The Cutest Non-Chocolate Chocolate Stuff You’ll Ever See

Japan leads the world in cute. It’s true:

cellphone chocolate
Chocolate charms cell phone straps.

chocolate keyring

chocolate coaster

chocolate ring
Chocolate keyrings, coaster and ring.

chocolate mirror
Chocolate compact stand mirror.

chocolate pad
This is the one I have my eye on: “Luxury Sweet Memorandum Chocolate Bar as a Memopad.”

And don’t forget:


Check out the rest of the painfully cute miniature food and chocolate and sweets at Strapya World.

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    • Chef Jules

      Hi Heather! Those are a hoot. I like the chocolate coaster a lot and my niece would love one of those notepads. School’s starting soon, which means plying her w/ school “supplies” that make her a keen student. Well, that would be the intention. :)

    • HMW

      Too cute!! I love the cell phone charm :-)

    • Heather

      Jules – My girls loved them too! I’m easily plied with office supplies so I guess they come by it honestly! :D

      H! I can’t decide which one I like best, I’d have to get them all and switch them out.

    • Jennifer

      These items rock. I love fake food. When I was little I got National Geographic for kids and they did and article on the booming fake food market in Japan. I remember thinking that when I grew up it would be so cool to be a fake food designer. Guess those plans didn’t work out. Still, it’s fun to see.

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