• Fri, Sep 7 2007

A Gown Out of Vegetables on Actress Alyssa Milano

PETA has become quite famous and popular because of their advertisements and posters and campaign materials that show off these pretty fashionable and yet quite so unique pieces of clothing. Yes, PETA is the organization behind the oh so stylish vegetable gowns. That’s right, those gowns made entirely out of vegetables.

One of the most recent celebrities showing off and using the gowns is Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano. Now that would not come as quite a surprise for Milano is the vegetarian herself and who would be a more powerful endorser than her?

Anyhow, Milano’s gown was a full-length one and it was made with lettuce leaves. Of course, designs were added to make the green gown be even more elegant and attractive. And to do that, PETA had added kale accents as well as some asparagus as the bodice. Nice, huh?

Want to wear one of these gowns yourself?

[Via Ecorazzi]
[Image from Japan Today]

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  • Carrie

    It looks like the PETA loving Alyssa Milano is making a big comeback with this hot PETA ad, as well as her hilarious character on My Name is Earl. Also, did you hear she was starring opposite James Caan in the new Lifetime movie Wisegal?

  • http://nope me

    makes ya want to eat salad