Getting Your Eyeball Tattooed Is Completely Safe


Feel like inserting a foreign object (big fat needle) in your eye? Then an eyeball tattoo is for you!

According to the artist behind this particular turquoise injection, getting a tattoo in your eye is completely safe. The eye, after all, is designed to handle a certain amount of contamination and is very resilient. In fact, iris tattoos date back to the 1800s and have even been performed for medical reasons. You can color your whole eye in an infinite variety of shades, or simply switch your natural eye color. Check out Bizarre Mag for the full photographic feast.

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    • Mikeachim

      Absolutely totally insane, to the power of insane. Cubed.

      Isaac Newton stuck a large needle down the side of his eyeball, to test theories of optical distortion. Obviously this was very clever.

      But he inserted the needle the wrong way round, and also didn’t pierce the eyeball. This also was very clever. As in the opposite of stoopid.

      I simply can’t wait for eyeball piercings to catch on.
      No, wait – I can. I really, really can.

    • codeslinger

      I love this!! I want to get it done with UV ink so it isnt seen but then FREAK OUTunder a black light. if anyone has anyRECIENT info on this or a shop where it is being done pleas email at

    • Doczilla

      There isn ‘t a mixture of UV ink that doesn’t give you the possibility of cancer in the long term,,,,Wanna die young or lose both eyes go right ahead call me when you do So I can laugh at you insanely. Think people only unnatural chemicals react to UV and blacklite,so do you really want to put that in your skin???????

      Only if you like being a retard,want your junk to fall off,or just want a slow painfull death,go ahead. I work at a shop so I’m not just talking out my a$$.

    • viki irish

      i want to get my eye much is it and where do can they do it. is there any long term problems??

    • Josho

      I also work at shop named “Heroes and Madmen Tattoo’s&Piercing” in Rialto, CA. We are a licensed shop, however we refuse to do any UV/Blacklight ink because of the hazardous affects on the human body. If you are thinking of getting UV/Blacklight ink, please do more research and see for yourself. If you are researching it, DONT do it. If you got it done without looking into the long term, your a jack-a55

    • eyedoc

      I am an ophthalmologist (eye M.D.). I can tell you this is a very bad idea. The ink is being injected underneath the conjunctiva (superficial clear skin layer of the eye). However, if the needle penetrates the underlying sclera (much less than 1 millimeter thick) the “patient” will be very likely to develop a retinal detachment or endopthalmitis and would likely be permanently blinded. Do you trust your tattoo artist to not push the needle 0.2 millimeters too far? When I do ocular surgery I always have a very powerful operating microscope and an instrument to keep the eye immobilized. Ophthalmologists are paid the big bucks because we have the steadiest hands of any surgeons, but even I wouldn’t try this without a microscope and equipment. Most of the time it would probably work out fine, but when it doesn’t you can kiss your vision goodbye and I probably wouldn’t be able to help. GOOD LUCK!

      • Eva Rinaldi

        But opthalmologists won’t tattoo your eyeballs.

    • maurice

      am look for some one to tattoo my eyes if you can do it hit me on yahoo

    • felicia

      I am very interested in this. if anyone knows anymore about this please email me at

      i am very into bod mods and want many more.

    • felicia

      if anyone finds anything more about this please send me then link or w/e at

      im really into bod mods and am interested in getting a eye tat.

    • maurice

      where can i get it done at can i get it done in LA

    • blumoonchild

      When I 1st saw this on msnbc news show lock up raw,I thought & still do think the people who do this must be utterly freaking insane, I d just like to know…what the hell are you people thinking??? although, it does look kewl, I treasure my eye sight, it s sumthin u should never take for granted,caws once ur blind,that s it…no mas…what a bunch of freaks!!

    • Ratatouille

      Ur lot are dumb ya nah !!!

    • zombiedeathdawg

      if you dont mind me asking why did Heroes and Madmen close shop?? Did they re-locate?

    • TearyThunder

      I was just at Heroes and Madmen yesterday getting some work done. John, the guy who used to own it, packed up and moved to Chicago. Jesse, the new owner bought the shop back in December from him. I do miss John but Jesse did a bang up job on the 3 pieces I got yesterday.