How to Solve Money Worries Blog Carnival

When grief hits one of the hardest parts is facing up to the money worries that you may face on the death of your partner…well each week I publish articles that people send in to help widows face the money problems and find a way through… presents The Downside to Debt Consolidation Loans posted at A Penny Closer.

Rodney Burge – Marketing Strategies presents See What You Want posted at Lori Prokop – Keyboard Culture, saying, “This article from Lori Prokop at is a powerful, quick reminder of how achieve the results you want in life.”

Daily Idea presents How to Get The Best Deal On A New Car posted at Daily Idea.

Steve Faber presents - College Consolidation Loans – You Could Be Paying Too Much For Your Education; After You’ve Been to College posted at DebtBlog, saying, “Student loan provider Nellie Mae reports that the average undergraduate debt upon graduation is now up to $27,600. If you’re one of these students with crushing student loan obligations what can you do? You can just gut it out and pay off your loans, or you can default and leave your lender hanging.”

FIRE Getters presents Top 5 Money Mistakes! posted at FIRE Finance.

Warren Wong presents What Do You Actually Buy With Money? posted at Personal Development for INTJs, saying, “What do you actually purchase when you exchange money for some item? The answer isn’t as obvious as you may think!”

karyn presents Stop Saving for College! posted at Finance 123, saying, “It is very important that parent’s don’t begin saving for their children’s college education until their own retirement is secure. This post will explain why.”

Ralph Jean-Paul presents Develop Mental Toughness posted at Potential 2 Success, saying, “MVPs, CEOs, extraordinary leaders, and successful people of all kinds have it and so should you. Develop, strengthen and master your ability to perform under pressure, bounce back from failure, and excel in life”

Henry Bagdasarian presents Managing Identity Theft Fear posted at Free Identity Theft Prevention, Detection and Fraud Solutions.

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