Breastfeeding Humor and The Things They Say

Welcome to the July Carnival of Breastfeeding! Today we have several entries (listed below) that have some fun with the things kids say about breastfeeding. I’ve written many pieces about breastfeeding humor, so to come up with original material I interviewed my girls this morning.

Me: “What do you like about breastfeeding?”

2.5-year-old: “Mum-mum.”

Me: “What does mum-mum taste like?”

2.5: “Um. Just only mum-mum. It’s milk! Can I have some mum-mum now?” [Oops, should've anticipated that....]

Me: “Who makes mum-mum?”

2.5: “Mama.”

Me: “Will you make mum-mum when you’re older?”

2.5: “Yes.”

5-year-old big sister: “Only if she gets a baby she will, and I’m not going to have a baby!”

My 5-year-old actually has very positive images of mothering and breastfeeding, as you can see from this drawing she drew as we had the above conversation.


When I asked her about the picture, she said the baby was nursing and thinking about “mum-mum”–thinking that “mum-mum” is sweet!

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    • Sinead@BreastFeedingMums

      What a lovely interview! I must try interviewing my own kids about their memories!! The little picture is really sweet.

    • Colleen Newman

      How sweet! Love the picture. My 2 year-old “Neeses” her dollies and I think it is the cutest thing!

    • Rattling The Kettle

      That is too cute.

    • tanya@motherwearblog

      That picture is awesome! Definitely a keeper.

    • amygeekgrl

      wonderful to get a glimpse into their worlds. obviously they have a great attachment to nursing which is how it should be. :)
      love the pic.

    • Leisa

      Why don’t the toy shops stock toy breast pumps next to the toy bottles? Love the picture!

    • Elizabeth F.-The Whole Family

      I love that pic as well!

      Also, fell free to come on by my blog and enter my Give-Away for Breastfeeding Advocacy Note Cards. The drawing is on Friday.

      I love your blog BTW!

    • Renata

      Very cute. Right now, my boys are drawing train bridges…