Applebee’s Cooking Up Breastfeeding Trouble

Women across the United States are gearing up for national nurse-ins on September 8, 2007, after a breastfeeding mother was treated poorly by Applebee’s on both local and corporate levels. When Brooke Ryan nursed her 7-month-old son Michael in a booth at a Lexington, Kentucky, Applebee’s, a waitress approached her and asked her to cover up with a blanket. Ryan did not have a blanket with her in the summer heat, but she did have a copy of Kentucky’s breastfeeding law, KRS 211.755. According to Ryan’s description of the incident, when she asked to speak to the manager and showed him the law, he said he was aware of the law, but that customers were complaining about indecent exposure. He repeated a request that she cover up with a blanket. Perhaps he didn’t study the law carefully enough, because Kentucky law specifically states that breastfeeding shall not be considered indecent exposure. The law reads:

Not withstanding any other provision of the law, a mother may breastfeed her baby or express breastmilk in any location, public or private, where the mother is otherwise authorized to be. Breastfeeding a child or expressing breastmilk as part of breastfeeding shall not be considered an act of public indecency and shall not be considered indecent exposure, sexual conduct, lewd touching, or obscenity.

The sponsor of the original bill, Senator Tom Buford, agrees that Ryan’s rights were violated:

“She was not treated right under the new law,” he said. “There should have been no comment made to her at all; the restaurant overstepped its boundaries.”

Unfortunately, this did not remain an isolated incident of ignorance at one local Applebee’s restaurant. Ryan’s lawyers wrote two separate letters to Thomas and King, the corporate entity that runs several Applebee’s. It finally responded two months later with:

“We regret that Ms. Ryan left without being served and would like the opportunity to personally invite her to return” …. “We are also considering keeping blankets in the restaurants for use by breast-feeding mothers that may not have them readily available as a result of this incident.

Let’s all say it together: breastfeeding shall not be considered indecent exposure. A mother cannot be made to cover up with a blanket. It is not a matter of whether or not the mother was breastfeeding “discreetly” or “modestly.”

The problem did not stop with the local franchise owners Thomas and King; it went all the way up to the corporate level of Applebee’s. A concerned mother who contacted Applebee’s International Guest Relations Manager reports that she received this response:

I am calling with the corporate response you requested – and the corporate response to the breastfeeding in Lexington, Kentucky is that Applebee’s and its franchisees love having families dine together at our restaurants. We believe that this franchisee made a reasonable and lawful request of this guest in order to promote a pleasant and comfortable experience for all of its guests.

There is nothing “reasonable” or “lawful” about a request for a nursing mother to cover up with a blanket. Kentucky law is clear. What else is clear? Applebee’s learned nothing from the Delta national nurse-ins last November. When a woman follows all legal channels and gives a company every chance to right a wrong yet continues to receive inappropriate responses, there is cause to stage a nurse-in. In the hopes of getting an apology from Applebee’s and a promise to train its employees in breastfeeding rights, Brooke Ryan has organized a nurse-in locally for September 8, 2007. Activists have rallied to join her at 20 sites in 13 states so far. To see if a nurse-in is planned near you or to register your own site, join the Yahoo group set up to coordinate the events.

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    • Jill


      I was upset by this story and Applebee’s corporate response. Though I’m not a nursing mother and don’t live near the nurse-in site, I realized I could still share my opinion by contacting the corporate headquarters of Applebee’s. I submitted the following comment on their “Guest Relations” portion of their web site:

      “I recently learned of the unlawful treatment of a breastfeeding mother in a Lexington, KY, Applebee’s restaurant on June 14, 2007. It seems from the account of the incident, the restaurant staff was in clear violation of the state law KRS 211.755 that protects nursing mothers. I find the stated details of the incident to be shameful.

      What is your response to this incident? As a family who frequently dines out at local restaurant chains in Asheville, NC, and who supports families’ rights and expects businesses to follow state and federal laws, how do you suggest that I justify ever patronizing your business again? Until I learn of a change in your corporate policy, you have lost my family’s business and gained a vocal advocate against patronage at your establishments.

      Jill McNabb”

      Angela, thanks for bringing this important issue to our attention. I hope some bad PR will help shame the restaurant into compliance with the law.

    • Scott

      This post caught my eye because I hate Applebees because I have never had good service there and the food sucks. But to the point. I have nothing against women breast feeding in public but at the same time, every nursing mother has some sort of burping blanket in her diaper bag whether its a big blanket or a small one. Babies need to be feed but boobs don’t need to be hanging out making people uncomfortable. I know I’m going to get some backlash from this but it just seem that women have no problem whipping out their breasts in public these days. Sure its natural (and this is not the best comparison) but so are itchy testicles and I’m not scratching myself in public every time it itches. People don’t mind that mothers breastfeed in public but like I said, they don’t want to see breasts hanging out everywhere. If you know your baby is going to be hungry and you know your going to be in public prepare yourself so that it can be done in some sort of discreet way.

    • flygrrl


      Yes, thank you so much for making us aware of this issue. And to Scott– yes, you are going to get some flack for your post. Throwing a blanket over your baby’s head while nursing becomes extremely difficult after about six months, as the little tykes have HANDS that they tend to repeatedly pull the blanket off with. Very little of the breast is showing when a mother nurses, even without a cover up; far less than many teenagers are showing in strappy tank tops in the middle of the summer. If you are feeling assaulted by the sight of breasts everywhere when you dine, then I would suggest that the problem is YOURS and that you are looking too hard in places you shouldn’t. To compare a breastfeeding child to your itching scrotum is just ridiculous. If you did have to have a discreet scratch at Applebees, I wouldn’t sit and stare while you did it. Until our culture quits being so adolescent about breasts, and realizes that they belong to us as women and to our nursing children, I’m not sure we’re going to stop hearing these sorts of comments. This myth of the indiscreet mother “flaunting” her breasts is the exaggeration of prudish people who can’t get past their own hangups. I have NEVER seen any nursing mother I know do anything in public that could be considered indiscreet.

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    • Scott

      Flygrrl, The problem isn’t looking in places I shouldn’t but constantly having to avoid accidentally glancing at a woman thats breastfeeding and having them THINK your staring. Don’t make ME out as some pervert, cause if that was the case I wouldn’t have a problem with women “whipping out their breasts in public”. My wife has breast fed both of our children and hasn’t had a problem being discreet about it when we are in public so I’m not speaking out as a person who has never had to deal with this. You still have to consider the feelings of others. I’m being mature about this and I’m not trying to make anyone out to be something their not and I would appreciate it if you would do the same. You have to look at things from a man’s point of view sometimes.

    • Scott

      Yes everyone feel free to flame me and make me look like a pompous ass because I speak my opinion. Feel free to point me out and start a post just to vent your breastfeeding frustrations out on me…after all I’m just an ignorant man!

    • Heather Micaela

      I am about as modest as one gets. I never wear v-neck shirts or anything that fits tight. Yet I nurse in public without a blanket. But I have NEVER “Whipped out” my breast. How on earth is that done anyway? (The whipping action, that is.) Because mine (even being over a size D) do not “whip.” In order to feed my baby I have to undo my bra, lift one side of my shirt, and attach my baby. Said breast in that process actually hangs a bit lower; it does not “whip”. And even if baby does not latch on right away that “offensive” nipple would become even harder to see than the vixens who wear skin tight clothing that leaves nothing to the imagination. The only way one could see anything would be to be inches from me and waiting and staring while baby tries to latch.

      I would venture to guess that any mother willing to nurse in public could care less who looks at her. Because we do not see the breasts as sexual. Sure they are used in media to be sexually attractive. But so can really nice legs, the small of the back, or full lips. Breasts are for feeding babies. Eating is something acceptable to do in public. It is not about the right of the mother. It is about the right of the baby.

    • flygrrl

      I apologize for personalizing my argument, Scott. What I was getting at is that this idea of women just “letting it all hang out” is typical of not just men, but many people who are uncomfortable with public breastfeeding. I realize when I nurse in public that people might see me doing so. I just don’t care. Has someone accused you of staring, Scott? I never felt that anyone was staring at me inappropriately, and if they had, I would have said something. So again, it seems it is the shame (or fear of shame) of those who have a problem with NIP that is at issue here. It’s not a matter of anyone being ignorant, it’s a matter of people who so strongly connect breasts with sexuality that it sets off all sorts of alarm bells. I’m having a hard time picturing someone sitting in a restaurant assaulted by the sight of bare breasts everywhere. I’ve just never seen it happen. The fact remains that the law protects a woman’s right to breastfeed, discreet or no, and this is a good thing. It is a matter of mechanics that it is difficult to keep everything covered 100% of the time when you are trying to quiet a hungry infant. The alternative is that we all stay home until our children are weaned, which is antisocial, anti-woman, and out of the question. Comparing breasts that are feeding to itchy testicles IS a bit adolescent. It’s not as bad as some of the other bodily function comparisons I’ve heard, but it just is not apt for this situation.

      But again, to get back to the Applebee’s thing; we can argue all day about who is “right” in their views on public breastfeeding, but the law says that the nursing woman was right and Applebees was wrong.

    • Scott

      I Have never been accused of staring and I just assume not. What strikes me kinda funny is that this woman that went to Applebees didn’t have a blanket of any sort but she just happened to have a copy of the breastfeeding law. Sounds to me as if she had been waiting to pull this card and play it just for some attention and Applebees just happened to be the unlucky recipient of someone out to file a lawsuit. Honestly, what kind of mother doesn’t carry some kind of burping blanket with her? I don’t care how hot it is you always come prepared.

      I knew the comparison wasn’t good and a restaurant full of women breastfeeding is just as unlikely as one full of men scratching themselves but you have to look at things from other peoples perspectives. You may feel comfortable talking to someone while feeding your baby but a waiter taking your order may not. I know I’m not going to win this argument, especially on this website so I’m no longer going to post any replies and let someone else’s blog profit off of trying to make me look like an ignorant male figure that doesn’t sympathize with the breastfeeding woman.

    • Ali

      Scott, thanks for posting; you genuinely seem to want to talk this out, and I think that’s great. As the father of breastfed babies, you know that babies don’t really care where they are when they want to eat, and it seems like you recognize that no mother wants to be making a spectacle of herself when she feeds her child.

      A lot of women have a problem with “the blanket” criticism, for a number of reasons.

      First, a lot of babies won’t tolerate them, or think it’s some kind of neat game. If you think breastfeeding in public is indiscreet, try doing it with a baby who’s laughing her head off as she plays “peek-a-boo” and flashes her mother’s breasts to the world. It becomes a big ol’ flag announcing to everyone, “Check us out!”

      Second, even if your baby isn’t throwing the blanket off, nothing announces your activities like a blanket. Most people don’t take a second look at the mom sitting on a bench cuddling her baby, but they do a big double-take when a grown woman is sitting there with a ducky-and-puppy festooned blanket covering the majority of the torso, with a squirmy lump on her front.

      Third, most of those women make every effort to wear clothing that is conducive to nursing. No woman who has given birth in recent history has any desire to show off her postpartum flesh. Trust me on this one. We wear tanks tops under button-down shirts, clothes especially designed for breastfeeding, cardigans, slings, and any other number of ingenious clothes and so on. We don’t want you looking at us any more than you want to be doing the looking.

      And finally, Scott, this mother didn’t “just happen” to be carrying a copy of the state law. She wasn’t looking for a lawsuit. She was looking for a nice family dinner. And Ms. Ryan was carrying a copy of her state law because, like so many other nursing mothers, she was prepared to be harassed and marginalized. She was carrying it for her own protection and peace of mind, at the recommendation of her own state. In Kansas, the health department passed out 40,000 laminated cards to breastfeeding mothers when the state passed its breastfeeding law. They were empowering their citizens. And to accuse a citizen of having an agenda or seeking out trouble when she was merely exercising her rights is just plain wrong.

    • Heather Micaela

      I just wanted to second what Ali said.

      I never ever carry a blanket or burp cloth. My baby too makes a game about the blanket over the head. She also gets overheated. Try keeping your head under a blanket for 15 min while breathing only through your nose: You end up getting hotter from your own breath.

      I do care what other people think, but villanizing breastfeeding because someone is a bit uncomfortable is wrong.

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    • Milehimama

      I went somewhere blanketless yesterday. We were out and about and the baby threw the blanket off into puddle in the parking lot.

      Scott, it’s interesting that you are ignoring the fact that Applebee’s staff broke the law and are instead focusing on the fact that you feel the woman wanted attention. Even if she did, and she’s just grandstanding, Applebee’s still did something wrong and refused to correct it, even at the corporate level.

    • anonymous

      As an employee of a restaurant, I feel I can cast some light as to why the woman was asked to cover up. I agree that according to the law, there is nothing that can be said to her about her breastfeeding her child, but look at it this way. Say a family is eating at the table next to her, and due to religious reasons, politely asks their server to ask the woman to cover up or maybe proceed with the breastfeeding in the bathroom. Now the restaurant is in an awkward position. They need to respect the law and the womans right to breastfeed, but they also need to respect the religious beliefs of said family. Either way, someone is going to complain. I don’t feel that they were wrong is asking her to cover up, They were looking out for the entire restaurant.
      Also, on a side note, who carries a copy of a law around with them unless they are looking to start trouble?

    • scott

      OK, yes i said I wasn’t going to leave anymore comments, but…

      Milehimama, I have not been ignoring the fact that applebees broke the law but merely was sidetracked with my opinion. If it’s the law, it’s the law. There is nothing I can really say to change a clearly understandable law by stating my opinion. If Applebees broke the law, by all means they should be penalized, They should be penalized for their service and food too!

      On another note, I think that the bathroom is no place to feed a baby, I don’t care how clean it is.
      I can fully understand that babies need to feed and breast milk IS the best source but I’m not comfortable about it. It’s something that I have to deal with, not very often but I still have to deal with it just like I have to deal with smokers (and this is coming from a former smoker) in restaurants. And down in the south they smoke heavy in restaurants.

      I don’t hold anything personal against a breastfeeding mother, I’m just not comfortable around it, just as I’m not totally comfortable around a gay couple, but if two men are in love with each other then that is beautiful in it’s own way and who am I to cast judgment, just as breastfeeding is a necessity for a growing, healthy baby and even though I’m not comfortable with it in public I wouldn’t expect a mother to stop on my behalf. They say opinions are like A@$holes, everyone has one and they all stink. It’s also my opinion that teens should dress accordingly and not so provocatively. I don’t blame the parents when a teen female is sexually assaulted but perhaps if they didn’t let their daughter dress so “maturely” for lack of better words, this could have been prevented. I think I have trailed off subject again.

      Anyway, Penalize the law offenders and feed away, Ladies. Peace.

    • Kevin

      As far as I am concerned, with the information that has been provided, the employee did not violate state code KRS 211.755. The code provides mothers the right to breast-feed their infants in public. The employee simply asked the mother to cover up. She was not asked to stop. However, had she been asked to leave because she did not choose to go along with the request, I would say that applebee’s should be penalized. As a law-enforcement officer, I do not even carry a copy of laws that may be questionable and that the general public would not consider common knowledge. I have never met a mother who was breast-feeding that carried a copy of this law around with her, and I have known a few between family and friends. It appears that she was looking to start something, especially with as headstrong as she is being with this “nurse-in” stuff. This is all proof once again that in todays society, there are just so many people waiting for someone to say something to them so they can do something like this. It is nothing but a bunch of drama. Heck, I think this whole website donated to this thing is over-dramatic. You would probably assume that I am just surfing the net looking for trouble, but I am not. I can’t believe that they are actually having one of these “nurse-in” things at an applebee’s near my home that I enjoy eating at. I couldn’t believe that so many people have nothing better to do. I was troubled to hear about this whole thing and troubled to see how people react to crap like this.
      Well, aside from all of that, I know that a lot of women do breast-feed in public. I do not find it offensive because there is nothing wrong with tending to the needs of a child. However, in the past I have seen some women that just act like since they know they have the right to feed, they can just pull a breast out in the middle of a restraunt for all the world to see and not even care. By not allowing a provision in the law for there to be consideration for the fellow at the table next to you, some women are just going to continue to feed in an indiscreet, “I don’t give s@#$ what you think about it” manner, and don’t act like that are not women out there like that, because I know you know better. I doubt the law was written to allow women to just sit in a public restraunt and do what she wants. It was written to allow women the opportunity to breast-feed at there convenience, but it should not be in a way that is possibly offensive. This lady was obviously flaunting the fact that she was feeding, otherwise nothing would have been said because it would not, or at least should not (if done appropriately) have been noticed. Why else would anyone carry a copy of the law with them when they go into public. I think she was just waiting for someone to say something to her so she could go out and show the world that she is capable of making an A@# of herself. That’s just my $0.02 worth. I am not looking to argue, just leaving my opinion like everyone else.

    • flygrrl

      A ha! I think Scott inadvertently hit upon the crux of the issue here… the comments on a woman’s culpability in sexual assault because of how she is dressed gets at the core issue here, which is control of women’s bodies. In earlier eras, a glimpse of a woman’s ankle was considered provocative and lust-inducing. Where does it start and end? Body parts are not inherently sexual (aside from the function of the sexual organs themselves), but as a culture we imbue them with sexual connotations. Obviously a lot of people’s (both male and female) discomfort with breastfeeding is because of the association with breasts as inherently sexual, so regardless of who is made uncomfortable, I think it is really important that we take our breasts back! We shouldn’t be covering or uncovering them only for the sexual pleasure of others, but for our own purposes (i.e. feeding our children)! I think too many people (especially men) take it as a fait accompli that breasts ARE sexual rather than realizing that they are projecting a particular meaning upon them. I really see MORE public breastfeeding as part of the answer. Let’s get USED to seeing ‘em. And as for the comments of the restaurant employee, OK, so modesty is a big part of many religious traditions, but the Bible also talks pretty strongly about breastfeeding. If you’re that pious, there are probably a lot of things to be made uncomfortable by at Applebees. Let’s put the health, well-being, and practical considerations of moms and babies first. “It takes a village” and all that.

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Kevin, the fact that even a law enforcement officer is not aware of the complete law is why a woman might carry a copy with her. KRS 211.755(3) says: “(3) No person shall interfere with a mother breast-feeding her child in any location, public or private, where the mother is otherwise authorized to be.” The Applebee’s waitress violated the law because asking the mother to cover up was “interfering” with the mother breast-feeding her child. Even worse, when the mother spoke to the manager and presented him with a full copy of the law, he knowingly violated it again.

    • Anna

      This is such a set up! Who brings a copy of Kentucky’s breastfeeding laws out to lunch with them? I have breast fed all three of my children and never had ANYONE ask me to cover up (and two of them are twins… you say you can’t cover up while feeding one baby? I did it while feeding two at the same time, it CAN be done!) Why? Because I am able to handle myself appropriately in public. PLEASE don’t fall into the hype of needing something to complain about. There are much better causes to spend your time on. I will support you if you have a valid complaint however I will not support you if you are sitting with your ta-tas hanging out in a restaurant just waiting for someone to say something so you can cause a stink.

    • Kevin

      See, it is all on how you interpret the way the law is written. I would not consider asking someone to cover up an interference. Asking someone stop breast-feeding until she covers up would be an interfence. There is no real way that one could say that the employee violated the law. Sometimes you have to pick your battles. I think there are more important things going on in the world than something this petty. A woman’s right to breast-feed, as provided by law, MAY have been violated and women all across this country are out to make a big deal about it. If you want to really make a difference, fight for something worth fighting for, like children who have to grow up in gang infested neighborhoods just to be pulled into the cycle themselves, and so on. Why aren’t you all out there fighting and protesting for their rights. The way people are acting over this is simply ridiculous.

    • Milehimama

      I wonder if the Applebee’s management would have spoken to a twenty something who was flashing a thong over her lowriders, or a guy who was proudly displaying his underwear. If a girl shows up in a white top and no bra, does management offer them a blanket?

      It’s okay to nurse in public, as long as nobody sees? Is that really what you want the law to be?

    • flygrrl

      OK, I wish people would READ the thread before spouting off. I thought we covered the fact that the health dept. in Kentucky was handing out LITTLE LAMINATED CARDS with the text of the breastfeeding legislation on it to new moms. And people *do* get harassed. I know a woman who was told, while discreetly breastfeeding on a park bench, that she should be arrested.

      As for why this is worth getting upset about, again, follow the thread. I think that how we support mothers, how we support breastfeeding, and how we choose to raise our children has a HUGE impact on society. It is a political act, and taking care of our children (the ones who are being tempted by gangs and everything else in the tangential rants above) begins at the breast. Yes, there are a lot of causes out there, and no one can work on them all. When you are a breastfeeding mother, that’s where your energy is going so of course it’s an important issue!

    • CINDY

      I agree with SCOTT, Mother of 5 here Breast fed them all…
      This is all
      Hog wash this lady is no lady , funny how she just happened to have a copy of the law in her purse, can you say set up? she should be ashamed. I have 5 children all were breast fed babies , This lady just wanted attention and she got it, I have been to Applebee’s 2 times in the past while women were breastfeeding this is just hogwash.. I live in southern KY and I’m From New York city and this woman should be ashamed , I just love that she had that copy of the law in her purse hahahahah AND to beat it all this happened IN JUNE!
      I really don’t care at all about backlash Just because we can whip our breast anytime we want and feed our babies does not mean we have to be crude and rude which is exactly what happened here,, Then this lady ( using the term lightly) did not even show up to any of the protests LOL maybe she was home making more copies of the law so she can have it when she whips her breast again in public..
      I love how people can take a Law and make it into something it was never intended to be.
      Scott I say scratch your itch HUN , if it itches SCRATCH AWAY.
      The problem here comes down to one thing CLASS, you either have it or you don’t.
      I will eat at Applebees as much as possible now but if Thomas and King give in to Ms. Ryan I;ll never eat there again.
      People really need to get a life, If you want to have a sit- in go sit- in ON George W Bushes front lawn WE are at WAR people and you are worried about one womans rude actions at a restraunt, I love the media!

    • Kevin

      Ok, before you go off accusing anyone of not reading, take a moment to note that it was not Kentucky that passed out the laminated cards, it was Kansas. Therefore we are right back to my opinion. Right, wrong, or indifferent, as always there are basic common things that should be considered in todays society. As I said before, I personally could care less if you choose to breast-feed in public. I do not find it offensive. If that is how you feed your child then it is going to have to happen at some point. I just feel there should be some sort of guidelines or “how to’s” when it comes to doing it to keep crap like this from happening. I also agree in that the clothing of the crowd in these places has become a bit offensive, or rather mostly offensive. Alright, here is all I have to say and I will leave it alone from here on so you all can sit around and rant on yourselves without “interference”, since that is what the whole thing stems from to start with. To act like breast-feeding is a cure-all for problems in the world is ridiculous, it wont even start with that. It is important for a mother to feel comfortable and confident when feeding her child. It is also for people around her to feel comfortable while she feeds her child, which will not happen by telling them they have to just get over it. They are paying their hard-earned money to dine in these restraunts as well. I am not saying don’t breast feed, just use common sense and don’t show the world that you breast-feed your child and are proud of it. Lastly, don’t go out just pointing your fingers at applebee’s. I am sure they are not the first ones to have such an incident. It is a shame if Ryan’s rights really were violated, and if they were I do not advocate what happened. But applebee’s like any other big business out there is not going to admit to doing anything wrong. They can’t. Look at most people who commit a crime. If they admit guilt before going to trial then they are punishable to the fullest extent of the law. They are also vunerable at that point to be sued for damages and the such. The lesson in this is that though Thomas and King did not accept responsibility for the incident, if they had done so, the entire franchise, and possibly the entire corporation is vulnerable to a lawsuit in which they have already admitted guilt. It is also just corporate policy in most cases to not admit to any wrong doing unless it is in the best interest of the company. It is the same almost anywhere. People are just to sue happy. It doesn’t make things they do wrong acceptable, but if you want an apology, you gotta take them to court and you better have a good angle cause companies like that have the best lawyers out there. A nurse-in is no threat to a company nor will it really provoke a very effective wake up call. Sure it hurts business a little, but not enough to even make them flinch. With the exeption of those who participate, it will all be forgotten by Monday, so what is the point of all the uproar. Does it just make you feel better to get out there and act like you are making a difference when you are not. Like I said, choose your battles. I don’t consider something like this even worthy of hitting the national level as it has. I have got to get off this forum. Don’t take me a being sexist or anything like that but I can really tell I am fighting a lost cause because once again I am arguing with women. There is no room for a man’s opinion in a forum like this. Farewell and good luck with your nurse in. I should have just sat back and let you all just rant and rave and get it all off you minds, so that you can make it through another day.

    • Kevin

      Oh and thank you Cindy for saying the part about the sit-in at G.W.’s front lawn. That is the best idea I have heard on this entire forum. I am glad to see that I am not alone in thinking this whole thing has been blown out of proportion.

    • CINDY

      LOL Kevin I don’t even know how you found yourself on this silly web site, I just happen to live in KY close to where this took place so I had to find an outlet to get my frustrations out on how totally stupid this is, I think the part where she had the papers with her was what got my blood boiling , Like I said I have 5 children 3 boys 2 girls and I nursed all of them for 12 months each, maybe I was just raised with some class because I always went out of my way to not offend those around me …
      I will say this, If these women want to show there boobs tomorrow , Thats fine by me I just got a new digital camera and I have been dying to try it out, look for my page coming soon to youtube and facebook It will be called applebee’s breast shots , Everyone smile :o)~

    • Kevin

      Oh, my friend works for applebee’s and told me about this and I just could not believe it so I had to find out for myself. Oh, I will be missing a very good car show tommorow just to go to applebee’s and see how much these women that are coming out can make fools out of themselves. It is a shame that these women are supposedly representing breast-feeding women everywhere. They are making everyone who breast-feeds look like a bunch of fools. Alright, I have said enough now, I am going to go back to my old forums where I can argue with other guys about which auto -maker builds the fastest cars. LMOA

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    • Sandi

      I’m confused by some of the responses listed. I understand that the state law in this instance protects the right of the mother to breastfeed in public but I certainly don’t see anything in the law which would prohibit private citizens from requesting she exercise some discrection in the matter. She seems to think she had done so but to me that most certainly does not seem the case. I’ve worked in restraunts for years while completing both my graduate and undergraduate work and I’ve never encountered a situation where a breastfeeding mother exercising the appropriate amount of discrection was harassed for nursing her baby. Restaruant employee sgenerally aren’t looking to pick fights with their customers especially since their income is directly dependent on customer satisfaction. Gratuity is NEVER required and always dependent on the customer’s willingness do leave monies above and beyond the cost of food beverage and tax (that goes for supposedly mandatory service fees for large parties too). If this woman was approached by more than one employee I can reasonably assume that she was probably being quite flagrant and just looking to pick a fight. On a side note, yes I do have children, yes I did breastfeed them, yes I do feel their are resonable limits and yes I did act in a reasonable discreet manner when circumstances dictate that I do so. It isn’t a matter of who’s right or wrong but just basic curteousy.

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Sandi, approaching the mother and asking her to cover up constitutes “interfering” with a mother breastfeeding her child, and such “interfering” violates the law. Even the senator who drafted the legislation believes the law was violated in this case.

      Not that it matters, but only one person approached the mother about covering up. The mother then asked to speak to the manager (because sometimes individual employees are unaware of the law) and then the manager also asked her to cover up.

    • CINDY

      Sandi Please don’t listen to this above person, I live in Lexington KY and That is NOT TRUE you are correct Sandi in ever way , This Angela White person with a long title after her name knows not of what she speaks.. Keep in mind Sandi that Ms. Ryan ( who is the person in question) DID NOT SHOW up to THE NURSE -IN AT ALL…
      Ms. Ryan was not TOLD to cover up she was just asked “IF” the key word is “IF” she would mind, all she had to do way say “NO” ..
      This manager was put in a horrible position as to how to please both parties, Thank GOD Ms. Ryan just left LOL and called a Lawyer I understand.
      She has no leg to stand on, as the key word here was “IF” she would mind, NOT, COVER UP.
      If you have not read my above blogs , you will see I am a breastfeeding mother of 5 children, I have never needed a breastfeeding counselor lol as I think nature takes its coarse, I also went out of my way as a breastfeeding mom to not make others around me feel uneasy, I did that as a human being. The United States likes to make law that people can twist and turn until they can get a law suit out of it, This is a perfect case.
      If we made a side in restraunts for breastfeeding mothers only they would still complain about something,… I say sit them with the smokers. J/K.. but maybe not!

    • Lisa


      I’m up late and stumbled upon this site through I was bored and decided to read through all of the comments here. I have to tell you that you have the worst spelling and grammar mistakes in your comments that I have almost ever read. What you write is almost unreadable due to this.

      Also, you aren’t writing ‘blogs’. You are writing ‘comments’. Blogs are websites. Comments are the responses to the things written on the blogs. See how that works?

      Also, the breastfeeding counselor doesn’t have a long title after her name. It’s just a title. I think you chose to point her out that way because you are uneducated and feel threatened by anyone who is educated and has a title after their name.

      I don’t even care about the breastfeeding topic. I just want you to know that you come across as a complete and utter idiot in the way you present your arguments.

    • CINDY

      Number one this is all just chatter to me, Number two if I was in a grammar blog room I might give it that extra try, but…. I’m not, I find this whole blog to be as you say “uneducated” and it just pushes a hot button with me as I fire off. and now we have a new woman whining about this same topic as I read on CNN this morning just to show you Lisa how stupid people can really be this woman is a Harvard student whining because she wants extra time during her exam to breastfeed her child, I say pump it, pump a weeks worth if need be thats why they make breast pumps but no bitching ..
      Another great example of people wanting to bend the laws to suit themselves.
      She maybe up against a brick wall fighting Harvard .
      Lisa I never invited anyone to read my sloppy writing nor do I even care I just entertain myself most of the time and try to get this stupid subject and what I think of these new age mothers off my chest. By the way I attended Ferris State University in Michigan for 4 years and I do suffer greatly from dyslexia which believe it or not I have overcome quit a bit.
      If you are bored again at night I should ask that maybe you visit one of the many blogs on the War going on and maybe comment there as that is a much more earth shattering subject than these silly women and their rights to show their breast in public.
      But thank you for your comment.

    • Lisa

      Hi Cindy,

      First let me say that is it nice to be able to ascertain the points you are making!! I was able to do this because you have shown that you are able to somewhat command use of grammar and punctuation.

      I understand the plight of those who have had to overcome dyslexia, as my husband and father- in-law also struggle with it. Kudos to you for your efforts in attempting to tackle that condition.

      I think in your last comment that I can see where you are coming from, although I disagree with you on several points.

      First, you have said that this is all ‘just chatter to you’ and you have given the suggestion that perhaps others visit war blogs and comment on the war. When you try to dominate someone’s comment section with reactionary and ill-parsed off the cuff thoughts, that is called being a troll. Now, surely that is not what you are trying to do, is it?

      You mentioned that you never ‘invited anyone to read your writing’, but actually you have. When you write something in a public space on the internet you are effectively inviting the whole world to read it.

      If war blogs are so important to you then why do you find yourself here trying to dominate this set of comments? Perhaps you should take your own (I’m sure well intentioned) advice.

      Also, as for you suggesting that I read war blogs and comment there, I am a very active volunteer politically and also volunteer my time with veterans so I will continue to actually DO something active with my beliefs on the war and not merely sit and read and comment on war blogs.

      Also, if you are college educated, as you claim to be, surely you know that the biological function of the breast is to feed children. People are made uncomfortable by the sight of a breast in public because human beings have sexualized a part of the human body that is not inherently sexual. If a woman is using her breast for its intended biological function then there is no need for her to cover it. If it makes other people uncomfortable to have a woman in their vicinity breast feeding, then that is an issue for them to examine within themselves. It is not grounds for anyone to dictate to a woman that the intended biological function of the breast should be hidden in private so that they will not have to confront their personal bias on the issue. I ask you, what kind of society would we have if we simply hid away everything that made others uncomfortable?

      Someone earlier likened breast feeding in public to scratching one’s testicles in public when they itch. In order for any analogy to be valid the two things being compared have to be equal. Breasts and testicles are not equal because breasts are not part of the genitalia.

      Regarding your comment above about ‘how stupid people can be’, allow me to remind you that simply because you do not agree with someone does not make their position ‘stupid’. Laws and mores begin formation by people questioning and testing the status quo, challenging formerly held beliefs. If a person wants to test why she should not be allowed to have extra time during an exam to breast feed, that is her prerogative. This is how we come to know who we are as a society, by putting boundaries in place and then testing those boundaries. I am not agreeing or disagreeing with your view on her being able to have more time during an exam to breast feed, I am merely educating you on why cases like this are an important part of society. How would we ever have a law or boundary if we never questioned anything or challenged it? Just make things up arbitrarily as we go? That’s not how society functions.

      You also mentioned in an earlier comment that you ‘never needed a breast feeding counselor’ and laughed at your own remark, as if to say that the notion of a breast feeding counselor is silly. You are taking a personal situation and generalizing that to the general populace. You are aware, of course, that breast feeding does NOT ‘come naturally’ to all women and that things like the amount of milk flow, the shape of the nipple, and simple unfamiliarity with the process as a whole are all factors in the breast feeding experience. Simply saying that you have never needed to avail yourself of the service that someone provides and that therefore no one else should need that service either is preposterous.

      If you would like to present some valid reasons why women should not be able to breast feed in public and not just the purely emotional and ‘fired off’ banter that you have presented thus far, I would be happy to debate you on the topic. If you choose not to perhaps it is because you do not feel that you are capable of putting forth anything other than reactionary statements that have little validity when it comes to the actual function of the breast and society’s views on that function verses the sexualization of the breast or perhaps it is because you are too busy commenting on ‘war blogs’. The most likely scenario is that you are indeed a troll who actually has nothing of any substance to offer in a true debate and is merely using someone else’s web space as a platform to vent your reactionary emotions.

    • CINDY

      Lisa , I am not here to debate with you or anyone on this matter.
      As to why I am here, this happened in my city at an Applebee’s not 2 miles from me so that answers that part of your question.
      As to
      why this med student should not be allowed to have extra time during an exam to breast feed, well its simply because those are the rule put forth by that university, plainly put, also please note they do get breaks during this 9 hour exam, she just wants extra ones.
      Now you say on one hand breast feeding is a natural thing and has been done since time began, then you explain to me the need for a breast feeding counselor as to say we have become dumber as women as time has went on.
      I’m sure if you say you have read through the entire blog and comments you have seen my remark of being the mother of 5 children all of which were breastfeed, from the 1970′s to the 1990 ‘s while I was in school, working and even hospitalized so the notion that this woman can not pump for a nine hour test is ludicrous to me, again that’s just me.
      I also in all those many years have never went out of my way to make other uncomfortable ( just because I could ) and I just feel that we have become a society of Lawsuit HOGS who will sue for any reason most without merit, just because you can push the envelope does not mean you must.
      Bravo to your time spent with the veteran’s,. I think that’s one thing we both do see eye to eye on, I too am involved with said projects and enjoy the company of these men and women greatly.
      My point on the war blogs was simply that there are much more important things going on in this world today than whether exposed breast are to become the norm because a law says so.
      People interpret things in many ways and twist them around to fit their own needs and wants, just looks at our Bible perfect example of who sees what and how its seen.
      The law says I can breastfeed my child in public without being interrupted in any way, so we have to push that envelope just because we can, I liken it to passing gas, I know I can do it I know its not a crime but I tend to remove myself from others to do so, human courtesy plain and simple.
      I myself have had about all I can take in on this subject and I was overjoyed at the judge who threw out this case today involving this medical student, It was the right thing to do, That’s my belief.
      Of coarse I believe in many things that would upset and bother many people so its just one woman’s opinion.
      The use of the word troll I must admit is a name I have never been called before and I have been called many, it was both humorous and yet harsh but I did get a chuckle. I will have to look that one up now.
      If nothing else comes of this I will at the very least work on my grammar .
      again thank you for your time and thoughts.

    • Lisa

      Wow Cindy!!

      I was hoping to be a bit more impressed with your ability to ascertain what was being said by reading what someone writes, comprehending that information, and being able to form a logical opinion. I guess I set my sights to high on that one.

      I did not say that women had become dumber over the ages. You are putting words in my mouth that were never typed. Did you even read what I wrote??? Let me try once more! I’ll use smaller words for you.

      Some women have flat nipples. Flat ones are harder for the baby to latch on to and some infants need to be coaxed into feeding on a flatter nipple. These women would benefit from a breast feeding counselor.

      Some women have inverted nipples. Same as above.

      Some women have milk flow issues. Same as above.

      Some women have never had children before and are unsure of the process of breast feeding. Same as above.

      Then there are the lucky women who have round protruding nipples who have no problems nursing.

      Just because you nursed 5 children successfully does not mean that other women may not benefit from the services of a breast feeding counselor!! I really do not know how much more simple I can make that for you!! Do I need to draw little pictures??? Do I need to draw slowly so that you don’t get lost in the explanation???

      I too am tired of frivolous lawsuits, but the Applebee’s case is not a frivolous lawsuit. I know nothing about the case you keep bringing up from CNN other than what you have said and I do not speak about things I know nothing about.

      On to your point that there are more important things going on in the world than whether or not the law says an exposed breast is ok. Just because there are other things going on in the world and they are important does not mean that the world stops. You may find this hard to believe, but several important things can actually go on in the world at one time!!! It’s true!!

      Women are fighting for an issue that they believe to be very important. See, going back to that lesson on how our society works, that’s what people do when they feel strongly about something and they want change. They stand up for what they believe is right. That’s what these women in the Applebee’s case are doing.

      You keep mentioning how close you live to Applebee’s. Do you feel that if you bring that up enough times that your point will be more valid?? What if you moved into the Applebee’s parking lot, or better yet, just shacked up in the kitchen? Maybe you feel that if you just keep repeating over and over how close you are to the situation that it will make a difference in the facts. It does not.

      Something that you mentioned earlier, at least I believe it was you, forgive me if I’m wrong, was that the woman was looking for trouble by carrying a copy of the law. Did you miss the part about how these were laminated copies of that law handed out to new mothers by the health department? If I carry a copy of my constitutional rights in my wallet am I looking for trouble too? The woman wanted to be able to clarify a law to someone if they attempted to harass her. Being prepared is not looking for trouble, it’s trying to avoid it.

      Maybe your problem is with the fact that she retained a lawyer. What should she have done, in your opinion? Should she have meekly slinked away and hoped for better luck feeding her child next time? Should she have started screaming and caused a scene? Should she just roll over and let people walk over her legal right to feed a child in public and do nothing when those rights are violated??

      I see that you did not grasp the definition of a valid analogy. You have compared farting in public with breast feeding a child. Farting is an expulsion of gas from the rectum. Feeding a child by breast is not the same thing, so once again you are comparing apples to oranges.

      You call removing yourself from public to feed a child a human courtesy? It is NOT a courtesy to not feed your child in public!! It simply is irrelevant whether or not someone is offended by the sight of a child latched on to a breast !! People are going to look for something to be offended over no matter WHAT you do. Being offended over the sight of a nursing mother is childish and ignorant.

      Your not knowing the slang term of ‘troll’ tells me that you spend very little time on the internet and that you most likely only turn on a computer long enough to spew something ignorant and reactionary, completely without thought and validity. Yes, you go look that term up. In the mean time, I’ll give you hint as to what it means.
      The Wikipedia definition of online troll is as follows: ‘An Internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who intentionally posts controversial or contrary messages in an online community such as an online discussion forum or USENET, with the intention of baiting users into an argumentative response’.

      It’s either that or you really are as unintelligent and as incapable of rational, linear thought as you seem to be. Right now it’s a toss up in my mind as to which it might be.

    • Lisa

      Cindy, one more thing, you really should in all seriousness work on that grammar thing. You may not be able to control how others perceive you, but can control how you present yourself.

      Having a command of your native language and being able to articulate to others through speech and the written word presents to others that you know what you are talking about and are confident in that knowledge. Dyslexia is no excuse for poor punctuation and grammar skills. If all else fails, use spellcheck or Microsoft Word. It really couldn’t hurt.

    • Kevin

      I cannot believe that there are still two people on here argueing about this. And it is funny that the argument has shifted to each others intelligence rather than the original subject. The only reason that I am back on this forum is the fact that I accidentally hit the notify button and after 2 weeks of silence I am now recieving emails again. Oh, go ahead and judge my spelling, grammar, and punctuation. This is a forum, not an English class. As long as you get what is being said, that is all that matters. Oh by the way Lisa, since you are so up on the times and know internet slang, here is one for you….. STFU. If you’ve never IM before, you may not have seen it, but I am sure you can figure it out. Not trying to be rude, but you talk too much. I have a couple long post, but mine are on the subject, not how well people can present their opinion. And maybe you don’t realize out their in your own little world, but you are being as much of a troll (by your defenition) as anyone on here, and taking there forum of subject to boot. I am looking foward to your criticism, I enjoy learning from people who know so much. LMAO

    • Kevin

      Correction on the Second to last sentence at near the end of the paragraph, (Before the teacher has to try to figure out what I meant to say and gives me a bad grade). “…..and taking THE forum OFF subject to boot.” Still LMAO!!!!!

    • CINDY

      Lisa Lisa Lisa,
      Your’re still at it I see, and repetitive to boot, you remind me of a child in the check out lane asking for a candy bar saying it over and over, Lisa we have covered My grammar 3 times now, and each time I even went as far as to thank you and say I’d work on it, But……………..I see you are one of those people who like to see themselves in type over and over so you start to repeat, that’s OK some people just have to do what they have to do.
      I’m sorry I did not get back to you sooner but I spent a marvelous weekend on Martha’s Vineyard with my hubby , Its so nice there in the fall , so crisp and just relaxing, the ride over was a bit rough the water was so choppy, but once we got there we had a blast.
      It was so funny they have like a small village market with fruit and such and then a smaller place with just like yard sale stuff and believe it or not I found a small troll doll with purple hair , ( she was naked someone took her clothes off) but I had to have her, See even while you were home correcting my grammar and I was away having just a wonderful weekend I was still thinking of you although I’m not sure that doll was worth 2 bucks, being naked and all? But it brought me much joy so I guess you can’t put a price on that.
      I have to be totally honest with you Lisa ( head hanging in shame) I did not read past maybe 9 words of your second to last comment as it bored me after only said many words, but I did read your last again repetitive one.
      My mom always said if you have to say something more than once either the person just does not care or you just like hearing yourself talk, I think it may be the latter of the two as I have agreed with you each time so to acknowledge you and even thanked you.
      Repetitiveness is also a sigh of obsessive compulsive disorder and I hear they have wonderful drugs for that these days.
      I hope you had a nice weekend away from the box and again thank you for your comments,.

      P.S hey Kevin LOL welcome to what has turned into my own personal grammar lesson, It has been an honor and a privilege.

    • Angela White, J.D., breastfeeding counselor

      Hello everyone! I have enjoyed reading the comments on this post, and I’d like to leave the comments open for further comments in case anyone has anything to say on the original topic. However, if further comments are posted that bash other commenters, I will delete them.

    • Jeni

      I was recently forwarded this bulletin from a girlfriend that I highly respect, however I have a a little piece to say regarding this story. My disclaimer is that I in no way mean to offend mothers just would like to respond on the flip side of this argument.

      first and foremost, I would like to state that this lady is taking this a little too far, as most Americans do with their “rights”. She is upset because a local restaurant requested she cover up her exposed breast while breastfeeding. Yes, breastfeeding may be a “right” as stated clearly in her paperwork that was presented to the manager, however there are a couple of issues that have red flagged this bulletin.

      Issue 1. Why would you carry around a printed up “right/law” if you knew that what you were doing was right and appropriate. Even if it were for backup in case others were not familiar with the current laws, there should still be consideration for others. Ex: is it appropriate to view explicit material in a public setting such as a library or a work office? No. Is it illegal? Again, no as long as you are of age to view the material. So why is it frowned upon among society? Most likely because people get offended. If someone requests that you cover up while breastfeeding, most likely it’s because they don’t wanna see your exposed breasts hanging out all over the place. If anything, it’s out of respect and common decency that you cover up.

      So, basically this lady doesn’t have the “right” to be upset that someone is asking her to cover herself up. If it’s an issue and she really doesn’t want to, order the food to go or breastfeed before/after the public setting. Her excuses of the weather being too hot are not good enough to put up this much fuss!

      Issue 2

      If this incident was illegal and this particular Applebees was going against “human rights” they would have lost any court case that came up and all letters written to corporate offices and other “human rights” activist organizations would’ve responded to in a fast and timely manner. Cases are won based on how the law is interpreted by judges, current and past.

      This act seems to be spelled out clearly, however it does not state that it is illegal for people to request a breastfeeding mother to cover up. The act simply states that mothers cannot be denied to breastfeed. Women can still breastfeed if the baby is covered. The restaurant did not state that the mother couldn’t breastfeed inside nor did they state that she had to leave, they simply requested that she covers herself so that ALL patrons can enjoy their dining experience comfortably. Once again, they did not request her to leave, she left on her own. I do not see any rights being violated here.

      Issue 3

      This lady really did not need to take her “right” to such extremes. She should have gone to the car if she didn’t have the appropriate blankets or covers or if she felt that others were getting offended. The only thing this act stated is that no one should interfere with a woman breast feeding. This translates to: You have the right to breastfeed BUT NOT in anyway you personally seem fit. Also, you should have a little common courtesy and class to think about others and NOT just yourself.

      Overall, this lady is way too sensitive. She should not be taking a “Human Right” and twisting it to form around her own personal wants and desires. Think about these letters and come up with your own conclusions prior to sending these types of letters out and advocating a topic you may feel “needs to be spread around”. Also, you should research the information a little more. I bet 95% or more of the readers that have forwarded this letter never took the time to really think about what they were advocating or tried to actually look up the law to fully understand what’s going on here. You don’t know all of the details from this story either. You are only hearing one side. :0)

      If you would like to see the full act on protecting KY breastfeeding mothers, please click on the link listed above. Please remember that this has not yet become a Federal Law/Act. It is only state-wide and varies from state to state.

      Peace be with all protesters and advocates. Y’all need to CHILL OUT!

    • flygrrl

      This comment thread has just descended into ridiculousness, so I’ve unsubbed, but I just wanted to comment on the criticism of the woman denied pumping breaks during a 9-hour medical board exam. The breaks are not to supply milk for the baby, which could easily be stored up in advance; the breaks are for the Mom! If you’ve nursed a child, you know that going 9 hours without nursing can be extremely uncomfortable, depending on the age and nursing frequency of the child. You’d also be risking clogged ducts and mastitis (both of which I’ve been through).

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    • Mab

      People have to rely on a law that says whipping out your boob in public is ok? Was there a time when people just had the sense to be decent?

    • Dan

      If there is anything perverse in feeding an infant at its mothers breast, it is in the minds of the idiots who object to the practice.

    • Raymond

      Simple solution. Ask the person that is breast-feeding to leave. Don’t tell them why you are asking them to leave and don’t hint or suggest that is due to their breast-feeding. Any store, business, or private property owner can refuse service to anyone and ask them to leave their property. If they refuse simply call the police and have them removed and cited for trespassing. That is what I would do if 100 women showed-up in my coffee-shop/restaurant to “protest”. They are trespassing as soon as I request for them to leave.

    • Ashley

      I don’t think she should have been asked to cover up – it sounds like to me that the logical reason why people were complaining was because wives were getting jealous and didn’t like the possibility that their husband/boyfried might be having a sexual reaction to seeing another woman breadfeeding. After all – my husband thinks pregnancy and breastfeeding is sexy. I think that most men think the same. So should I run around telling other women not to get pregnant so that I won’t get jealous? No. Obiviously. So in conclusion – breastfeeding would only be offensive to certain people who think this is a sexual thing, which it clearly is not and neither is pregnancy. Be realistic people! As for children and teens being around it, they should have been taught that this is a natural thing and should be mature about. If a child asks a parent what that woman was doing – they would have naturally replied that, “that woman is breastfeeding.” If the child persists to ask why, they would reply “because her baby is hungry.” And any parent knows that when babies are hungry – they should be fed as soon as possible. And it can happen anytime (even if the feeding scedual was all planned out). I know that when I get hungry I like to eat as soon as I can. Regardless if the woman is “covered up” or not is irrelivant, the important thing that everyone is and was overlooking is that her baby got fed. So if your jealous, super religious, or have any other problem with seeing “most” of a womans breast you should either: not look, or poke your eyes out of your head. Because nudity is everywhere. And your going to see it more than once whether you like it or not. She was clearly within the law, and had the right to do what she was doing. Maybe the people who feel so open to voicing their outrage in public should be as open to seeing a woman breastfeeding in public. The differance is that breastfeeding is positivly constructive. As opposed to when someone is just complaining and being obiviously over oppinionated. They aren’t doing any good, infact they are purposly causing more problems – not only for themselves but for everyone around them (ie: the waitress serving them) too. Which is quite a contrast they are emitting when by complaining in the first place about it being a “problem” of theirs to see a woman breastfeeding and how it should be eliminated (so now instead of just one problem – they created two or more instead). So really, think about it. All people should think before they speak. Make an educated oppinion if your going to have one.

    • Scott

      Holy crap it’s been over a year and a half since I last commented on this, but seeing how i still get emails from it I have to mention to ashley two things.

      1. Finding pregnancy sexy is one thing. Finding breastfeeding sexy is kind of strange to say the least.

      2. If you’re going tell people to to use education in a comment, ensure your spelling and grammar is correct before hitting that submit button, otherwise it takes a lot away from your own “educated” opinion. I’ve made the same mistakes many times including my own comments on this post and if no one tells you about it, then you keep making the same mistakes.

    • lstill

      Isn’t it funny that this is such a heated topic? I understand why it is, but it’s so strange that our natural method of child feeding should stir up so many strong emotions. I admit that I get embarassed when someone near me quickly flashes a breast to feed their baby, but I honestly feel like that’s my problem, not theirs. I’m not trying to attack the guys who feel differently and I hope no one else will either. It doesn’t do any good to pounce on anyone with a differing opinion who is brave enough to voice it and is open to discussion.
      What is “discreet” and what isn’t is subjective. The law has to either allow it or ban it, and that state decided to allow it. Who are the rest of us to place limits (i.e. you must cover up) if the law does not?
      It’s a fact that many many Americans are uncomfortable seeing someone breastfeed, and I applaud anyone brave enough to do it anyway, but it shouldn’t be only for the brave. It might encourage more moms to breastfeed (and create a healthier generation of children) if we all try to minimize the stigma and get over our own hang-ups.

    • becka

      I feel frustrated at the situation involving Brooke Ryan and Applebee’s Restaurants as noted in this article: Brooke was in the
      Nicholasville Road Applebee’s in Kentuckty on June 14th, having lunch. She was told by a server to cover up while she was breastfeeding her baby, because customers complained that she was “indecently exposing” herself. It is especially upsetting that to hear via groups on the internet that Applebee’s is considering having “blankets on hand at all their restaurants” as a result of this incident and that Alex Bressette from Applebee’s Corporate office states that the manager’s request that Brooke cover-up with a blanket was “reasonable”.

      Applebee’s is missing the point. There is nothing shameful, indecent, or obscene about breastfeeding a baby. In fact, Kentucky law explicitly states that breastfeeding is not indecent exposure.

      It is understood some customers or employees of Applebee’s may not be comfortable seeing someone nurse in public. However, it is not the nursing mother that should be spoken to in situations like this. The complaining customers should be addressed and informed that the mother is not in violation of Kentucky law. You will find helpful information for handling customer complaints about nursing in public in the “For Businesses” section on (

      Please make an official written and public statement of corporate policy that breastfeeding is allowed in all locations. There should be no conditions to this statement and subjective terms such as “discreet” and “respectful” should not be used.

      I personally find this issue important to advocate simply because nothing changes until people make it change. I declare that I will boycott Applebees restaurants in the future until such a time that this wrong has been righted.

    • http://google Chris

      She should sue the pants off that company!!!!