Special Edition M&M’s: Vanilla Crisp and Cherry Almondine

While we were at M&M’s World over the weekend we picked up a couple of bags of “Special Edition” M&M’s. I don’t know how widely available these will be — I haven’t seen them anywhere else — or if they’re just an M&M’s World thing.

The first bag we got was M&M’s Vanilla Crisp. I was a huge fan of the Crispy M&M’s back when you could find them (what happened to them?) so I was excited to try these.

m&m's vanilla crisp

The bag describes them as “Crisp center wrapped in vanilla flavored milk chocolate.” This bag weighed 5.25 oz.

m&m's vanilla crisp

Beige and lighter beige.

m&m's vanilla crisp

They didn’t disappoint. They initially “feel” like a Whopper, but with the M&M candy coating and chocolate. They’re a little bit larger than the Crispy M&M’s used to be, probably about the size of a peanut M&M, and a little airier. They have a very light vanilla flavor that I thought was perfect, but my husband didn’t care for them at all (the kids do, though!).


Next up were M&M’s Cherry Almondine. The bag says they’re “Freshly roasted almonds wrapped in cherry flavored white chocolate.” This bag weighed 5.75 oz.


Dark brown and light beige.


They weren’t bad but I think I liked the vanilla better. The cherry flavor was pretty strong and made me think of a cherry Lifesaver mixed up with an almond and some white chocolate (I don’t care for white chocolate but the amount on these didn’t bother me), which doesn’t necessarily sound bad but I don’t think I could eat a whole lot at once. My kids weren’t crazy about them either but my husband loved them, which is good because each bag was $5. (They were actually 3 bags for $15 or $6 each, and our friend bought the third bag for us so we could get the “deal”.)

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    • http://www.offbeathomes.com Jennifer

      I don’t think either of those sound very good — I don’t like fruit and other flavored candies; although vanilla sounds better than mint candy and I don’t like when people try to add fruit to my chocolate candy. But I totally heart the crispy MnM’s — where did those go? They were so good.

    • http://www.typetive.com/candyblog cybele

      My husband was in NYC this week so I asked him to toodle over the M&Ms store there. He couldn’t find the Vanilla Crisp ones, which is what I wanted to try. He got the cherry ones, but I can tell already I’m going to dislike them.

      Jennifer – I found that Australia still makes the Crispy M&Ms and found a liquor store near me that carries imported candies, including those.

    • http://chocolatebytes.com/ Heather

      I was a Crispy M&M’s junkie. I can’t even tell you how many bags I went through while pregnant with my first. I really miss them and still keep an eye out when I go to the store, but no luck. Didn’t see them at M&M’s World either and didn’t even think to ask. :(

    • Sarah

      I’ve tried the Cherry Almondine ones and I thought they were amazing. My sister and I both were crazy about them, we recently drove to the US for a weekend (I’m from Canada) and bought a bunch while we were there.
      Regarding the Crispy M&Ms, we still have them here in Canada.

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    • Jane

      My sister bought me a bag of the Vanilla ones when she was in Vegas. I’m tempted to visit Vegas to get some more. So good!