Birthday Gifts for a 9 Year Old Girl

Birthday CakeToday one of my daughters turns 9 – which puts her right SMACK in the middle of the tween demographic. So what does a 9 year old girl get for her birthday?

And a fun birthday party with her friends at our house on Sunday. We are doing a Pizza Parlor themed party – check back Monday for pictures and the details.

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    • Peyton

      Im nine. Nine year old hate dolls. I suggest Hannah Montana. They are starting to like boys at this age. So Zac Efron or Corbin Bleu is good.

    • vicki

      I have a 9 yr old, yes I believe that you are write about little girls liking boys. Not exactly sure how to handle that mental picture of your sweet angel growing up. Her ideas of her birthday are much different from last year.

    • lexi a 9 year old

      .a camra would be nice
      .or a Ipod would be pretty cool
      .or maybe an 300e eletric scooter i dont know but at the age of nine you will start to like evrything electinic and whant evrything eletric but i know that iv grown out of hannah montana a long time ago i think its a 6 and 7 year old thing.lexi

    • Scarlet a nine year old

      I am also 9 years old. Gadgets and and chat rooms stuff are the best for this age. Maybe a bike that has gears! Or a DS Game. I think that they like work a tiny bit more then before… so maybe some fun workbooks! And a chemistry set, or a perfume labatory. Maybe a magic set and stuff like that. I don’t think dolls are the best present.
      LUV Scarlet

    • Victoria

      Hi, I am a 10 year old girl. Last year I had a limo party. My mom rented a limo and we all went to the city and we rented a hotel. We stayed at the hotel for 2 days. Then we rented Dylans Candy Bar. My fave gifts were like my iPod youch, my laptop, and my camera. But that all changed. Now this year i want the iDiamond which is the iPod with 320 diamonds on it. And I want a new camera and a Mac laptop

    • Han

      I have a nine year old daughter who is still into dolls. But wants a wii, is this appropriate?

    • jackie

      I think wii is great because parents can be involved and spend time with the child and still be “hip”

    • denese

      yes Wii is just perfect I got my daughter one for Christmas and I was a bit skeptical at first but I enjoy spend time and having fun with her and she enjoys it a lot now she will be nine next month and I don’t have a clue what to get her she already has an ipod, wii, ds and enough games to go with that for now. I know she wants a phone but that’s a no,no until she’s responsible enough, she loses everything plus she is not in need of one. So I’m stressed with what to get her, please any ideas

    • Chris

      Oh My Gosh! Yes, birthdays are very special days; but Wii’s, iPods, laptops, cameras?!!!! What will be left to give them for birthdays 10 thru 16 (I think you have to wait until they actually drive to give them their own car). Just think about it, what is left, where are you going to go from here?!
      Come on!! I actually do spoil my children with more toys and gifts than I ever had as a child, but even I have the good sense to think about the expectations I am giving my children. You folks are turning your kids into mega-consumers before they’re even 10!
      Perhaps gifts that involve spending some fun-time with your kids would go over better than you think. Do something fun with them and their friends (and I’m not talking about renting a limo or a room in a hotel. Is Victoria for REAL?!)

    • juliana

      i was 9 years old last year and in got a blackberry cellphone thats good for me not a doll thats when i was 5

    • April

      I have to say I agree with Chris. After I gave my eight year old a DS, an Ipod and an Idog. She got the 300 scooter last yr. I have relized I went overboard. I am against getting her a phone until junior high school. She has no use for one at this age. I have not purchased a Wii yet, but have thought about it. We have a ton of board games that we play together. I have no idea what to get my daughter, who has everything. I have a 13 month old and I don’t think I will be making this same mistake again. My daughter has received everything that she has wanted for Christmas and her birthday, every year. She has nothing left to want, because she has it all.

    • asmait

      well i am 8 june 10 is mi bday and dis iz wut i want

      4.littlest pet shop colection

      and i am 8 and i am saving mi money right now i have 77 dollors

    • mandy

      My daughter is 8 and will be turning 9 soon. For her 8th birthday party, we had a gilrs night out. We got her a limo and she and 12 of her friends went to the salon to get their nails done and then to dinner. later they all came over for a slumber party. It was great. She loved it. She also already has a computer, Ipod Touch, cell phone , DS, Wii, electric scooter, electric bike. For her 9th birthday party, we are getting her aother limo, party with a dj,etc. We spend alot of time with her and she loves how we celebrate her birthday. She is also very generous and gives a portion of her allowance to charity. I think you can give them things and spend time with them too. It doesn’t have to be either or.

    • kenyatta borne

      my daughter will be 9 in 2 weeks i decided to buy her a laptop she jus got a wii a maltese puppy a cell phone because shes very responsible as far as that she has a psp n a lot of jewelry.i havent thought a bout a ipod cause we dont listen to music that mich but she did have a barbie mp3 player in the wondering now what she can get for christmas this yea,i wanted to get her a pink 4 wheller but cant think of anything else

    • hailey

      i am turning 9 feb 26th and i have a laptop i have a phone i have 2 dogs i have a wii i have a xbox 360 which is so much fun i have a limo ( i go to school in it)

      • sarah

        You have all these expensive things in your life, however not one of them has taught you any grammar skills, thats very sad.

    • Lindsay

      In two weeks my daughter will be 9 years old. The sad thing about children today are that they are not given a chance to be children anymore. My daughter does have a WII and a Electric Scotter. But a cell phone and a laptop is too much. All the time you hear in the news about people making children think that they are children when in fact they are people over the age of 18. Money can NOT buy love and time that you spend with your children. It makes the children unappreciate the things that they do recive. They are so many children in the world that does not get anything because thir parents dont have the money, and the children that do have parents with money (or act like they have money) are bullys to children that do not have money. And it is wrong!!!!

    • John

      WOW!! 3/4 of you are going to give your kids entitlement issues. If kids get everything handded to them (ie $1000 limo and hotel vacations), they will think there wole life should be handed to them. Just look at the current economy situation. This was all caused by young people who thought the deserved everything on credit and over extend themselves.

      • Angela

        I hate to say that is was not caused by just the young people. I am pretty sure the colapse of the economy was based on greedy corporate heads. I can’t think of a single young one of those. I do agree with you and the entitlement issues statement though. It is very true and there is no need for it. Everyone wants to give their kids what they didn’t have but did any of us really have it that bad? My parents raised us on the much lower end of the payscale but we never went out food, shelter and an education.

    • Mrs. R

      Overindulgence is nothing more than projecting your own insecurities onto your child. Isn’t it amazing you can be so extremely selfish while giving so much? Our job as parents is to raise a child to become a productive (not demanding) young adult. You should want to your child to be able to function independently in society. Your behavior provides no life skills for your child.

    • Susie

      I’m not sure which is worse- handing your child everything so they go out into the world expecting life to be handed to them on a silver platter. Or the hyper negative, judgmental nasty sounding people who infuse their kids with that very same attitude, and ironically, the very stuff-obsessed attitude they are so desperately trying to avoid.

    • Diane Anderson

      Wow, I’m amazed by some of these comments. I’m a “victim” of the economy – lost job, etc. and a single mom but I don’t even have TV’s in my kid’s rooms! I have a soon to be 9 yr old girl and an 11 yr old boy. He got a phone when he entered Middle School this year and he’s becoming very responsible with it – I took it away for 2 days when he left it somewhere – he learned real fast! We have the WII and we all use it for exercise as well as games. I limit all screen time, though, including TV and computers. I wouldn’t dream of giving my daughter expensive electronics at this age. She uses my digital camera under my supervision, borrows my cell phone occasionally, in my presence only, and almost all her birthday parties, my son’s too, have been in my home. A craft, they make pizza, have ice cream, maybe watch a movie, maybe a few sleep over, and they’re happy! The simpler the better! My son (11, remember) has asked for a sleepover party for the last 2 years (I suggested it when he was 9, he (and they – 6 other boys) loved it and they’ve all started having them. I can’t swing $300 for a bowling or Chucky Cheese or whatever party. This is WAY better. And my daughter received (for her 8th birthday) several craft projects (jewelery, card-making, picture frame), as well as a pink bolster pillow and some fun outfits. It’s a given in my group of friends that nobody spends more than $15-20 on a gift. My son received several gift cards in those amounts from sports or book or department stores. He loved that. So nobody really has to go crazy with the gifts, at ANY age. Get them what they need when it’s appropriate, not just because “everybody else does it”.

      • tori

        i am a 9 year girl with a laptop, a phone,wii,camera,and a ds i have everthing i need

      • Judi Hunter

        Thank you to Dianne Anderson for her realistic suggestions, May I suggest that a useful gift for some of these children would be spelling lessons.

    • Danielle

      It’s appropriate to give children a wii, but get them a bike if they don’t already have one.

      • A

        i am a 9 year old, and i’ve already got a bike.

    • Alyce Heidt

      I am thankful for a site in which the “kids (9 year olds) tell you “what they” want as far as gifts! I have no clue! Thanks for the suggestions!

    • A

      well i think for a nine year old like me, i think my parents should ge me a Laptop but…… they are not alowing me to get one, well i think the best thing to get is a Hotmail, you can send lots and lots of stuff ton other people you added, yeah that is a good Idea, maybe you can get a: Puppy OR a: Kitten, i think a puppy should be nice

    • katie

      im 9 years right now but im gonna be ten next month on January 19 2011 and i really want a cell phone more than anything else and christmasis in 6 days and im gettin a phon next week for sure my dads takin meto verizon to pick it out and im soooo exited but i feel bad that my dad has to pay for his phone my sisters phone that were supposed to share but she is 12 and will never let me hav it cuz yall know teens and thats why im gettin my own oh and now he’ll have to pay for mne to but i might get a walmart phone and if so i’ll have to work for 30 dollars a month to pay for it but i really want a verizon phone but i hate for my dad to have to pay for it though

    • happybunny

      im almost 10 and last year we stayed in the Carlton Hotel in New York City we took a manhatten sky tour (you go in a helicopter and they take you all around new york)
      then before we left we took a newyork dinner cruize an took a privet jet back to la where i live. my gifts were things like a laptop an idimond a 3D DS and a orange car with butterfly doors

    • http://Gmail Hi

      what are you doing to the kids I am nine and I have an iPod and DS but I bought them with my own money
      I have gotten a camera and uggs for Christmas from my very generose aunt and uncle and they are great but if I didn’t get them the world would not come to an end I allso got some toe socks they and the are utterly awsomen pluse I am going to my friends birthday party today and I’m giving her a fuzzy blanket and japan erasers she sad she wanted them I mean every one loves the expensive and extravagant gifts but some times some toe socks are anof

      And realy a limo

    • tori

      so how bad would it be my 9 yr old girl already has a phone a laptop a wii and dsi and for her bday she wants an ipod touch but i am afraid she’ll either lose it,brake it or won’t want after i buy and its really expensibe

      • lizzie

        hey, I’m nine and I only have dsi wii but I only have them because there my brother’s.

    • Dad of a 6 and 9 yr old

      My wife and I decide not to give our kids with just everything other kids their age have at school. Instead, they get books, after school lessons for arts, sports and languages, and most of all, our love, for their birthdays. They have access to some of the gadgets at home and only use them under our supervision. They become very understanding over the years. My son only asked for a book for his upcoming 6 yr birthday and my daughter anything but clothes for her 9th. She has mentioned a few times about kids in her class having their own gadgets. But she is very happy if she is getting gift cards to a nearby bookstore.

    • Hayley

      i think keep it simple im getting my sis a garden box some seeds and a smal shovel and possibly a few things from smiggle

      • lizzie

        well, my friend is not two

    • Judi Hunter

      Thank you Dianne for useful suggestions. May I suggest that a useful present for some of these 9 year olds would be spelling lessons

    • Jocelyn

      i am 9 for my birthday i want an i pod touch, a dimmond,alap top , a puppy or a kitton,a new bik,a camra,100$ or 200, a littest pet shop collectshon .

    • mom

      my little girl is going to be 9 in 2weeks what do i get her

      • Sophie

        Mom just think of what she would want I’m turning 10 and I still I can help you

    • Lizzy Mabena

      My daughter is turning 9 on the 14th of dec,i’m thinking of buying her a laptot coz we always quarell over mine,so its its either i’m gonna get her laptop/ ipod/wii/4wheeler

      • alyssa

        i think you should buy her a ipod

    • alyssa

      i am turning 9 on april 29 and i really whant a tipe of scooter that dosent have the handel and its not called a skatebored or a longbored

    • ashley

      what should i get for my B-day

    • bunny ears

      a real car

    • Jay

      My two daughters [Emily, 9 years old & Hayley, 12 years old] are two grateful young girls. We’re a rather rich family. Hayley usually asks for electronics like phones. She has a phone, an iPhone4, but wants a Blackberry. She also wants a laptop. My children have a DSi each and a Wii of which they share. They have a television in their room and usually asks for films to watch. They share a room, too. Emily usually asks for Barbies and Sylvanians. She always plays with them, and Hayley loves to join her. I play in sometimes. Here’s a list of what I usually do for their birthdays and what they cost. [[10th, 13th, 18th, 21st birthdays are special]].

      Birthday Treats:

      McDonalds – £10.00
      KFC – £10.00
      Sleepovers – £5.00 for cakes, £5.00 for treats etc.
      Lazer Planet – £30.00
      Shopping Spree – £50.00
      Parks – FREE
      Room Makeover – £50.00-£100.00

      Birthday Gifts

      Sylvanian Families

    • A

      I’m eleven years old and I have won 2 spelling bees , while finishing sixth place in the state finals. When I read these comments these kids post it makes me sick to see how haughty,selfish, and spoiled they are. Their parents have done no good for these kids by raising them this way. Way to go parents, for turning your children into selfish brats.

    • kenna

      im 9 and ive won 2

    • Sharon Bowdle

      Do you think it is appropriate for a father to take his 9 year old daughter to a wrestling event

    • asmait

      take her to a consert on her birthday cause last year my mom tookme and my brother to a WWE event (wrestling) and my brother and i really loved that day and hes still thanking my mom for it

    • Angie

      I am in the same boat. I do enjoy the wii. My daughter will be 9 next month and she already has the I-pod, wii, dsi, digital camera. She also wants a phone, but she is not responsible enough right now. I told her when she completes 5th grade. i was thinking about getting her the Disney Netpal for her birthday.

    • abby

      im 9 and i got a wii for christmas they are fun to play. abby

    • Katie

      Agree with you. What do you do after limo and hotel for 2 days at age 9? I would like to have that at age 40.

    • Mrs. Wilt

      I was looking around for a gift for my niece, 9 y/o. Ipods, Wii’s, laptops, come on. These kids are way too young for these gifts. They should be getting bikes, activity games, etc. Kids need toys and things to get them outside into fresh air. The gifts these younger kids are getting should not be given until teen years. What happened to zoo parties? We had all of our childhood parties at home with friends and family, not in a limo. No wonder kids have no respect any more. They are handed whatever they want. Why do you all want your kids to grow up so fast???

    • Mrs. Michael

      Couldn’t have said it better myself!