Can You Build A Green McMansion?

Or better yet; should you. Frankly it goes against what I believe to be one of the most crucial parts of green living which is to only use the space you need. Decrease your footprints when possible and don’t go to excess when it’s unnecessary.

I don’t know quite how a green mega home could be efficiently accomplished purely based on the energy (both human and supply wise) it takes to build a McMansion. There’s all the excess materials and on and on. It just seems like a poor idea. But one guy doesn’t think so.

Real estate guru Frank McKinney is building what will be (if he can accomplish this) the world’s largest certified green home EVER. He’s doing this on spec so props for trying without a buyer but I actually think he will get a buyer because it seems like the overly rich like new toys and an eco-McMansion is certainly in that category.

RIVR Media is recording the whole process for what will eventually be a documentary called The Green Giant. McKinney has named this mega project Acqua Liana and an overview is available at his website.

Now, one he does seem like a nice guy in the video below and at his website. However, he is a seemingly nice guy who has admittedly been bleeding the land. He gives back to the world’s poor and wants to do good but I wonder how much it takes to give back when you’re so entrenched in these fat mansions. I’m torn. I suppose my final word is that I’m glad he’s trying and he seems perfectly kind and sort of charms you but much of the point of green living is skewed by this project. I’m not even sure if a project like this can be certified green either. I guess we’ll see — the home is set to be completed by December 08.

Anyhow, visit his site and watch the promo for The Green Giant below and come to your own conclusion.

So, what do you think?

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    • marye

      eh…. my thoughts are always to restore the beautiful, vintage (and sometimes falling apart) historic homes for ultimate recycling…and when those are ALL done…build whatever green behemoth you want.

    • Jennifer Chait

      Good point. Plus there is so much green remodeling techniques out there right now that it’s an even better idea. Plus you get to live with history which is always cool. But I guess some people want their big old sucking the land dry new huge homes. I’m not against building new if it’s respectful but so many of the McMansions are sitting empty that it’s depressing.

    • marye

      we have a ton of really big houses around here…I mean, 10,000 sq ft and more. ALot of football players live in this area as well as..uh..high profile tv evangelists.
      Then there are the *moderate* size homes that were sold 5 years ago with 0 down and 2% interest for the first 3 years. They are all sitting there with the cute foreclosure signs in the windows.
      Our house is 4300 sq ft. it is 100 years old and was abandoned for a long time. It iwll take us years to make it look anything more than a large dump. But my ethics are intact. :) and we have people who need a place to stay stay with us..and we are a small nation all on our own…

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