• Mon, Jul 23 2007

Age Of Anorexia Patients Increasing

Anorexia is a serious eating disorder that is typically thought of affecting younger people – teenagers and 20-somethings, or even preteens in some cases. But now women in their 30′s and older are being increasingly treated for this disease.
They say that the disease usually begins young, but women may seek treatment later in life while they’re still sick. Also, relapses are a possibility. However there are people who start having symptoms of anorexia in their 30s, 40s or beyond.
Some treatment centers have programs for adults as well as teenagers, such as Remuda Ranch in Arizona. Other programs are currently being developed.
Anorexia can destroy the lives of the afflicted as well as their families. If you think you might be sick, please seek help. You can visit the Something Fishy site on eating disorders for more information and treatment options.


(Image from Human Illnesses)

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