How to Make a Candy Christmas Wreath

Here’s a great handmade project that would work well as a decoration or to give as a gift. It’s a candy Christmas wreath. I bet it would look nice with those red and white peppermints but it looks like any variety of bright colored candies would work.

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    • Stephenie

      My mom used to make something like this for my class every year when I was little. We would each take off one candy each day before Christmas vacation.

    • val

      Candy Wreath

      Make a wreath using hard, wrapped candies, ribbon, and a hanger! A fun decoration that you can eat.
      Materials Needed:

      Wire Hanger
      About 35 Wrapped Candies
      Curling Ribbon
      Straighten the hanger and then cut it in half using wire cutters (only 1 half will be used). Bend one of the pieces of hanger into a circle shape. Twist one end around the other to secure, leaving about 3-inches of one of the ends free. Bend that end over to form a small circle or hook for hanging. Use a pair of pliers if necessary. If needed you can also use some duct tape to help secure the ends together.

      Once you have the wreath base made, you can add the candy! You can use any kind of wrapped candy you like, anything from traditional peppermint rounds to suckers. About 35 of them will fill your hanger nicely, but this number can vary quite a bit from person to person because of how close they are tied together.

      Cut the curling ribbon into 8-inch pieces. Take 1 piece of candy and tie it to the center of a piece of ribbon. Then, use the ribbon to tie the candy tightly onto the wreath. You can either cut off the extra ribbon or leave it. The ends can be curled to add a nice touch to your wreath. Continue this process until you have the wreath as full of candy as you like.

      Hang your wreath and keep a pair of scissors nearby to share the candy with visitors!

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