Classic Offbeat Homes: Holiday Lights

I don’t know if I’m impressed with the folks who did this or simply in awe that anyone could have this much free time.

This classic Offbeat holiday gem is so fly that I won’t even make you click back to the original post — I’ll just re-post it right here.


Way fun, huh?

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    • Christina

      Way fun – and just a little bit wacko! How would you like to live next door (or maybe worse, across the street)?

    • Jennifer Chait

      What do you mean live across the street — this is my house ;)

      Ha (not even close) although it’s just so impressive. Even with the fact that they’re single handedly draining the earth of electricity. Ah well.

      Thanks for visiting Offbeat :)

    • Mark Anthony

      if an alien species saw this video, I wonder what they’d think… This would actually be fairly easy to simulate as a stopmotion animation.

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