Financial Assistance for Fertility Treatments

piggy bankOne of my first posts here at Fertility Notes was on the Family Building Act of 2007, legislation which would require the 90% of private insurance companies that don’t currently cover fertility treatments to do so.

If you aren’t among the lucky customers of the other 10%, there are places you can go to apply for financial assistance with your fertility treatments. Several fertility clinics offer shared cycle programs which defray the costs of using donor eggs. If you are planning to use in vitro fertilization (IVF), the International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination, Inc (INCID) offers scholarships to those in financial need.

For women (and men) who are about to undergo cancer treatment and want to look into preserving their eggs or sperm for future attempts at having a family, Fertile Hope may be able to help. For those of us who completed our treatments before cryopreservation was an option, the SAMFund for Young Adult Survivors of Cancer offers grants and scholarships every year to help cover medical and other expenses – including those related to fertility treatments.

Of course, I have an application pending.

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    • Melissa C

      My fiance and I are struggling with the huge cost of in-vitro. Our insurance covers everything but the procedure itself and it seems to be impossible to qualify for financing for something like this. Please help with any input anyone may have! Financial assistance seems to be non- existent!

    • Gabrielle

      Melissa, you are right. Financial assistance is incredibly hard to come by. Please see my other posts about the Family Building Act which is a piece of federal legislation which would require coverage for fertility treatments. You may also want to look into my latest post about clinical studies. You may find one near you that makes sense to participate in – this is one option that could significantly lower costs.

      Best wishes,


    • simpson tom maoga&yunia nyaboke

      please we need help as we re on srtuggle with my wife yunia nyaboke maoga fot eighteen years now kindly advise