Offbeat Pet Homes

Why offbeat pet homes? That is a stellar question. You guys remember Heather my chocoholic pal over at Chocolate Bytes? I mention her a lot because:

  • She sends me cool offbeat tips from time to time.
  • She’s an all around fun blogger and b5media friend.
  • She has chocolate leads — you do not mess with people who might send you chocolate in the future.

Anyhow, cool cat Heather recently launched a brand spanking new blog here at our Home & Dining channel. If you haven’t guessed from the title it’s all about (drum roll) PETS. That’s right pets! A whole blog about furry, scaly, and um, feathered pets called:


Personally, pets I can do without. I could possibly handle sea monkeys or maybe a pet rock. Don’t believe me. Alright about half a year or so ago I had major pet trouble that I blogged about at another blog. Can you guess what the pet was?

So an animal girl I’m not; but I did find some awesome offbeat pet homes. If you’re allowing your dog or cat to live in blahsville well, shame on you because there are other options.

Like this, The Bow Haus from one of the best blogs around Urbanzeitgeist


Or maybe this home for fish from another fine read, CubeMe.


Or how about a doghouse that starts at $10,000?


Here are the stats on the above doghouse: This 80-square foot mini-mansion is designed to compliment a traditional Spanish-Mediterranean estate. There is plenty of space inside for dogs and kids to playfully co-exist, and pint-sized designer furnishings for both to enjoy. A doggie-shaped flat-screen TV, terra-cotta tile floors, arched windows, air-conditioning, and plenty of toys and treats fill the inside of this luxury estate.

Here’s the interior of one of the doggie mansions from, no surprise; Doggie Mansions.


To say I’m stunned is putting it lightly.

This next one is just about the most amazingly fitting (for this blog) pet home I’ve EVER SEEN! This is only for savvy prefab pets.


Way too cool. Created by Pre-Fab Pets and thanks to Grassroots Modern for the heads up.

Last up two cat homes: The kitty duplex and kitty townhouse condo (Lord) from

cat-duplex.jpg cat-town-house.jpg

Technically I could go on for days; maybe all year. You would not believe the wacky things people build for their pets. It’s astounding. However, I’ve made it pretty clear that I am not your girl for pets. That would be Heather. If you have a pet friend than visit The Food Bowl today.

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    • Heather

      Those are all fantastic! I’ve seen the first and second ones but the rest are new to me – an entire mansion for a dog. Wow, even I’m not that hardcore! My poor animals are so deprived — all they get are pet beds and laps.

    • Marye

      Wow. Gives a whole new meaning to in hte dog house, doesn’t it.

    • Angelique

      I’m sorry to say that these dog houses are far more exquisite than our own home. Perhaps I should hope to be reincarnated into a furry friend my next time around on the planet! :)

      Hey–how about dollhouses next? I’ve seen some pretty amazing ones, and I’ll bet you could come up with tons of fascinating finds!

    • Jennifer Chait

      Heather, quit depriving your poor pets! What kind of a pet owner are you anyway ;) Actually I’m still reeling because 10,000 was on the low end.

      To put it simply Marye, yes.

      Angeligue; that’s what I thought when I first saw them — the damn dogs live better than me. Although, the homes are not much my style — maybe the architect one (my fave).

      And you know I have some toy homes (I Loved dollhouses as a kid) in wait; but I’ve been waiting around while I gather some more. I always have stuff in waiting. You do not want to see my bookmarks and books I have for this blog — it’s astounding.

      I hope you aren’t a dog in your next life — yikes, cold nose, short life, ick.

    • Jen / domestika

      Arghh, I once lived in an apartment that was smaller (and much less posh) than that yellow doghouse — and don’t expect to get myself a flat-screen tv for another while yet.

      It’s a sign that we are probably a very ill society, with totally confused priorities.

      And I’d explore that idea further, but my greyhound needs his therapeutic massage before we drive him to his playdate…

    • Jennifer

      “And I’d explore that idea further, but my greyhound needs his therapeutic massage before we drive him to his playdate…”

      Too funny; and I agree I think this does show a lack of priorities when there are kids who don’t have housing in this country. It really did stun me. I can see getting a cool looking house like the first one or the architect one but a whole house — some people are off their nut.

    • Scott Simon

      Could you tell me what company makes the Spanish-Mediterranean doghouse you have pictured? Thanks.

    • Jennifer Chait