• Fri, Jul 27 2007

20 Hours

BlogHer '07 logo 20 hours is how long I’ll be away from home today, this Friday the 27th of July. I’m attending the 2007 BlogHer conference in Chicago; I was invited to participate in a focus group at the kindly invitation of Revolution Health.

Yes, I am not staying overnight in Chicago—-I’m taking a 5.30am train to the Newark airport, getting into Chicago just after 9.10am, taking public transporation (I think I have it figured out—I do not have Jim’s special sense for coordinating train and subway routes in my head) to the Navy Pier for the conference. Then it’s back to O’Hare airport to take a 10pm train back to Jersey where (as Jim plans) he and Charlie will be waiting in the black car at just after 1am.

(So we’ll be able to get a bit of sleep before Charlie’s 10am Saturday ABA session.)

Today after greeting Charlie on the bus—-and watching him swim at the pool’s bottom (it’s only 3 1/2 feet deep but Charlie still managed a backwards flip yesterday) and following him up the stairs for the water slide—-and getting him the McDonalds he requested (with a healthy side dish of mom-cooked carrots)—-I told Charlie, as directly as I could, that I would be taking an airplane to Chicago to a conference. And that, Dad would put him on the schoolbus and he’d see all his teachers and Dad would meet him after school and they’d ride bikes and maybe visit Dad’s office afterwards……and then I’d be back. Charlie’s eyes were very round and he sat on the couch with his arms just bent at the elbow, traces of shadow on his face.

“Mom will be right back,” I said.

“Mom’ll be back,” said Charlie.

The longest I was ever away from Charlie and Jim was a few years ago when I was gone for two nights. I was thinking of staying over on Friday in Chicago but then I would have to get a hotel and get up early to catch a morning airplane and worry about getting myself from hotel to airport………less fuss this way.

What is the longest that you have been away from home?

(I’m going to try to liveblog from BlogHer and let you know what I hear……..)

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  • http://www.mumkeepingsane.blogspot.com mumkeepingsane

    The longest I’ve been away is 3 days….and it seems like forever. Every summer I go camping (really far out in the middle of nowhere, canoe in, backpack type of camping) with a group of wonderful women. It’s my yearly recharge without the husband and kids time. It’s hard to be away that long but luckily (or unluckily) nobody really notices I’m gone. *sigh*

  • http://qian2.multiply.com superpanda

    The longest is one week! I am lucky to have my mom and her helper around. That’s my yearly off with my husband to celebrate our anniversary!

  • http://mommydearest1514.blogspot.com mommy~dearest

    6 days when I went for training in Florida last month (through work).

    It was hard on me- Jaysen handled it like a champ while I was gone. When I returned, it seemed a bit overloading to him. He became so overwhelmed, that he ended up having a brief, 10 minute meltdown (complete with physical aggression), but after that subsided, he was stuck to me like glue.

  • http://crazedmommy.blogspot.com Shash

    It was so nice to meet you today. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me in between sessions. This is the second time in almost 13 years that I have traveled to another state without my son, so I know how you feel.

    Thank you. You really made my day today.


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  • AJ

    I noted that Monday’s first day of social-skills camp was the longest I’ve been separated from Ely…ever. Camp was 9AM-4PM. Really, the only time she and I are in different locations is when I do the weekly grocery-shopping or minimal other errands…when that happens, Dad stays with her. We’ve taken two vacations since she was born, and the kids were with us both times (and both vacations ended unexpectedly shortly).

  • Lolasmom

    12 hours, for an out-of-town wedding. Even in such a short period of time my dad (babysitting with my mom) managed to accidentally drop Lola on her head and pin her under a recliner (long story) while he was rough-housing with her. Sigh… she wasn’t seriously hurt, but it still makes me kinda sick to my stomach just thinking about it. Lola is so physical and active, and even those who know her (me included, at times) fail to anticipate what she will get into. Makes me nervous about leaving her with anybody.

  • Julia

    4 days. A trusted sitter stayed at our house with the kids. She’s known them since the younger ones were just a few weeks old, and they all love her.