Adventures in Dentures

Young-at-heart grandma loses dentures to sky-diving.

Those darn dentures – always going missing! Actually, there have been several cases of dentures either being swallowed or getting stuck in the esophagi of their owners. Pubmed has the scoop.

To see pictures of a surgical procedure to remove dentures from an esophagus, just click. But you’ve been warned!


Just wait for what I’m gonna show you later…

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    • Brian

      Hilarious video. One more reason kids to brush and floss.

      … and all I can say is at least you warned me… (shudder) ;)

    • Crabby McSlacker

      Oh my goodness.

      Yes. I’m with Brian. Must brush and floss–and if that fails, must not skydive with mouth open or even swallow too hard. Yikes.

      And I would really really like to be able to stop myself from clicking on these links of yours, especially after being warned.

      But it seems I am incapable of that. (Thanks, though, I need a good grossing out every now and then!)

    • Janis Summers

      Thanks – the day was moving too slowly and now you’ve jump started it big time.

    • Mikeachim

      I always attach my dentures to my shoelaces, with a very long piece of string. They haven’t gone missing yet.

    • atkins
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