3 Mind Tricks to Feel Better

When we are feeling down we often feel out of control, the good news is that we can take control. Here are 3 mind tricks I use to turn my depression into a positive mind set.

  1. We decide our reality. If we believe we are depressed we are, if we believe there are positive aspects to our life then we will feel happier. Write down 3 things that are great about your life – your children, your family, your health, the fact that you have enjoyed the feeling of being in love…..post them around your house and read them out loud during the day. Reading these phrases will replace, eventually the negative thoughts.
  2. Habits form in about 21 days….so for 21 days no matter how you feel, do something positive that makes you feel better. I started to get up early and do a 20 minute walk, the exercise really helped my energy and the sunlight helped my positive outlook…after 21 days it became a habit that now I look forward to…
  3. Focus on the medium term rather than now. Think about what you want to feel like, what you want to achieve in 6 months…..write your ideas down and then develop little action steps that will take you towards your goal. Each  ladyinwhitedressdramtic.jpg week ensure that you have taken a step no matter how small or how big. It helps you see that you can rebuild your life, it gives you something to aim for, it gives you the feeling of being in control of your own happiness, it gives you a sense of achievement.

I know how hard all this seems, genuinely. But feeling depressed is hard, feeling out of control is hard….doing these 3 things at least helps you move towards a better life.

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