Give Up Diet Soda, Lose Weight?

Diet sodaMSNBC has an interesting article online right now about 9 strategies to lose weight that were tested on a sample of people, and how much on average was lost. One of the tips that caught my eye was to stop drinking all soda, including diet.

Now, we all know sugary sodas are bad for you. They’re full of high fructose corn syrup and other chemicals. You can easily down 200 – 300 calories without thinking about it – and without becoming full.

But why diet soda? This article (from earlier this year) says that a study showed those who consumed diet sodas were more likely to be overweight. Specifically, a 41 percent increase in the chance of becoming overweight for each can of diet soda consumed (per day).

I’ve been a strictly diet soda drinker for ten years now, and I have to say if this was really the case, I would probably weigh 300 pounds. However, my weight is right in the middle of a healthy range. I did give up diet soda for a month to see if it made a difference – but the only thing I noticed was that I felt more sluggish. I didn’t lose an ounce!

It’s true that all the chemicals in diet soda are bad for you and probably won’t help you lose weight. Water really is best for weight loss – at least 8 glasses a day.

If you’re a diet soda drinker, I don’t think there’s any need to give it up. It’s not as unhealthy as some habits that are condoned in this country, like drinking and smoking. Let’s face it, if drinking diet soda is your worst vice, then you’re probably pretty well off!

Have you tried giving up diet drinks for weight loss? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments!


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    • Miss Elle

      I gave up Diet Coke for about a month and dropped 10 lbs. Provided that was probably because of the water I was replacing it with… But it’s a great idea if you’re on your way to good health!

      If you DO have trouble drinking water, try those Crystal Light flavor packets. They’re DELICIOUS and get me drinking water like no one’s business.


    • Claire

      Hey Miss Elle,
      Wow, 10 lbs! That’s pretty impressive! I’m trying to drink more water, but just can’t give up the fizzy stuff – although I’m drinking far less than I used to.

      I love Crystal Light. My favorite is the pink lemonade flavor. Something to pick up at the store next time I go :)

    • Leigh

      I’ve tried to give up Diet Soda as well and I didn’t lose a pound. I was very grumpy and sluggish though so back to Diet Soda it was for me, haha. I do try to drink more water than I used to though.

    • Claire

      We had the same experience, Leigh :) i love diet soda but I too am trying to drink more water. If only the bubbles and aspartame weren’t so delicious….

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    • harp

      I gave up soda when I was a teenager. I used to have alot of acne. Once I gave it up not only did my skin cleared up, it became more radient. Now I drink plenty of water and I am active and healthy. My opinion on diet or regular soda is to give it up. You will look better and be more active.

    • paige

      Ok, its been almost 2 weeks and I have been drinking only water and maybe a couple sips of diet coke a day…and I feel bloated! I dont understand, is this supposed to happen at first?? I looks like Im puffy and still just as constipated! I thought water was the answer to these types of problems…I need help understanding whats going on or Im afraid Im gonna have to give up…should I wait a couple more weeks? please help!

    • Mel


      I gave up a 20 year, 2-can-per-day diet soda habit about 2 months ago, actually, I quit anything with ASPERTAME in it, chewing gum, drinks, etc., cold turkey, and have never felt better! I am also losing weight quickly, but I have also started walking 2 miles a day on my lunch hour, and that’s probably the reason .. BUT .. my daily cravings for sweets (I mean, RAVENOUS for Entemann’s, cakes/pastry, cookies and Haagen-Daz, especially, on an almost constant basis) completely disappeared the first week that I gave up ASPERTAME. I mean VANISHED. I don’t even WANT any of these products, and to me, that is a major miracle!!! :) I walk by them in the supermarket, and they are now completely unappealing!! I don’t why, I just can’t believe it, but it’s true!

      ASPERTAME is poison to your system, I firmly believe that now.

    • Jess

      the same thing happened to me too, Mel. i actually replaced my love for diet coke with something that still mystifies my family…warm/hot water. thats right. most of the time its hot water because what i heard was hot water liquifies fats and that seems to help. havent had diet coke over a month now and i have lost about 10lbs!!!

    • Bill W.

      Drinking Crystal Lite packets isn’t a good idea. They’re full of artificial sweeteners. Water by itself is the only way to go.

    • hayley

      hey claire, try perrier water, i gave up diet soda and i missed the bubbly drink, so i just replaced diet pop with perrier water and it seems to do the trick, and does anyone else notice that when u give up soda cold turkey u get a headache.

    • Ana

      I don’t know if it will work, but I’ll give it a try! Bye bye Coke Zero! Hello being confident in bathing-suit!

    • Abby

      I gave up diet Coke about a month ago and have lost 10 pounds. I was completely addicted and drank about 10 a day. I’m still not drinking Diet Coke, just coffee and water, and am hoping for more weigh loss.

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    • Riverquestions

      Gave up Diet Pepsi 14 weeks ago. Work out every day at least 30 to 90 minues EVERY DAY. Have toned but have lost nothing! Drink 8-10 glasses of water each day. 1-2 Glasses of tea. Feel sluggish…not with it most days….definitely going back to my caffinated diet pop!

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