• Fri, Aug 31 2007

Road Trip Time!


We’re preparing for our summer road trip. Yeah, yeah, we’re a little late this year. Labor Day weekend seems about the last possible time to take a trip and still be able to call it a summer road trip, so that’s what we’re doing.

I’ve checked my list of Road Trip Travel Toys, gathered up some snacks, borrowed a portable DVD player and stocked up on the movies. We’re traveling mostly in the evening on the way, so I’m hoping the kids will fall asleep! There’s really no precedent for that in our family, but I can hope, yeah?

Any tips for me before we take off? :D

photo credit: hyak82

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  • http://www.babylune.com Kate

    Gravol, but not for the kids. When they start whining, take some and it won’t seem as annoying.

  • http://www.playlibrary.com Kerri Aldrich

    Kate: I had to look up Gravol, but now I’m with ya. :P About the last hour of the drive home today, it would have come in handy! :D

  • http://shopaholicsdaily.com SP @ Shopaholics Daily

    On our road trips, it wasn’t the kids doing the complaining, it was me who was doing the whining. Thank heavens no one has come up with ejector seats. ;)