The Virgin with the Green Cushion

virgin-with-the-green-cushion.jpgThis 16th century Italian painting by Solario hangs in the Louvre in Paris. It’s entitled “The Virgin with the Green Cushion.” Perhaps today it might be better known as The Original Boppy!

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    • Kate

      I love this post.
      Yeah, that’s our kind of our lady.

    • Contessa

      Love it!! Of course, it is nature’s nutrition for all time!

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    • Sinead@BreastFeedingMums


    • amygeekgrl

      love this! LOL about the original boppy.

    • Melodie

      This is fantastic! And yeah, it does kind of look like a bobby once you’re given the comparison!

    • Lauren @ HoboMama

      I had to link to such a great Christmas joke!

      Like Melodie, I can’t stop thinking of the cushion as Boppy-shaped now that I’m thinking about it that way! :)

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