Wedding Venue Idea: Getting married in a cavern

Wedding themes and venues are getting unique and unique as the years go by…who would’ve thought that you could get married in a cave?

Aisle Dash says

I’m thinking specifically of Luray Caverns in Luray, Virginia. I grew up taking school field trips to these amazing limestone caves, and often dreamed of having my own wedding here after a tour guide on one of those field trips mentioned that couples can do that.

These limestone caverns, which are common in Virginia and West Virginia, have miles of gorgeous formations like the double column in the picture, which is nicknamed the Bride and Groom Formation, because it is the location of the wedding ceremonies held in the cave.You won’t have to worry about weather in the caverns, because the temperature is steady around 55 degrees Fahrenheit all the time. There are more photograph opportunities than you can count, and guests are sure to call it one of the most beautiful weddings they’ve ever seen.

Don’t leave the cavern without trying the stalacpipe organ, which is not your traditional organ. The organ pipes are actually made from the natural formations within the cave.Wheelchairs can get into the cave, but some parts of the pathway are difficult to navigate in a chair, so please take this into account if you have guests in wheelchairs. You may have to limit your guest list considerably, as there is a maximum head count allowed in the cave for ceremonies. For more information about weddings at Luray Caverns, contact information can be found here.

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    • Julie

      We DID get married in Luray Caverns, 10 years ago today – it was so much fun, our guests got a tour of the cave, and the organ, OMG was beautiful…we aren’ even caving people, we were just looking for a unique venue off the beaten path, this works! The staff were very helpful, and boy, its a memory!!!

    • Julie

      Hi I also was wondering how much your wedding in Luray Caverns cost. Me and my fiance plan to get married with a package from South Court Inn. One of the women who got married there also had her wedding in luray caverns as well. Thank you in advance.

    • Heather Shaw

      Hi, my fiancee and i are looking into getting married at Luray Caverns, what did it cost for you? i don’t mean to be so personal, i just meant to get an estimate from one who actually got married there. please contect me back. thank you!