Man Slams 8 Red Bulls, Has Heart Attack, Gets Pissed


Where are my f*#@ing wings?!?

A 28-year-old motocross racer downed 8 Red Bulls in 5 hours to flood his body with adrenaline in the hopes of having a better shot at winning. Instead, he had a heart attack and nearly died.

Red Bull advises consumers not to drink more than two cans in a 24-hour period, but this kid routinely drank 4 a day – even when he felt sharp chest pangs. The young man has gone to the press with his tale, condemning Red Bull (yes) for not printing stronger warnings on their products’ labels. Just think…he was this close to winning a Darwin Award!

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    • Moe


    • Gyanish Gungaram

      Lol. Thanks for the link to the Darwin Awards. Had a great laugh there.

      And I’m not sorry for this guy. Do not blame others for your faults!

    • Sara

      Gyanish, NP. And I agree – take personal responsibility! :)

    • Cara


    • Brian

      Yeah, but if he was an American he would already filed a lawsuit against Red Bull. ;)

    • kendra

      I am with you Brian, he will file soon enough and they will say that the warning on the can isn’t big enough or was illegible or the wrong color. In my opinion, he was dern stupid!!!

    • Nick

      Um… you show me where Red Bull says to limit consumtion to two cans a day and ill give you 20 bucks. The only thing on the Red Bull website that says anything about this is “compare Red Bull consumption to that of a 8 oz cup of coffee”.

      Do you research next time, and please try to prove me wrong.

    • Brian

      @ Nick — Get your $20 ready. If you had read the linked article, even Matthew Penboss, the guy who drank the 8 Red Bulls, admits to reading the recommended daily limit on the can. His complaint is that it should have been bigger and more explicit about what would happen if too much was consumed. In Australia and New Zealand the labeling is Federally mandated -not the case in the US. In some countries Red Bull is banned — Denmark, Malaysia, and France — and in others countries like Japan, it is only available from a pharmacy as a controlled substance.

      From the original article —

      He (Penboss) said recommendations to drink no more than two cans each day should be more prominent on cans of energy drink.

      “I was fully aware that you should have two cans a day,” Mr. Penboss said.

      “But they don’t tell you what the consequences could be if you do exceed the recommended dose.”

      Janelle Neath, head of communications at Red Bull Australia, said the recommended daily intake of two cans a day was regulated, due to the drink’s level of niacin, a type of vitamin B, which produces its energy kick.

      complete article here:,22049,22267793-5006009,00.html

      I’m sure Sara has a paypal account where you can send the money. ;)

    • fred

      Could some one please tell me where the warning of only drinking 2 cans a day is????

    • Valerie

      I wonder if anyone has experienced an onset of skin infections after drinking Red Bull. My grown son has been drinking diet red bull, this is the 8th event of hospitalization for staph infection, in two years. Could this be messing with his system?

    • fred

      Where on the can does it state the warning of only drinking 2 cans a day – i brought a can last week to check it and STILL no warning on cans in the UK!…… i used to drink 6-8 cans daily as i worked long hours and it claimed to stimulate mind and body…….i suffered a brain heamorrhage, waiting for consultants information as to whether Red Bull contributed in any way to this happening.

    • Alex

      Nick, Fred, here’s this for you.

      I recently bought a four pack of the 250mL Red Bulls because I’ve been having a rough week, and a bit of an art block. Believe it or not, I tend to feel a little more creative with red bull in my system.

      Last night, I wanted to drink two cans, but I wasn’t sure of the recommended limits. So I went to bed and got up at 2 AM in the morning (I didn’t drink the red bull late, by the way), so I went online to waste time.

      Where’d I go? Google. What’d I type in? “Daily limit of red bull.”

      First article I got? “Red Bull specifically states: ‘Red Bull® Energy Drink is labeled with a recommended maximum daily intake of two 250ml cans daily’ …” ( AKA, two cans.

      And hm, what does this say? Research before you whine and bitch at other people because you were too lazy to search around.

      And hey Nick, where’s my twenty bucks?

    • Yeah Boyeee

      come on once i drank 3 monsters and 7 bulls nothin happened

    • Alex

      Yeah Boyeee, there’s no way you could do that unless you spanned many, many, many hours between them. So if you say you didn’t, you’re completely bluffing.

      There is a lot of caffeine in all energy drinks. Too much caffeine speeds up your heart rate, and if it ends up speeding up -too- much, you can have a heart attack.

    • http://anon Paul W

      Well, I drank to many redbull and vodkas and woke up with a panic attack the next morning thinking I was having a heart attack. One of the most unpleasant experiences of my life. 3 years on and I still suffer from anxiety occasionally and I am now really sensitive to caffeine. In my honest opinion Red bull is really awful. I have never seen a warning on the can in the uk. And I was not aware of the damage it could cause as it is not very well known in the uk. I think red bull should be investigated properly about what damage its drinks cause.

    • jesse_69

      I drank 16 of them in 6 hours, had hell bad stomach aches and felt hell sic 4 like 5hours. then the next day i had like a redbull hangover and hell felt drained

    • Darren

      he was having chest pains… didn’t do anything about it.. happens to drink 8 red bulls.. then has a heart attack.. blames it on the red bull it sounds like some one doesn’t take care of them selves and is just looking for sympathy and to blame others for his decisions..

    • KlazKra’

      They have the new BIG cans out now. I have chugged about 3 of these in a short period of time without any side effects. I don’t even notice being more awake with the red bull. I’ll definitely take care in the future. Some of the other ones give me acne, so I stopped drinking energy drinks anyway…