• Mon, Dec 10 2007

Eva Mendez Supports PETA

The cold and wintry season is already here and many of us are bundled up in thick jackets and really warm pieces of clothing. Some even would have donned fur coats and the whole lot. But Eva Mendez is making quite a statement for the season. She has taken off her clothing in support of PETA’s anti-fur campaign.In an interview, Mendez did disclose that she really does support such a campaign because she really does love animals ever since she was little. She relates that she currently has a dog and she would not dare skin him for fur. She also adds that if that would be the case, then it would also not be right to skin other animals just for their fur.

She also shares some insights on wearing fur and on being an icon of fashion in Hollywood. She said that she makes it clear with designers that she would not be donning anything with fur and it does not matter if that piece of clothing is for a photo shoot or for trampling down the red carpet.

[Via Ecorazzi]
[Image from The Dominion Post]

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