The Most Dangerous Drugs

Addiction: we've got it down cold!

You might be surprised to know that alcohol is far more dangerous than both Big Puff and Puff the Magic Dragon. Check out this graphic guide to the most dangerous substances humanity ingests (and imbibes, snorts, shoots and sniffs).

Get It While It’s Hot:

All About Alcoholism

Unusual Addictions: If this is your biggest problem, you’re all right.

There’s someone worse off than John Mackey right now:When CEOs Get Addicted to the Internet

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    • Mark W.

      Thanks for the mention Sara :)

    • Sara

      NP! ;)

    • yo mom

      i want to puff ona blunt with puff the magic dragon!!!!!

    • fed

      How is cannabis more dangerous than ecstasy?? I really would like an answer if possible, and please. If eating it is my understanding their are no harmful effects, and in fact has some nice protein, fatty acids, and the nutritional content of spinach. Btw fried potato’s cause cancer.

    • Ande

      Hmmmmm, wheres i don’t know, PCP, DXM, and oh yea more dangerous than heroin METH, oh oh wait what about DMT, k ya get my point, and Fed is correct wtf is weed more dangerous than anything for?

    • Your Friend

      I understand that since alcohol is sociably accepted that it can be easier to become addicted to, just as tobacco can be, but the true dangers in the usage, of say, just one time, is not as dangerous as antidepressants and anti-psychotic drugs that have suicide as side effect.

    • RandomGuy

      Umm, The whole Marijuana’s more dangerous than ecstasy.. Think of it this way, since Marijuana was discovered how many people have died due to the consumption? None! Why is it called Natural Medicine, why do they actually prescribe it in some cases, such as Cataracs, etc. And you know the ONLY reason Marijuana isn’t Legal in the U.S is because we can’t Tax it. Just thought I’d voice myself.:) TOKE ON Fellow Potheads

    • Sir_realizm

      the fact that cannabis is mentioned as more dangerous than lsd, ecstasy, and every other drug under it is a joke, this website is very ill informed, and wrong! first off, cannabis is not even a drug!! a drug is a chemically altered substance! second, ecstasy alone contains 15 drugs in itself, and can cause death with the first use. cannabis cannot cause death or any other mental or physical damage other than respiration, anything else said to be cause by cannabis has not been proven! the only proven fact, to say cannabis is bad for your health, is that it is twice as bad as tobacco smoke, but still not as bad as tobacco as far as the tar, nicotine and other chemicals found in tobacco. so please stop putting false information up on your page.

    • Puff the magic dragon

      i believe puffing is the greatest

    • http://- Smily

      This information isn’t based only on health effects. It is also on damage to society etc. With that in mind anyone ever heard of the term ‘gateway drug’ when cannabis is being talked about? Its cause it can lead to other drugs. Plus the only reason anyone dies from x is because they are idiots. They dont know how much to drink or they do it by themselves.
      Sir_realizm you are an imbecile. Cannabis contains THC (Tetrahydrocannabanoris) Which is a drug. X only contains MDMA (Methylenedioxymethamphetamine) Which is only one drug. Cannabis also TRIGGERS paranoia and schzizophrenia. This has been proven. Also, damge to your motor neurons and synapses. Oh and the reason that things like meth and PCP arn’t mentioned is because because the study was conducted in Britain and PCP and Meth are quite hard to find.

    • gjuro

      I saw this list explained in BBC Horizon documentary called “Is alcohol worse than ecstasy”.

    • Ray Harwood

      I never cease to be amazed at the ignorance surrounding this subject, and the unintelligent way it is looked at. The views of armchair experts. I am not aiming at anyone or any comments made on this site. Having had 6 years of extreme involvement in all classes of drugs, there are so many extremely naive views held bereft of intelligent thought. It never seems to occur to people that the amount of use of any substance is a factor. Duuh. Of course there are more problems with substances used more frequently ! The rating of LSD for instance, is outrageous. Amongst every drug I have taken, I would deem this to be the most dangerous. It is used very little and people are very careful with it, but it will take you apart on a single occasion and has caused far more damage than ever stated. I know so may people who have taken LSD and would say it is the most powerful and dangerous there is, though nowadays the amount in a dose is a fraction of what it used to be. The idea that alcohol and tobacco are more damaging is stupidity itself. I would drink alcohol, but would never go near any illicit drugs amy more.

    • Big Ben

      I’m just worried that if Cannabis is legal, that’s all people will care about. Most stoners I know are lazy and their biggest motivation in life is grow and smoke “pot”. What a waste of time. I have been high, and I can’t understand why someone would want to be that way all of their life. It makes you look stupid and absent minded. My wife does that shit DAILY and I feel so embarassed to go outdoors with her.

    • a123456

      well, marijuana hasnt been proven to cause schizophrenia in anycase, and as for the “gateway drug” the only reason its a gateway drug is because its illegal. if you could go to CVS an buy it there would be no reason for dealers to be selling it. therefore the amount of people doing drugs really bad drugs would go way down because of firstly how many dealers would be off the streets and secondly teens wouldnt even be introduced to them because they can just get someone of age and have them buy them a pack of joints… that my 2 cents.