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Pink Chocolate for Breast Cancer Awareness

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Home & Dining channel has put together some lists to help you show your support. Here are some chocolate ideas to check out:

pink fondue fondue

~ Pink chocolate fondue sets: one and two

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, Trudeau has created a charming line of pink products that are both fun and functional- and all for an extremely worthy cause. Have some fun with this 7-pc. Chocolate Fondue Set, which includes:

- One stoneware calla lily shaped bowl
- One Pink Ribbon-shaped metal stand with four non-scratch, non-skip pads
- One tea light
- Four pink stainless steel fondue forks


pink chocolate fountain pink chocolate fountain

~ Pink chocolate fountains: one and two

Warm Belgian chocolate is carried to the top of the fountain where it cascades down the fountain tiers forming a flowing curtain of delicious chocolate into which your friends and kids can dip a variety of fruit and sweets. Be sure to keep some fresh fruits, some marshmallows and fudge handy.


pink m&ms

~ Pink M&M’s

The M&M’s Brand has joined the Komen Million Dollar Council, a special group of corporate partners. In addition to a financial contribution of at least $1 million, each partner has found new and innovative ways to spread two important messages: early detection saves lives and only through research can we find a cure.


pink tim tams

~ Pink Wish Tim Tams

Australia’s favourite chocolate biscuit, Arnott’s Tim Tam, has launched a limited edition product to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. Arnott’s will donate ten cents to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) for every packet of Tim Tam ‘Pink Wish’ Luscious Strawberry sold, which is expected to raise more then $150,000 for breast cancer research.


pink kit kat

~ Strawberry Kit Kats

With breast cancer diagnosed amongst 1 in 8 women & the leading cause of female cancer related deaths, Nestlé with KIT KAT is proud to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s (NBCF) 2007 ‘Pink Ribbon’ campaign.

Nestlé with KIT KAT is supporting the worthy cause with the launch of a limited edition Kit Kat Chocolate Strawberry flavour range and a $100,000 donation to the NBCF.


pink kisses

~ Pink Hershey’s Kisses

“This year, we’re significantly expanding our support for efforts to raise breast cancer awareness and help defeat this disease,” said Michele Buck, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, US Commercial Group, The Hershey Company. “Three of our most popular products — York peppermint patties, Hershey’s Kisses and Hershey’s Kissables chocolates — will turn pink this fall, adopting this widely recognized symbol of breast cancer awareness. We also are increasing our donation to the Young Survival Coalition to $300,000, continuing our support for its important work on behalf of breast cancer survivors.”


pink york patties

~ Hershey’s York pink peppermint patties

Hershey partners with the Young Survival Coalition to help raise money in an effort to encourage young women to become educated about breast cancer.


pink chocolate with peppercorns

~ Dark chocolate with pink peppercorns

A perfect mold-breaking idea, this unexpected combination revives the first uses of chocolate, when the Aztecs regarded it as a stimulating beverage. Bitter, made with hot spices, the drink was reserved for princes and gods.


pink chocolate cookies

~ pink and chocolate cookies

pink chocolate

~ Make your own pink chocolate

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  • http://www.offbeathomes.com Jennifer

    Neat finds those tiny pink and chocolate cookies are adorable and so is the second fondue set. It looked so old fashioned. Now the real question is how does a strawberry kit-kat taste? I don’t like fruit mixes with chocolate but I wonder…

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  • http://chocolatebytes.com/ Heather

    Jennifer – that second fondue set is my favorite too. I haven’t been able to find a strawberry Kit Kat anywhere! From what I’ve read they’re not half bad!

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  • Alicia

    Aww… strawberry. :(

  • http://paint-nailish.us HMW

    Dude!! I have just got to find some pink Kit-Kats!!

  • Jordan

    Great post…I never knew there were so many chocolate products that were involved with breast cancer research. Maybe it’s just me, but I seem to see more “pink” food items this year than I can ever remember. But it’s great! I also made one big “pink” purchase this year; a toolkit! Here’s my Little Pink Toolkit http://www.vat19.com/dvds/little-pink-toolkit.cfm I’m excited to use it! And then maybe I can reward my handiness by eating some chocolate!

  • Mani

    Hi, does anyone know where I could find Pink Chocolate (ready-made)?
    The recipe given on this site is really hard, and I need it for a chocolate fountain for this little girl’s party in about a week. I have googled it but most of the results are the LG Pink Chocolate Mobile Phone!

  • Gloria

    I can not find the Breast Cancer M & M s anywhere this year! I work in Women’s health and we put them out in our office by the case– but even the M & M site doesn’t offer them

  • Cheyenne (shyanne)

    I really want to get some more of those pink breast cancer tim tams back…does anyone know if they’re coming back???

    • That Guy

      yeah i want to know too :)