nicollie :)

      Do you smell that?

      I DO !
      It smells a lot like TEEN SPIRIT ! ! !

      I think its great that a whole bunch of kids from all different parts of the world can unite together and discuss ways to express the way they feel about an issue. This just goes to show that this isn’t just some teenage rampage…this is actually something that we care about, something that needs to be addressed.

      I applaud Sydney for writing in and taking a step toward what NEEDS to be done.

      We should really start a petition…or ask the webmaster to forward these posts to Warner Bros. and the Casting Directors of Harry Potter!


      oh and this isn’t just a fight to get casting open to Americans…its a fight to get it open to multiple countries, not just America…after all…if only the British were allowed to buy Harry Potter books, movies, and paraphernalia…there wouldn’t be much of a Harry Potter…

    • Sydney

      Thanks! Nicollie has very good things to say. Hopefully an adult will take part, as Nicolie said maybe the webmaster will take part if not than we have to something!

    • amarinder

      firstly u ppl want people from britain to audition for ur movies just to make it more book like right???
      but what happened when u were looking for 2 indians and u auditioned for those 2 roles in britain …… then why didnt u come to india to get the correct people……..there were thousands of girls dreaming for those roles ……..but no y would you…….there r still MANY teenagers in INDIA who can speak in many accents ,EVEN BRITISH , the only difference is that u will not take a step ahead to come in here and do an audition……….

    • lala

      I think every one has by-passed the point of these films, JK Rowling has a very clear idea of how each character acts, talks and their role in the story, she knows where each one comes from and their back ground. The storys have been butchered enough to make them into films, why should she sacrafice her ideals any more.

    • Kayla:)

      I’m not a freak about Harry Potter but i am a big fan, and it’s sad that they don’t hold auditions in the US for American girls to try out. For the last HP they should hold auditions in America. I hope that there’s hope for the last HP.:)

      P.S. i still luv HP

    • Sydney

      Of course there is still hope!If you really,really want something, than you’ll do whatever it takes to reach that goal or dream. I know what Lala is trying to say here, and I agree..almost. Yes J.K Rowling has an idea. But what if that perfect person is in America and that certain someone has a perfect accent. I’m not saying that all Americans are great actors or have great British accents but maybe an american does, than they will never find out because they stayed in Britain and didn’t take a stp forward to America,etc.

    • http://www.wearyparent.com/harry-potter-casting-call/ hollie norman

      i deffinitly agree with the whole letting americans try-out. i have wanted a role for harry potter for so long, and i have a very good british accents. see, i have to read the books in a british accent for an odd reason. haha. i know that sounds weird, but its true. maybe they shall reconsider for the 7th movie. if they do, e-mail me! (: i will fly over there immediatly, and fight for any role i can get!

    • Kait

      I think anyone who wants to be in a Harry Potter movie should be given the chance. I mean, they might find the perfect person for the part in another country. And, let’s face it, it’s not that hard to do a British accent if needed. There are really talented actors and actresses out there who aren’t given a chance because of the place they live. I find that a little bit of prejudice.
      I believe I am a great actor and would be happy doing any part in the Harry Potter movies for free. I love them so much, that the fact I was in a Harry Potter movie would be enough payment for me.
      I say all these comments are sent to Warner Bros. as a petition to hold casting calls in other Enlgish-speaking countries., or at least if people want to travel to London, to let them be from other countries and not need proof of British residency.

    • http://- Maddy :)

      if the wont let us audition for harry potter lets start an australia harry potter from the begining !!

    • http://- Maddy :)

      keekeeekee im so wierd

    • Salvador

      What if I’m not British, Australian, or American? Who says it has to extend only to english-speaking countries? It should be open to anyone who can speak english without some major foreign accent and is able to feign a british one. I’ve grown up with Harry Potter as well and I can’t try out for it just because I’m mexican. They only close themselves to the endless possibilities by allowing other people to try out.

    • http://www.myspace.com/n_i_c_k_e_l_o_d_e_o_n nicollie :)

      I think Warner Bros. needs to realize that the majority of their profits from Harry Potter come from countries outside of Great Britain.

      As for the decision made by J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros., and other Harry Potter Execs…I think its a bunch of hogwash…And our discussions prove it.
      If they’re main reason for restricting casting from actors in countries outside of Great Britain is “keep” the “nature” and “core” of the characters…then they obviously haven’t talked to many teenagers…Our discussion proves that teens from ALL OVER THE WORLD can work TOGETHER to “keep” on pushing for what we want to find our explorative “nature” that lies at the “core” of EVERYBODY.

      nicollie (:

    • http://www.wearyparent.com/harry-potter-casting-call/ Biddy

      That’s right it’s not fair that they restrict it to just Brits. Everyone who reckons they can act the part should be able to audition.

      It would especially be awesome if Australians got a chance to audition because nothing exciting ever happens here!!! And heaps of our families came to Oz from UK anyway….so it’s in our blood!!!

    • Sydney

      Does anyone have any good ideas for a petition?(or how to start one?)please tell****************************** **

    • Mary

      It is facinating this hangup everyone has with their nationalities and the accents of their birth. The mark of a true actor or actress is the ability to make the audience believe that they are someone or something else. Heath Ledger played an American cowboy. He was believable. Meryl Streep successfully played a Polish woman. Vivian Leigh ( A Brit) played a southern woman. She was brilliant! It’s not about where you are from it’s about the talent and magic a person has in their heart!

    • Kait

      We all should do our best to send the link to this page to Warner Bros. and those individuals involved in making Harry Potter such as director producers and even actors. Good actors can play any part, and who knows? The perfect actor/actress may be in some place other than Britain, believe it or not.

    • http://www.myspace.com/n_i_c_k_e_l_o_d_e_o_n nicollie :)

      Mary made a very good point. The true mark of an actor lies in his/her execution of dialog and ability to connect with a character and bring them to life…not your place of residency.

      Sydney…try “Google”ing petition making. I think they have sites that set them up for you…make sure to keep us updated…I want to sign ! ! !

      Kait…we should all try it…we’re louder in numbers !

      (: nicollie

    • Not a british citizen

      The story line of the books take place in Britain! thereby excluding any possibilites of young and hopeful americans becoming an actor, in any of the movies! Keep your Hollywood, plenty of chances there to act in a movie! Everytime us europeans come up with something great, you americans just try to take over it! or come with pathetic reasons for this and that!!! The movie will only stay authentic, as long as the actors are really british!!! and no! you americans are horrible at emitating british accent!

    • the dane

      We have a right to be heard, and to express our minds.
      Harry Potter is as much of a cultural phenomena in America for me as it is for Maryan in Mexico, Jane in Austrailia, and Lilly from England.
      So why is Lilly the only one who has the chance to audition?

    • the swedish dude

      When do you people out there realize it! It is not about how many people how there with the right acting skills or better than the british actors! Let the movie stay british! It does actually take place in Britain! It would seem wrong if half the cast sounded american or faked a british accent! how terrible wouldnt it be! It would be like, having a James Bond with an American or Canadian Accent,…..just plainly wrong!!

    • Nicole

      I completely agree! Open auditions should be OPEN! That is to all major countries. I say we all find out in advance the available harry potter parts for Deathly Hallows, and all become (stupid taxes) British citizens.

    • vsven

      Well, someone told me, if the mountain doesn’t come 2 u, u have to come to the mountain…

      I’m an actor from Belgium, English is my second tongue (writing some mistakes…), live next to England and still, we know nothing about an audition! So, I’ve 2 go 2 the mountain… (lucky it’s a half an our driving to London)

      cheers 2 u all!

    • vsven

      I agree with “the swedish dude”, 4 example: Why can’t we audition 4 an american movie?? You all complain about not to be heard, that u have no chance to be a part of it… But hey, I will never act in an American or Autralian movie unless I “move” over there. Why should a producer come 2 u, when he can find fine actors in his own country? I know, it’s not nice, but that’s life my dear…

      best wishes!
      moi (alias sven

    • vsven

      Please keep me posted, I’ll do the same (vsven@telenet.be)

    • http://www.myspace.com/n_i_c_k_e_l_o_d_e_o_n nicollie :)

      Its not about “taking” anything away from the British. And saying that “us Americans” are always taking from the British is just down right preposterous! What have we ever taken from the British? and F.Y.I. we FIGHT for what we want. Fairly and democraticly.
      And this isn’t just for Americans.This is for the countries outside of England.

      The British fake American accents all the time in movies and television shows.

      And why would we absolutley have to fake a british accent? Hogwarts is supposed to be a world renowned school of withcraft and wizardry…are there no wizards in America, or Mexico, or Australia?
      Why wouldn’t there be people coming from other places of the world…they wouldn’t even have to draw on it that much. Ecspecially if they became extras or minor speaking parts.
      But if they did get a large part in which the character had a detailed background there are such things as voice coahes and therapists. Actors go to them all the time and they stay on lots of movie sets…Both of the lead actors in Dirty Dancing:Havana Nights had them…Romola Garai who played Katey was British…cough cough…but had to play an American..cough cough…and had a voice coach help her hide her accent.

      “the dane” used my quote (:

      nicollie (:

    • Nicole

      replying to vsven, If British want to audition for american movies too, most of us (speaking as a majority) wouldn’t have a problem with it.

    • Oliver Stormcrow

      Basically I agree they should open up auditions to outside Britain as they have done in the past, Harry Potter has touched the world after all and its touched the hearts of many people well outside the UK. By the way Americans dont get involved in everything Britain does and this is about kids from all over the world. Yea…well thats really all I’ve to say

    • vsven

      Hey Nicole, I wasn’t speaking about you actors, but about the producers. They have a budget, and why should they spend money on outbroad castings… For me, shure, I would love to see you all on every casting around the globe! Shure americans may act in british movies and visas versa. Why not! We’re all one big family ;) BUT, it’s a fact that Warner Bros will not spend any money to seek 4 us… but I agree when u say that the audition MUST be open 4 everybody in the world, with the condition that u come to London! That would be a fair audition!!! They who live in London are lucky…

      You know, a fair deal would be to announce the audition on the “Harry Potter” website, that way everybody who wants to come knows! The rest is up 2 them (pay 4 flight, travelling, hotel,…) But a big fan wouldn’t mind the costs ;)

      love u all, hope see u on a audition some time… :d

    • vsven

      Heey Eloise Deleener nice 2 see someone from belgium here!! greeting knokke ;)

    • http://www.myspace.com/n_i_c_k_e_l_o_d_e_o_n nicollie :)

      Isn’t Warner Bros. based in L.A. ?
      which is in California.
      which is in America.
      Not England.

      It wouldn’t be that hard for them to open Auditions in the U.S. and Mexico.

      and since they probably make billions of dollars a year with all of their movie revenue…it wouldn’t be that much of a hardship to open auditions to other countries around the world.

    • vsven

      Dear Nicollie :) WB is based ALL over the world, otherwise it would be not wise… ;)

    • Nicole

      vsven, thank you for the post in reply to mine. Very true! Also, as you said, since Warner Bros. IS placed around the world, opening auditions in one location to one movie for ALL would be fine. Could possibly eliminate some of the people! But anyway, my other point is that the producers and admin. of the Harry Potter series want to keep the kids in the movies native Brits, why? If you are american and have enough want to be in the UK for 3 months at a time to film, then i think a British accent isn’t an issue, am I right?

    • Eloise Deleener

      hi vsven! I’m from Knokke 2! Alles goed??? Viane Sven toch ni? of wel? Let me know who you are!

    • vsven

      Nop, Eloise, i’m from Ghent, Belgium. Let’s stick together to apply for an audition ;) Je kan me mailen als je wil, mailadres staat hier wat naar boven (sorry for speaking dutch folks, but hey… :))

    • http://www.myspace.com/n_i_c_k_e_l_o_d_e_o_n nicollie :)

      The Warner Bros. main lots are in L.A…Warner Bros. started in L.A…therefore their home base is in L.A…not their only base, their home base….

    • Maya

      Ich Liebe Deutch
      Jst Sayin That to Those German Ppl
      I think that this film should stay for britain. america has so many good films and this is lyk the only film that we (england) hav to ourselves and makes us unique

    • Emily Price

      I think it would be really awesome if the casting for Harry Potter extended to the U.S, but I know that probably won’t happen, and I’m not going to get all upset , because I think it adds to the whole movie when a true brit is acting in a britian based film!But if you every need an american girl, call me up!=]

    • Maya

      I think it’s absolutely rubbish that only British people can take part in the auditions!!! it’s so not fair! I’d die for a role in one of these movies, but since I’m Finnish i cant! Please change this stupid rule before the casting call for the last movie! I think u should say that only those who have a British accent can audition… thanks!

    • Rich

      i kno the shouldnt limit it to the uk

    • http://www.myspace.com/n_i_c_k_e_l_o_d_e_o_n nicollie :)

      I don’t get this whole thing about the Harry Potter being the only thing the UK has…I don’t think it should be about who has what, or what makes a country look more competent in an industry. The UK has a very long list of accomplishments and has indeed reached a level of competency, if no surpassed that level. They are World Wide superpowers in many influential industries, including Film and Television.

      The only movie I can think of that America “has” that even stands up to the world wide popularity of Harry Potter is the Star Wars series.
      Which also had casting in multiple countries.
      including England.
      and America.
      and Canada.
      and Australia.
      and probably more countries.

    • lalay

      this don’t work!!!

    • lalay

      Americans have just as much right to act in Harry Potter as british people do!!!!!!

    • Sophie

      I think that all americans should be able to audition for Harry Potter!

    • Kristen

      hey, i was wanting to write a letter asking a few things about auditioning for parts in the Harry Potter movies, and i wasnt sure who or where to write to. do any of you know an address that i could send a letter to? such as maybe the casting director or the director or anything? i wasnt too sure.

    • Sofia

      Americans, please – grow up!

      Obviously the majority of all teenagers and kids in the whole world wish they could be a part of the filming of the cult Harry Potter. Probably alot of grown-ups too. But as it is a british book from the start and it is easier to select a (for example) Lavender Brown or Ginny Weasley from 15000 people than 1500000 people it is quite understandable why WarnerBros has chosen this policy of restriction.

      This dosen’t make it more fair or fun, simply easier. And as to you Americans who think that it’s unfair and that they should extend their casting calls to the US, what about all the rest of us? There are loads of talented actors and actresses speaking fault-free british in all of the non-english speaking countries of the world! In Scandinavia for example most adolescents could just as well have been from the UK or US judging by their english skills. So why not let everyone have a try if you feel things are unfair?

    • vsven

      I love u all!! :)))

      Sofia, are u British? London? Like some info when I move… cheers!

    • Inessa

      I love Harry Potter, and I would go to the cast when I were in GB. The problem is I am from Austria. :(

    • Sally

      Hey harry potter fans! i would love to audition for HP7 to! I’m from america and if you look back in our history note the revolutionary war our chances look slim some people can hold a grudge! but i totally get why JKR wants only British people!

    • vsven

      Does anybody knows where en when the audition for HP7 will be?

    • celine

      I really want to be little lily potter or little ginny potter in the seventh movie. I’m a Canadian girl but I still would love to be on of they in the movie, even though its a very small part.If anyone has any idea of how I could addition PLEASE! PLEASE! Please let me know.Thank You!

    • Aisha

      :( I would love to be in harry Potter !!!
      but I am not over 15 – my sister is & she’s going
      she thinks Ron/Rupert is adorible

    • sven

      Going where Aisha, going where?? Something u know, we don’t… Tell us, new casting call, new something?


    • http://www.wearyparent.com/harry-potter-casting-call/ stella

      i also think that they should let american girls try out for the movies too, i am english, iresh, germen, french, scottish, and mexican, but i could do a brittan acent really good. and i really would like to go in the 7th movie, even if i only have one line or if i an just a backround person, i would still be in the movie. and i think they should have some american acents in the movie too, it would make it moe interesting.

    • Alan

      I dnt think american girls should be allowed because they dnt have auditions for loadsa films over in uk for the holloywood films this is our 1 and i got a call back for tom riddle:P

    • vsven

      euh, Alan, you mean a call back for an audition or something like thx for writing, see u later…! or really something like: hey u can audition, these are the dates :)) (if yes, please do call me, send the mail forward :p)

    • Kory dinan

      hi im 15 and i Am the biggest harry potter fan i read all the books at least 5 times each and i would love 2 be in the harry potter books. it would be a honor and a dream come true

      thanks kory

    • Alana

      I think American girls should be able to try out for Harry Potter. I mean come on! We can do British accents! What makes British girls any better if we can sound the same? Why the hack do you have to be British for cryin out loud!? Americans are just as good or better.

    • Betty

      yea it is so true that they should ley american people act in Harry Potter we might not have british accents but we can sure act like seriously and if american people cant act in it why did that cash guy from trl say that whoever wanted could audition?well yea thats pretty much it

    • Steve

      There is a possibility that the movie auditions could continue anywhere from Scotland to New Zealand, and even possibly Australia :) Read below

      *Taken from Wikipedia*
      Filming is scheduled to start in September 2007. Some sources have rumoured that filming may move from the UK, where all of the previous five films have been shot. This is North Scotland reported filming will take place in New Zealand, due to the “more agreeable economy and climate” and lack of Scottish funding.The Sunday Business Post in Ireland has noted that the film’s producers and WB executives have been scouting there, specifically Leinster and Munster because they “believe they have now exhausted possible locations in Britain.” They are “particularly keen on Ireland, as the landscape is similar to Britain and will appear similar to the settings of the previous films.” It is also confirmed that the crew are now scouting around Cape Wrath in Scotland for the cave scene.Still, Lacock has been confirmed as a location the producers are interested in utilising.

    • Sarah

      What is the point in having castings in the US or Australia when they ned someone who can speak British English? So they are doing the right thing when they are having castings in England only. Though one thing they could do is to let people who is not living in England to come too. There might be people living in other countries who actually can speak British English. What is they are missing out on really good actors?

    • Steve

      Sarah, they might not have anymore casting calls but if they do (which is extremely likely) they will most likely be in England and possibly close to where they will be shooting the actual scenes of the movie.

      Good luck to anyone who will try out at any of the other casting calls. I believe they will be looking for someone to play the parts of Morfin, Marvolo and Merope Gaunt. This is a rumour that I have heard.

    • Erin Coneron

      I don’t think that harry potter auditons should go any where other then britian and ireland because j.k. rowling wants it to be an all british film and America gets to have the harry potter park so let us have the film.And Irish people can audition but you just have to come over to britian like the rest, and if you relly wnted to get a part you would go that extra mile to get to a audition.

    • Samantha

      Jo (J.K. Rowling) Only wanted British actors since everybody in the book is British.

    • Erin Coneron

      so it would be stupid to bring a american or australian charecter into the film seen as all the charecters in the book are british and irish.

    • Erin Coneron

      steve just because they might film in new zealand dosent mean that they will have auditions there it just means they will make the movie there.

    • Erin Coneron

      Alana americans cant do british accents its just not as good the only actress that i know that can do a convincing english accent and is not from britain is Renee Zellweger. This comment has been edited by the moderators – please keep it friendly!

    • Erin Coneron

      all the people here who think that Americans ahould ausition for hp movies are wasting their time there never going to becausae j,k.Rowling won’t allow it at all so stop being so jealous and go find another movie in America that you can audition for in AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    • Erin Coneron

      sydney the person who plays luna lovegood isn’t british shes irish and j.k.rowling will only allow british and irish people in the movie beacause she has british and irish people in the book

    • Steve

      Erin Coneron, I didn’t say that they would bring casting calls to Australia or any other country but i did say that it was a possibility. They might be looking for extras who don’t say a thing in the movie but just stand there and look good.

      Also JKR has no authority in who goes in the movie, that is up to the director. She only suggests who they should keep in the movie so that it won’t screw up the storyline in any way.

      There are also some British born Americans that can do perfect British accents that aren’t citizens in the UK so why shouldn’t they get a go?

    • elan

      I’m an avid Harry Potter reader, I like the movies but i live in the US. I’ve been reading the books since i was 6!!!! I would die to be in one of the movies but because i’m a us citizen, i can’t auditions, which makes me really sad. I also can’t afford to make the auditions in london because i can’t pay for the airfare to fly to england. im only 15, but really wish i could have that once in a life time experience :9

    • Emily

      Has anybody thought that the only hold auditions for residents so the actors/ actress’ can be close with their families and homes?

      How would you like to be stuck overseas for months at a time without any of your family or friends close by you?

      It may seem great at first, but trust me, after a while, its quite depressing.

      A group of depressed teens on a movie set…quite random eh?


      Anyway, if they did do world wide auditions, that would take soo long!

    • Kim

      Americans have lots of films to participate in- you live near hollywood! I’m sure if you looked hard enough, you’d find a part that would suit you more locally. I live in britain, and you guys dont realise how few films are made over here, its basically the only series brits can get involved in. so it would be unfair to give the parts to americans, no offence intended. There are plenty of budding actors here with nothing to do, and they audition for harry potter because they want to act, not because its a pop culture. JK has said she only wants british actors to give it a genuine feel, and it would look fake if say Voldermort spoke with an american accent. I know you say americans can do a genuine british accent but trust me- you can always tell. It might sound right to you, but more often then not it comes out too plummy. Sorry, but it had to be said. If you desperatly want to be in the film that much – i suggest becoming an extra, or maybe something that envolves backstage work?

    • vsven

      Well said Kim, well said!! Tell me, where are u from? London? Please do tell me, I want to move and could use some advice ;) cheers (love britain)

    • Lisa

      I am an actress.I want to take part in a film (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) I am 18 years

    • Heather :)

      Are they holidng auditions for young Merope Gaunt?
      If anyone knows could they tell me, also if you know how old you have to be to play her I would be so very grateful because I love drama and I’m really interested in being in the film.
      If anyone knows anyway I could be in please tell me!!
      Thank you!!
      xx :)

    • zArAh

      weLL. . i hOpe aND wiSh thEre wiLL bE audition in PHilippiNes . .. ^.^

      iS theRE aNy opEn auditions othEr thAn hArry Potter??.. . or twin roLe i hAve twin siSter . . ^.^ cOntact mE if thEre is aNy oPEn aUdition . . . i LovE to Act oR pLAy sOme roLe . . tHAnkZ!

    • elisabete

      for the first time in my life i feel sad for being portuguese, which means that i will never even have the chance to get in one of harry`s movies. Well, at least i´ve got the books… and the dream! J. K. is just amazing and i admire her so much! Thanks for creating such a wonderful world :) ***

    • Lisa
    • Lico Ruizelmann

      Hi everyone. I’m from Mexico, i’m an actror, i’m 22 years old and I wish to have more information about casting calls for harry potter 6. And ask too, give chances for many people that are not brom UK to make their dreams come truth, I can act as a british person perfectly well, and look like one too.
      Well I wish to have some answers soon.
      Thank Lico

    • emma trott

      Hogwarts was described by JK rowling as a BRITISH school not an AMERICAN school, so they wouldnt have AMERICAN STUDENTS and oh\ man i missed the auditions

    • bàrbara_c

      I’d love to act in Harry Potter… I’m 16 but, unfortunately, I’m not from the UK.
      In my opinion, it’s so unfair, because people around the world love the novels and they should have a chance too; but at the same time, I understand JK Rowling and I’m sure she won’t change her mind about it…
      Anyway, if you want a spanish actress let me know, please! thanks

    • fifi

      mrs potter you can auddition for lavender brown even if your irish because the pearsin who plats luna lovegood got here dad to fly here over from ireland and she got the part

    • http://rrerer Lucky

      There should definetly be casting calls in Australia, as The Queens head is on all of the Australian coins. I’m from Australia, and there is great potential here, and Australians don’t find it hard putting on the british accent. Daniel Radcliffe put on an accent in his new movie, December Boys, so why can’t people from other countries just do the same?

    • Brittany

      I think it is ridiculous that they restrict open auditions to Europe. I’m American, but my entire heritage is european and I have a pretty good british accent. Plus I love Harry Potter. I grew up with the stories. It as much apart of me as it is in England. I admire JK Rowling’s skill just as much as if I were British myself. While we do have auditions, it is hard to break into the movie/music biz. I would love to myself, but when there are millions of people wanting to do the same, the girl with 5 brothers and sisters isn’t going to come first. So, I think that Americans should have just as much of a chance as the British.

    • nicola

      all u peeps from australlia nd america shud chill. it is required 4 brittish accents and brittish peeps. u have loads of movies we cnt try 4 aswell you no!

    • http://www.wearyparent.com/harry-potter-casting-call/ stella

      NO we will not “chill”. you guys get all the best movies. what if your part english, and can do a british accent?? hu?? what about that. i have wanted to be on that mvie series ever scence i have seen them. and when i found that out i was crushed[the you need to be brittish] how it the girl who playes luna lovegoodany british?? she is as american as i am hun. no hard feeling or anything, but all the great movies/ actresses/actors are british in some way. >

    • Sydney

      Go to:
      thepetitionsite.com/1/the-potter-position-petition if you feel it’s unfair that only british citizens are allowed to auditiom for HP

    • Sydney

      only a few have signed but it can’t hurt to sign!******************

    • GiGi

      Well, I think it should just be kept to British people and Australians because there are very few Australians that have great accents.
      Americans would wreck the movie. No offense. It’s just better with that English accent.

    • Lindsey W

      How they wreck the movie if they used british accents? You would just think they’re british.

    • farhan

      if they want a different type of character for their movie than they must have an open auditions for other countries like Pakistan so they can get a perfect character for their movie

    • charlie

      im brittish and most of our films have amaricans in them anyway so harry Potter is our chance to shine.

    • fifi

      I want never get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      So live with it

    • fifi

      This is our chance to shine so take it

    • farhan

      I want harry potters email address can anybody help me plz plz plz help me

    • http://yahoo Lysaidie

      I think they should let latinas that have British accent like me!!!:D
      i may move to UK in 2008 so i may have more chanse but if i don’t aaaaaaaaahg it’s gonna be hard i’m dying to play at the 7th movie!!!! so if any one has an answer tell me but a hopefull one:P

    • emski

      no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! americians should NOT be in harry potter it is my faviorte film so leave it alone AMERICAINS

    • FIFI


    • H.Bob

      Hey guys
      i think that this argument is completely pointless..
      i think that they should let anyone nd everyone audition for HP soooo theeeeeeeeeeeen it wud b fair

      (go erin.. go charlotte)

    • Charlotte

      Im a brittish citizen and totally don’t agree that Harry Potter auditions should be open to all contrys.

      Firstly most of our films have people of different nationality in them so this is our chance to shine.
      and Secondly the books are brittish and have all Brittish Characters in them soooo its fair that the English anyway.

    • Danny

      Hi im Daniel Radcliffe and as you probably know I play Harry Potter in the HP series.

      I think Charlotte is write and to add to her point I think that it is right that an English book made into a film should follow the same lines I.E haveing all English people in it.

      Thanks for lisening to my Comment


    • H.Bob

      Excuse the argumentive attitude but…
      a)people can put on accents and
      b)this is a really stupid and pointless argument
      c)people CAN learn languages I’ll have you know

    • Danny

      Thanks Charlotte
      Hope to meet you one day.


    • Nicole

      well, its people like emiski who think they are so great and so british that they are the best and probably it turns out they can’t act. Best advice: get an agent, and HE can help you. not wearyparent.com…