100 More things you can make yourself

My last list of 100 things you can make yourself received mixed reviews. Many were quick to point out that doing it yourself doesn’t necessarily mean doing it cheaper. Others felt some of the items on the list, such as maple syrup or bacon, were flat out ridiculous. Perhaps they were. Do take these lists in the spirit in which they were intended, to show you how much you can do on your own. Sure, some things take a lot of work, while others can be whipped up in seconds. Some things, such as the aforementioned bacon, no one will want to make. The point is you can do anything if you put your mind to it, rather than relying on convenience. I think we tend to follow the quickest way out, without realizing how rewarding it is to do things on our own. Though I will try and list things that are more doable this time around, please enter this with an open mind.

  1. Coconut milk
  2. Dreadlocks
  3. Hawaiian lei
  4. Cheese cake
  5. Beaded curtains
  6. A crawfish trap
  7. A balancing scooter
  8. Generator
  9. Computer
  10. Camping gear
  11. Barometer
  12. Fuel
  13. Coffee syrup
  14. Telescope
  15. Moleskin-like notebook
  16. Shrinky dinks
  17. Microscope
  18. Windchimes
  19. Picnic table
  20. Backyard smoker
  21. Pond
  22. Deck
  23. Purse
  24. Cosmetics
  25. Vitamin water
  26. Cat tree
  27. Snow globe
  28. Backyard swingset
  29. Hats
  30. Baby food
  31. Teddy bear
  32. Laser flashlight
  33. Fried green tomatoes
  34. Halloween makeup
  35. Wind generator tower
  36. Weather station
  37. Holiday ornaments
  38. An heirloom tablecloth
  39. Metal detector
  40. Watch
  41. Sunroom
  42. Rain barrel
  43. Boat
  44. Baby shoes
  45. Log cabin
  46. Server
  47. Seismograph
  48. Stencils for painting
  49. Lamps
  50. A rocking chair
  51. Cradles and cribs
  52. Air conditioner
  53. An electric car
  54. Easel
  55. Picket fence
  56. Stairs
  57. Pie crust
  58. Creme brulee
  59. Chocolate truffles
  60. Mulch
  61. Furniture polish
  62. Cat food
  63. Cereal bars
  64. Vinegar
  65. Apple cider
  66. Henna Paste
  67. Granola
  68. Trail mix
  69. Beef jerky
  70. Pool table
  71. Gift wrap
  72. Rock candy
  73. Paella
  74. Barbie clothes
  75. Pillows
  76. Quilts
  77. Biscuits
  78. French fries
  79. Graham crackers
  80. A surfboard
  81. A tiara
  82. Egg cream
  83. Latte art
  84. A corsage
  85. Mulled wine
  86. Margaritas
  87. Gingerbread house
  88. Stick horse
  89. Mozzarella sticks
  90. Envelopes
  91. Fondant
  92. Sandals
  93. Flower arrangements
  94. A wreath
  95. A bench
  96. Herbal teas
  97. Salt and pepper shakers
  98. Fudge
  99. A vase
  100. An apron

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    • http://financingthedream.blogspot.com/ Kim

      I love your hundred things lists! It’s nice to be reminded that we don’t have to be so reliant on ready made everything. Kudos on putting together 200 links, not an easy task!

    • http://www.offbeathomes.com Jennifer

      You can make homemade vinegar! Well, I hate vinegar so I would never make it but I had no idea you could. I guess I never thought about where vinegar comes from. Another stellar list. I will have to try the homemade snow globe my son loves them but I hate collecting too much useless stuff; we’ll try this instead.

    • http://smartnotcheap.blogspot.com Michelle Gartner

      I think that your lists would make an excellent party theme. Homemade Night- the host supplies all the materials and guests could pick 3 things to make. I want to make bacon, moonshine, and a lava lamp in honor of my hippy dad who just passed. Another great list, who actually knew loofah’s were vegetables. -Michelle

    • http://www-judithgreenwood.com Judith in Umbria

      Expats learn very quickly how to make things they want and miss and aren’t found in their new countries. Or they don’t and they become whiners!

    • http://stoptheride=stephanie.blogspot.com Stephanie

      Love these lists. Somethings that we rely on the “convenient” way really are easy to do yourself. Thanks for encouraging us to look at what we might be able to make on our own!

    • http://nicostuff.blogspot.com/ Nicole

      I’ve really enjoyed reading both of your lists. They really got me thinking. Thanks again.

    • http://smartnotcheap.blogspot.com Michelle Gartner

      Deb- Thanks for stopping by. I really do think your lists are great and sticking to the easy items and the safe stuff makes life boring!!! Anyone can make homemade bubbles for the kids, and plug in the bread machine- but sometimes it’s fun to try to make the hard stuff or the scary stuff. We have had plenty of homemade disasters and successes around here. -Michelle

      PS I don’t see why people are bent out of shape because your lists aren’t about thrifty or cheap DIY- I would never consider the costs in some homemade gifts- how do you put a price on hours of work. DIY & Thrift are pretty natural complementary topics in my mind.

    • http://www.chocmoon.wordpress.com Peggy

      I totally agree with making your own cheesecakes. I’ll NEVER go back. It’s not as difficult as you think and it’s much cheaper than buying one.
      Also, allrecipes.com is where I find most of my recipes. That and How to Cook Everything (hardback book).

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    • Andres

      Great list! Am definitely interested in reading up on some of these.

      I wanted to let you know that the Paella link, #73, is broken. I wanted to compare recipes. ;o

    • http://lifeinthelostworld.blogspot.com/ jayedee

      more??!! how awesome is this!
      my children are gonna have a ball during school this year! thank you! thank you!

    • http://www.caringforbear.blogspot.com Amalia

      I’ve actually made a cat tree! It didn’t look like the one you linked to, but it was awesome nonetheless. My cat loved it and I had a blast. Nice work!

    • http://www.howiwillberich.com Matt Wolfe

      These are some great lists. I’m really impressed with how much work went in to these. Lots and lots of research. I’m thinking about making the mozzarella sticks tonight. mmm mmm

    • meme16

      love these ideas and my dad always made our maple syrup etc for us- did not know stores sold it until I grew up——huggles me

    • Cindel

      Very impressive = both lists!
      Individuals and small groups used to do so many things … and I agree with you that we are much more lazy now-a-days … the adventure coming from making things ~ especially with friends … ahhh, now I’m even more excited to get started working through your lists then I was the first time I read it! Excellent work Deb, and thank you so much! What a great mind!! :*D

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    • Saba

      Pretty revealing – who needs to be told one can make one’s own pastry, French fries, cheesecake, etc. etc.?

    • http://www.foodartisan.net Jenson

      I had to speak up since you pointed out how people jumped on you over bacon. As a home bacon maker i must wholly disagree that bacon isn’t something to be made at home. Not only do i make bacon for less per pound, but i make my own slice sizes and create truely better quality than the bloated bacon flavor pork they sell as bacon in the store.

      I can’t buy factory bacon for less than $4-5 per pound. When i do i get micro thin slices of pork belly pumped up with curing brines and then “smoked” with liquid smoke. When i make it myself im getting fresh pork belly for $2-3 per pound and curing the meat as is and smoking it with real smoke. To those who have never had real bacon or even fresh cured pork belly…you have no idea what you’re missing.

      Aside from having to either hot-smoke or setup a cold smoking contraption it’s supremely easy to make it at home. It’s even easier to make your own canadian bacon which some varieties don’t need to be smoked at all.

    • http://www.homeimprovement-tools.com hometools

      Thanks for sharing the list, and ideas. People continue to buy chicken soup in the can, and I still think home made chicken soup made from scratch by mom is very tasty indeed.