Announcing The Family Vacation GWP

It’s time for another experiment in the culture of parenting blogs. The last group writing project Babylune hosted was a great success in terms of quality of posts and entertainment value. I’ve also been inspired by the parenting GWPs run by Weary Parent and MamaBlogga.

The Theme:

This time, write a post about a family vacation that you have taken as a parent or as a child. What are your memories of the main event, your favorite parts, the successes, the advice for others, the fun factor and/or the mishaps?

The Rules:

All posts must link back to this post announcing the GWP. Once you’ve written your post, leave a comment below in case your trackback URL ends up in the spam filter.

While I relaxed on this point last time, this time normal Group Writing Project rules, as defined by Problogger, apply. All posts must be written especially for this contest. Only one post per blog or blogger (if you write 20 blogs, you can still only submit 1 post) will be accepted. The contest is now open and posts will be accepted until 11:59 PM on 31 August 2007. As usual, I reserve the right to declare any post I deem to be unsuitable for a family audience (or any other audience) as ineligible. Final results will be posted on 1 September 2007.

The Prize:

I thought we’d try something a little different this time. At the end of the GWP, there will be a cash prize payable via PayPal. The prize will total $1 per eligible entry up to $100.

That means, if 100, or more, worthwhile, eligible posts are submitted from 100 different blogs written by 100 different people, the prize will be $100. If there are only 98 entries, the prize will be $98 and so on down to just one entry in the contest with a $1 prize.

A little legalese:

The winner will be entirely responsible for paying any taxes and duties on the prize as required (or not) by their respective places of residence. This contest is valid only where legal and participants are responsible for determining legality before entering.

A Second Experiment:

Partly as an experiment and partly to protect my income, I am not going to promote this GWP. I am not going to email the other parenting bloggers I know, I am not going to announce it to any lists, forums or post it on any social networking sites. You’re the ones with the interest in driving up the prize amount, so it seems fair that you should be the one to tell other bloggers about the GWP. I’ll let you know how traffic is affected by this strategy.Updated on 21 August, based on day one stats, this was obviously just a horrible idea. I’ll promote it now.
The Third Experiment

Random draws usually determine the prize winner in a GWP. Winning a draw is about luck while writing a successful blog is about writing well. Therefore, I am going to choose the entry that I think makes for the most entertaining, though/provoking and interesting reading. In the event of a tie, two blogs will split the cash prize.

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