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Wedding Fantasies: The Most Awesome Wedding Cakes in the Universe

Weddings take a long time to plan, and lets face it, wedding cakes are just fabulous to look at. I love looking around the internet at all the different designs, galleries, and pictures. I made my daughter’s wedding cake, and a couple of others, although they are not in the same league with any of these I had a great time doing it. I know alot of couples plan for spring weddings so I thought maybe a wedding cake gallery would be a fun thing to do. I hope you enjoy the talents of these cakers as much as I have.

maisie Fantaisie
The first is from Maisie Fantaisie in the UK. I fell in love with nearly every cake in the wedding cake gallery! This however, takes the cake, so to speak, as my favorite. It should have been my daughter Erin’s cake because it looks so much like…her! I love the exhuberance, the excitement and the absolutely stunning design.

stenciled rose
The next is from Sweet Art Cakes. I love this cake, with it’s old fashioned, stencilled rose design. It is just romantic simplicity to me!

Another UK Bakery! This time I really couldn’t decide between two cakes from Sweet Unique,
I am sure you can see why. The first is so elegant and classic, but the second is so full and luscious! All of their wedding cake designs were beautiful!

If you are looking for floral wedding themes, and I mean intensely colored and beautifully done floral cakes then Wildflowers is where you want to look! This cake is so unusual but nearly every cake she has pictured has a plethora of flowers in all colors and shapes, absolutely gorgeous. Every bit of this is edible I think.

This is from Kendall’s Cakes. I really like the swags, the combination of smooth and texture, and the romantic, soft color. I can imagine this by candlelight…Perfect for a small romantic wedding

Celebrate Cakes has got to win for one of the most unusual frosting styles..I would be almost afraid to eat this….

If Jennifer at Offbeat Homes ever gets married I am going to personally fly out and do this cake for her…It is a fabulous arrangement from Sugar Artistry By Susan

This cake is ready to go…Perfect for the couple on the way to their honeymoon! Planet Cake is an Australian Bakery that has some really imaginative stuff.

Just Fabulous Pastries is…well…just fabulous. I am ending with them because I was so undisciplined that I couldn’t decide between cakes and I ended up pulling out 11 of them before I forced myself away from their site…Some are not wedding cakes per se but were just so cool that I could not resist. Theya re all edible, all cake, and all amazing. Enjoy!

This cake is covered in old, edible black and white photos of Paris, if I remember correctly…Tres Romantique.


I just love each of these more than the last.

Mosiac….I think I have some antique tiles that look like that…

Doesn’t this look like enamelware?

This is so frou frou..not me at all..but beautiful. I think this cake is for blondes only.

This is a birthday cake but it oculd be a wedding cake if the couple’s picture was added to the faberge egg.. Of course, I would not turn it down for my birthday….in April.

How do they DO this?

Arabian Nights…..Serve with a harem outfit.

I think this one was called, Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend. I know a few girls that would love this!

And this is the last…but not the least. I know that I strayed from the wedding cakes..but I imagine you can see why. Any of the brirthday cakes could easily be adjusted to be wedding cakes… wow…just beautiful, don’t you think?

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  • http://www.talesfrommykitchen.blogspot.com Christy

    I love weddings, and I love wedding cakes! Actually my Hubby and I refuse to leave a wedding until we have sampled the cake. It can’t just look amazing it has to taste amazing too!

    I love the one with the peacock feathers.

  • http://www.declutterit.com Julie

    These are absolutely amazing cakes! I almost started a wedding planner business. This makes me want to all over again. If only people would get married while my kids are in school, it would have been much easier.

    Great post Marye!

  • http://www.offbeathomes.com Jennifer

    HOLY! Nice finds. I LOVE Maisie cakes I’ve shown her at one of my blogs. But I think if you fly out and make me a cake that I’d want that Mosiac one or maybe the one under the egg one.

  • http://www.abbysweets.blogspot.com April

    I love wedding cakes! This made me want to get married all over again…except I would need 1 off each of these.

  • http://h Jon – The DC Traveler

    Almost too nice to cut into.

  • julielynn

    im so into art, and im even more into food… with these pieces of art i get both!!!!!! *RocK oN*

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  • Jordian

    These are amazzzzziiiinnnnnnnnnnngggg!!!!!!!!

  • Marye

    They are fabulous, aren’t they? What amazing talent!

  • http://www.crystal-jewels.co.uk April

    These are some of the most amazing wedding cakes I have ever seen. Absolutly Brilliant.

  • Jessica

    Hey I was just proposed to on Christmas day Which our anniversary is on christmas eve. I have lived my entire childhood in Upstate New York and then just a year ago moved to texas. I have been looking at prices of wedding cakes and it is really outragious considering how well you can put it together on your own with some patience and a little imagination. You Have really helped me get a better idea in how i could possibly make a cake. And i thank you for being so generous as to take the time to fill us in with your wedding cake secrets and preferences. Thanks Marye!! Now for me to work a miracle.

  • Marye

    COngrats! take your tie and you will do just fine!

  • Jesscia

    :( that was NOT the right link.
    that’s more like it!