• Tue, Dec 4 2007

Project Blog Week 4 Sponsor

There are only about 12 hours left to vote for me in the week three challenge for Project Blog. That means it’s time to announce the week 4 sponsor. And it, at least for me, is highly appealing.

Doesn’t she looked luxuriously relaxed?

Solay Wellness, purveyors of salt lamps and other wellness products, has come through with a prize of Himalayan Bath Salts. According to Allison who has researched these things: “Solay’s Himalayan Bath Salt Crystals contain 84 essential minerals (more then any other salt) such as magnesium, potassium, bromide, and calcium. These minerals are all readily absorbed into the skin, giving you that calming, age-defying effect.”

I would say that since Babylune is primarily a site for new mothers, these kind of salts are a practical necessity.

So, how can you win this week’s Project Blog prize?

You can enter up to FOUR times this week, since Week Four is part of the two-week super challenge!

  • For one chance, leave a comment on this post on Reality on Bravo with the product from Solay’s site that you most want for Christmas (simply head to their website and browse around until you see something that catches your eye.)
  • For a second chance, blog about this contest on your own site and email the link to allison.boyer-at-yahoo-dot-com.
  • Want a third and fourth chance? Vote for your favorite in our Project Blog competition, and leave a comment showing support! The winner will be drawn at random from all qualifying entries. You can vote once per day for your favorite (and please do), and you can comment ONCE PER WEEK (so, twice) to be considered as entered into this drawing – once on this post (comments close on Wednesday night) and once on Thursday’s post (this link will go live on Thursday morning).

Please note that comments on other post on Reality on Bravo are not considered as entries.

The winner will be drawn at random from all qualifying entries.

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