More Guiliana dePandi and Bill Rancic Wedding Pictures

Read here for updates on Giuliana Rancic‘s breast cancer announcement.


Fab wedding photo of Giuliana dePandi and Bill Rancic. Lovely!

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Photo credit: InStyle and JJB

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    • Ervi

      I love you G!!! you both deserve each other, your tandem is perfect! God bless you both on your married life..
      Congratulations & Best Wishes!

    • Chitalu

      Girl u are a celeb with gud morral .I Wish you God’s Blessings in your marriage and many children to come.
      Dont ever lstn to what pipo will say about your marriage and ur Man coz you know him better than all of us. Ofcouse up’s and downs will be there. the secret is to pray to God believe me.
      Love you all. Bill please contn to love and respect your woman. Cant wait for mine.

    • DD

      Guiliana and bills wedding was enchanted to say the least. It oozed elegance and her timeless elegance made it so enjoyable to watch on E!
      congratulations to them both, wishing them all the happiness.

    • S Kay Robuck

      Guiliana I admire the love you have for your husband and the values that you both display in your lives. I wish we had more couple like you to be encouraged by. Just wish you would say if you really are pregnant also, instead of making it a “Jennifer Lopez
      fiasco…just to draw more attention to herself” What I have respected about you was your openness and honesty as a real to you

    • Cher

      I think that Guiliana marryed Bill for his money $$$$$$$$$$ she is a bitch :) Im always right you’ll se They are gonna be split.

      • JoAnna

        You’re a little hard on her, don’t you think :(

    • Nuria

      yup,she thinks shes a super star tryng to spend thousands on her wedding like if she wore famous.She thinks shes hot,and she hella ugly….

      • JoAnna

        WOW! Bad Karma

    • Maria Pizone

      Cher stop being hateful!

    • Katrina

      I think shes very pretty. Just a girl trying to help others… her book rock & so does she… who wouldn’t want an awesome big wedding! you would!

    • Polka Dot Bride

      They showed a wedding picture of these two in an episode of Dress my Nest that I can’t find anywhere online. It was the sweetest pose. She is turned 1/2 way looking back at the camera and he has his face down by her shoulder looking down. I don’t know if he is kissing her shoulder or just “breatheing her in” but it is gorgeous. I want one similar but it is hard to describe to my photographer……

    • Belen

      Their wedding was beautiful. G looked amazing. I enjoyed watching every minute of it. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations.

    • jason

      Bill is a pussy wiped pathetic man. This Guiliana looks like a frog. I can’t believe he married here, with his fame and money he could do a lot better. I am not rich or famous and I date girls way better looking then here.

      • Samantha

        Hey Jason, learn how to fucking spell and altar your perception about your sad pathetic little world before you attempt to hurl insults about a happy couple. You’re a fucking moron.

    • Monique

      What’s up with them getting married? G looks weird, like an alien and has a man laugh!!!! Why did you mess up Bill??

    • Sparky

      His wife is so boney skinny not attractive.. She needs to eat a BigMac, fries and a couple shakes

    • HC

      I think she is gross looking

    • D


      Talk about spelling… it’s “alter,” not “altar.”

      (An altar is where the bread and wine are consecrated)

    • TT

      guiliana and bill r so cute 2gtha. Lv th way thy luv each atha. G, thr’l alws b jealous bimbos tryna get u down. Hope ur mrraige blossoms evryday and get a cute lil jnr 1day… U truly lovd

    • Alanè

      Wow why is she so ugly I’m not even kidding This chick is hideous I have no idea why her head and face look like an alien but maybe it’s good she can’t get pregnant bill is such a cute guy why would he marry this wannabe fugly ho

    • molly

      why does everyone have time to just hate on guiliana? get a life.

    • goawayhateyhate

      No kidding! If all you want to do is criticize and ridicule, why don’t you just talk to yourselves rather than post your crap here? Nobody wants to here your hate.

    • robin

      I want a photo like that too!!!!!!! I was blown away by it!!!! Did you find it anywhere? Please let me know!!!!