• Sun, Nov 25 2007

Doctor Who Falsified Vaccine Records is Disciplined

Further proof that public fear about children becoming autistic from a vaccine has reached a fever pitch: An Upper West Side pediatrician has admitted to faking the immunization records of four children. The two families did not want to have their young children, who needed the shots to attend school, vaccinated, due to fears of a vaccine-autism link. The doctor, Dr. Mark Nesselson, has been fined $10,000 by a disciplinary panel and told that he can only practice under supervision. From today’s New York Post:  

Nesselson said he got into trouble after he moved to Hawaii two years ago and gave medical records to his patients’ parents to take to their new doctors. The new pediatrician seen by two families turned in Nesselson to authorities, he said. He signed a consent form with the state Office for Professional Medical Conduct agreeing to its penalties, which include taking a course in medical ethics and three years of monitoring.

Despite Nesselson’s concerns, an overwhelming number of public-health officials and pediatricians insist vaccines are safe and necessary. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention maintains: “The great preponderance of evidence is that there’s no link between vaccines and autism.”A Manhattan mother of two for whom Nesselson falsified records said she did not want her kids to have the shot for measles, mumps and rubella – the MMR vaccine – until they were older.

The worried mom said since the family never traveled and the diseases were rare in New York, she didn’t feel she was putting her kids or others at risk.

“The form was filled out,” she said of the falsified record. “We knew what we were doing.”She said her children had the vaccine when they were older – after they entered school.

Some parents who don’t want to vaccinate their kids characterized Nesselson as a hero. 

A hero, if one thinks that Andrew Wakefield is one too, and a hero only for those who could afford it: According to a Mothering.com discussion board in 2004, Dr. Nesselson was “mega-expensive,” charging $650 for initial visit, $375 for regular visits. So would that mean a parent would possibly have to pay over $1000 for those “doctored” records……………

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  • Rhonda Kolarik

    I don’t call this doctor a “hero” but I do thank him for assisting his patients with their wishes & needs. Educated parents should not be stripped of their freedom to chose when & if to have a medical procedure administered to themselves and/or to their children. Vaccination administration is an invasive medical procedure which can be dangerous for many individuals. One only needs to appreciate the power of real statistics to understand this statement. The State and/or Federal government has no right to remove these freedoms to chose. I wish that more doctors would not be fearful & step up to the plate and assist more of their patients to at least delay the administration of vaccinations until small babies have grown and their immune systems have strengthened to somehow deal with toxic laden vaccine substances.

  • Beth

    I agree that parents should have the right to choose not to vaccinate their children. However, I believe that unvaccinated children should not be allowed to enroll in public school where they will put other children at risk. Parents who choose not to vaccinate should be prepared to make alternative educational arrangements for their children. Maybe parents who choose not to vaccinate can get together and form an educational co-op or homeschool. In either case, in the absence of scientific proof linking vaccines to developmental delays, parents who choose to exercise their freedom not to vaccinate should bear the responsibilities that this choice entails and not risk public health.

  • grenouille

    Rhonda, it’s one thing to delay vaccines and fill out some fraudulent religious exemption forms and another to lie about those vaccines having been given.

    Please don’t tell me you agree with his actions and want other docs to follow. Perhaps more doctors aren’t “stepping up to the plate” because they firmly believe vaccines are a good idea.

  • Another Voice

    Based upon the fees Dr. Nesselson charged he was not “stepping up to the plate” he wanted the whole buffet. No wonder he moved to Hawaii two years ago. At those rates I have trouble visualizing him as a crusader.

  • Rhonda

    This to Beth, if vaccinations work so well, what do vaccinated children have to fear? Why aren’t the unvaccinated children becoming ill & dying? Parents do excercise their responsibilities when they make educated choices about health alternatives. Who says that there is an absence of scientific proof about the dangers of vaccinations? Look at the statistics which the pharmaceutical companies refuse to recognize. The pharmaceutical companies control the testing so the outcome shows there is no proof of any connection between vaccinations and how children are affected after the administration of them. They have too much money to lose if people wake up. An excellent example of this controlled testing is what happened in Brick Township, NJ when parents finally were rewarded with the opportunity to have cluster testing done on their children by the CDC to prove that there was no such thing as this so-called clustering of Autism. How did the CDC control the testing to have a favorable outcome for themselves or the pharmaceutical companies? They refused to draw any blood samples! How can you do scientific testing without drawing blood? DUH. Most people are not even aware of this. They only see the final report which says “No Clustering”, just as you see the final report that says, “No Connection to Vaccinations”. This to Grenouille, I have seen firsthand how doctors’ actions are dictated by their fears of acting out against the “establishment of traditional medicine”. The fear of losing one’s income is a valid and great fear. I have met many doctors who would love to write exemption letters for their patients but feel their hands are tied due to the powers that be. I guess I can go on and on and on about this topic. My own father suffered as a result of a flu shot till he finally passed away. He, along with several other residents of his adult community got polymyositis as a result of a flu shot. End of story and only one of the reasons why I feel the way I do about vaccinations. I would rather risk the illness that vaccinations are supposed to protect us against rather than inject the toxic substances contained in vaccinations into mine or my children’s bodies. I would rather have THE CHOICE to do so. I should not even need a doctor’s note to make this choice!

  • http://www.autismvox.com Kristina Chew, PhD

    I think we need to remember that Dr. Nesselson seems to have intentionally not followed the law; the fact that he charged such rates is of notable concern.

  • http://www.rettdevil.org Kassiane

    Peoples’ rights to expose themselves to potentially deadly diseases ends where the right of everyone else to NOT be exposed to the preventable ones begins.

    And that right includes immunosuppressed people & those in whom the vaccines didn’t take. The implication that it’s OK to risk THEIR lives because THEY aren’t healthy is disgusting.

  • joe

    Parents who don’t vaccinate for legitimate reasons are selfish. The benefits of vaccination cannot be denied – we live in a society free of polio and diphtheria. If you don’t vaccinate you are taking advantage of the fact that most others have been vaccinated and thus you’re child may be protected by herd immunity. People need to look at what is good for the whole community and let go of their own selfish interests.

  • Rhonda

    This to Joe, I guess you are not keeping up with all the available information concerning this subject. We are not totally polio free and the polio that we do see is caused by the vaccinations themselves so before you speak please become “informed”. Parents who chose to opt out of dangerous vaccinations make “informed” choices. FYI most outbreaks do begin with vaccinated individuals. Having a legitimate reason to do this does not make a parent selfish as you say. When you have a child you want to protect your child in any way possible. There are more natural ways to prevent illnesses. It is not necessary to inject toxins into your system.

  • http://www.autismvox.com Kristina Chew, PhD

    I think that the notion of anyone being “disease free” from anything is mistaken, or is at least attributing powers to medicine that are not realistic. Vaccines and other aspects of modern medicine might, in this context, be seen as akin to “heuristic devices” that are a step along the way to further procedures.

    Regardless, again, it is disappointing that Dr. Nesselson chose such a path—falsifying records; such an act raises some serious question marks about the ethics of this situation.

  • http://www.rettdevil.org Kassiane

    How do we KNOW the people were vaccinated? Maybe their vaccines wore off, every immunity does. Maybe THEIR records were falsified too.

    Polio is NOT caused by vaccinations. If it was we would have MORE of it, not LESS.

    My whooping cough earlier this year wasn’t either. It was caused by a family that though OMGVACCINESEATBABIES! that brought their sick kids to gymnastics. Ever dislocate 6 ribs at once? Go do it. Now cough. Fun?

    Or is it acceptable that I couldn’t breathe and could have punctured a lung because I am immunosuppressed from a life saving medication? So many people skim over that one while using exactly that argument, just not voicing it.

    Or hell! Maybe my records got doctord too!

    No, wait, I was actually allergic to the tetanus booster…

  • Chuck


    The most recent outbreak of Polio in India was due to the live oral polio vaccine being used. The US does not allow the use of the live polio vaccine (I hope).

    If you have medical problems and can’t take vaccines, then take care of yourself and don’t blame everyone else for your problems. That is what my family has learned to do without vaccines.

  • http://www.mumkeepingsane.blogspot.com Leanne

    I’d love to see proof from Rhonda that most outbreaks begin with vaccinated individuals. That’s not been my experience, but perhaps you have data?

  • http://www.rettdevil.org Kassiane

    Show me evidence of me NOT taking care of myself.

    It surely isn’t MY fault the family didnt vaccinate their kids and took them all over creation with hacking coughs? Or is it? Somehow?

    You are un-effing-believable.

  • HCN

    Rhonda, this country no longer uses the OPV vaccine that could transmit polio. For several yearst the USA has been using the IPV, which does not transmit polio.

    Please tell us why these boys deserved their fates (oh, and why Kassiane deserved to get pertussis):

    Rhonda said “He, along with several other residents of his adult community got polymyositis as a result of a flu shot.” … this has got to be documented somewhere especially if it was a whole community, (something like this report “October 6, 2005 / 54(Dispatch);1-3,
    Guillain-Barré Syndrome Among Recipients of Menactra® Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine — United States, June–July 2005″), can you provide a link to that adverse reaction report please?

  • Chuck

    How do you know the child wasn’t vaccinated and why didn’t you just walk away when you saw the sick child?

  • Chuck


    Cany you tell my family members why they deserve life long medical problems when they did get the vaccines?

  • http://www.rettdevil.org Kassiane

    Chuck, it was at gymnastics. The child’s group was rotating with mine. And his mother TOLD ME THEY DONT VACCINATE. It was a bit late since I’d coughed myself off a beam and all her kids were sick (less sick than me) but she did tell me.

    Go dislocate 6 ribs. Cough for 5 minutes. No bitching about it allowed.

  • Chuck

    It is rather hypocritical for you to judge other people’s medical decisions and not judge your own. Comparing “scars” seems to be your only justification. Given that I have multiple family members with multiple life long complications and your problems have healed, it would be a rather pointless discussion.

  • TJ

    Parents should have a choice! Those that choose to vaccinate their children, what are worried about? Your children should be immune if the vaccinations are doing their job. Either way, parents are facing a risk- potential disease or potential life-threatening reaction to the multiple toxins in the shots such as anti-freeze and thimersol! Parents should be allowed to make informed decisions for their own children!

  • Heather

    I agree fully with Rhonda.It should be the parent who should decide weather or not their child should be vaccinated at such a young age.It is best to wait until children are older and can handle these vaccines.Hepatitis shots are given to a child before they leave the hospital.The EPA limit is 0.1 micrograms of mercury per kilogram body weight per day.”It doesn’t take a genius to do the calculations when on their day of birth children are given the hepatitis B vaccine, which is 12.5 micrograms of mercury”. “The average newborn weighs between six and seven pounds, so they would be allowed 0.3 micrograms of mercury ? but in this one shot they are getting 12.5 micrograms. That’s 39 times more than allowed by law.”

  • Carl

    The US government has conceded that some kids develop autism from vaccines in a recent case. It doesn’t take a genius to know that introducing RNA and DNA of germs, bacteria, animals and embryos directly in to the bloodstream can’t be good for the body. Every virus that enters our bodies is supposed to go through some sort of filtration process via the ears, nose mouth and eyes. The whole vaccine thing is a scam, a cash cow for giant pharmaceutical companies to profit off us. I know 6 people that were never vaccinated and they never got sick…ever. Vaccines disrupt the immune system and don’t allow it to mature naturally the way it was meant to. If you are breast fed, eat well, grow up in a loving home with no stress, you will never get the diseases these vaccines are supposedly meant to prevent. Even if you do catch one your body will get rid of it like it was a common cold. Here’s a news flash…corporations deal in fear propoganda and love profits and more profits.

  • Carl

    By the way you are not forced to get vaccines for your child to attend school, that is a misconception that is heavily endorsed by corrupt politicians and pharmaceutical companies. All you need to do is sign a waiver form citing religious reasons and you’re home free. It’s your God given right not to allow invasive medecine for your children such as vaccines.

  • http://daedalus2u.blogspot.com/ daedalus2u

    Carl you are dangerously ignorant and dangerously wrong. You are spouting nonsense.

    It is completely false that vaccines disrupt the immune system. It is completely false that diseases can be avoided simply by being breast fed, eating well, and being in a loving home. Those things help and are to be encouraged, but they don’t have the magical effects that you think they have.

    The scam is the one being put out by the anti-vax propagandists who make profits too, selling useless homeopathic crap, organic food, and other stuff.

    Vaccines are never injected into the blood stream.

    As a child, I was vaccinated against smallpox. I still have the scar. They don’t vaccinate the general population for small pox any more. They don’t need to because it was eradicated by vaccination. Small pox vaccine has saved the lives of at least a billion people.

    Carl you are dangerously ignorant and dangerously wrong. Your delusional ideas of how to maintain health are dangerous and have no basis in science.

    Sorry to be so harsh, but if people follow your advice they will be injured and end up getting diseases that could have been prevented.

  • http://crimsonthought.blogspot.com/ Cliff

    I have to join daedalus2u in being somewhat concerned about some of the statements you have made, Carl.

    “It doesn’t take a genius to know that introducing RNA and DNA of germs, bacteria, animals and embryos directly in to the bloodstream can’t be good for the body.”

    No, because thanks to the way knowledge works, it doesn’t take much to know something (I can know that no one ever has touched the moon, for example). As to ultimate truth value? You’re waaay far off, and even in the most visceral.

    I won’t get into the nature of some of these phrases (“can’t be good”? There have been tons of postulates that vaccines can be good in the sense in which you are talking). I’d just say that perhaps it would be prudent to look into the diseases which we are talking about. Not to mention you have enforced many stereotypes in a single sentence that might need to be questioned. For sake of introduction, physiology of stress as we have seen it says that some stress is actually healthy.


  • Jim

    I know this is an old thread. I am a parent with a child that sees a naturopathic physician. Immunizations may start when the immune system is mature. As a baby, the immune system is not ready yet and can be overwhelmed by vaccines in some children. For many it is fine, but for some it should wait.

    Immunizations may be a good idea if/when there is a threat. FLU is only a threat to weak immune systems. I would rather naturally get the FLU and get over it in a week then force it into my system.

    Bottom line… It’s the parent’s choice if/when to vaccinate.

    Yes there have been outbreaks in the past…. but you are all still here … without thousands of years of vaccines… I wonder why….

    My personal belief is that they are not necessary and that the industries that profit and lobby for laws requiring them is corrupt.

    Did you see the movie “The Matrix”. It’s time to wake up.

  • AJ

    This doctor is a hero. He is working for patients, not for the pharmaceutical companies. Anybody who disagrees is abdicating parental responsibility to corrupt institutions.