• Sat, Sep 8 2007

Facebook under Fire over Breastfeeding Photos

Facebook followed in the steps of MySpace and LiveJournal as it began removing breastfeeding pictures under the premise that they are “obscene.” In a backlash against Facebook, breastfeeding advocates have started a new group entitled “Hey, Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene (official petition to Facebook).” (Registration is required to view or become a member of the group). Over 8,300 members have joined the group in support of the following petition:

Recently, Facebook has started ‘pulling a myspace’ by not allowing people to post profile pictures of babies nursing. The pictures have been reported as ‘obscene’ and have been removed- their posters warned not to repost or fear being kicked off of Facebook.

We’re wondering: what about a baby breastfeeding is obscene? Especially in comparison to MANY other pictures posted all over Facebook that really are obscene.

Facebook, we expect more from you, and we expect you to realize that nursing moms everywhere have a right to show pictures of their babies eating, just like bottle-fed babies have a right to be seen. In an effort to appease the closed-minded, you are only serving to be detrimental to babies, women, and society.

**Facebook, allow breastfeeding pictures, and stop classifying them as obscene!**

According to the Sydney Morning Herald:

Facebook spokeswoman Meredith Chin said Facebook – which has more than … 31 million users worldwide – did not prevent mothers from uploading photos of themselves breastfeeding their babies, but it did remove content that was reported as violating Facebook’s terms of use.

“Photos containing an exposed breast do violate our Terms and are removed,” she said.

Members have been wondering what constitutes “an exposed breast.” Apparently photos showing no nipple have still been removed. If you’re a Facebook member, be careful as some members have been permanently removed from Facebook over this issue.

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